Vision: Health Theory

The vast majority of human disease are caused, influenced or progressed by the life long (in-utero to death) exposure to and consumption of dietary and environmental toxins; lack of adequate consumption of whole, unprocessed, organic, raw foods; and lack of adequate positive neuromuscular, neurocognitive and emotional stimulation and development (ie exercise/ unique activity/ passions, positive affirmations and thoughts, meditation, study, reflection, etc). Combined with excess of negative neuromuscular, neurocognitive and emotional stimulation (negative thoughts and affirmations, fear/ anxiety, negative beliefs etc)

I believe some day my theory will be refined and proven. There is adequate research available to justify a closer look into relationship of our daily decisions and the development of disease. Nutrition, Meditation, Affirmations, Exercise and many other methodologies are being supported by  Science. The Brain is Plastic and can be trained. In doing so and supporting our physical Health with proper diet, activity and positive emotions while simultaneously decreasing  toxins such as Fear based emotions, drugs, and foods will lead to optimum physical, mental and spiritual health.

Spiritual development and Awakenings will become a common Milestone in Human Growth and Development no different than puberty or walking. Those who struggle to meet this Milestone will be assisted, just as children with motor delays receive Physical Therapy.