Mission- Values

Mission: To speak the truth through objective accurate scientific based health and wellness information.  To use Quality, Integrity, Honesty, Empathy, Kindness and Love as guiding principles in the development and dissemination of tools and resources. To galvanize, inspire, encourage, educate, motivate and support Clients in their Journey in obtaining optimal holistic health. To guide Clients to discover their highest Path and connect with  their true-self. To assist clients in facing and overcoming their fears. In doing so allowing them express themselves honestly and authentically. To maintain communication, accountability, availability and reliability to Client’s on a consistent basis as determined by the client’s needs.  To embody the accumulations of my experiences, beliefs, thoughts and behaviors as a steward leader to my Client’s. To embrace and promote the Holistic nature of Health in my life and my Practice. To provide the tools and resources to assist Clients in learning to live as Healthy, Harmoniously and Freely as possible.

Values and Guiding Principles

Quality:  We live in a Society of excess and want. It is not that Human Beings naturally think in this manner. Rather, it is the result of a lifetime of programming through marketing, media and conditioning. Have you noticed the quality and durability of most products has diminished over your lifetime? Are you working most of your time and still feeling broke? Do you believe that more is better yet you never seem to have enough? Many of us spend our lives at jobs we hate and can’t find time to care ourselves on a significant level. Many of us care more about how much money we make rather than how we make our money. We tend to select foods based on price, calorie content and macro-nutrients with little or no thought towards health and the environmental implications, positive or negative.  Some seek more friends and lovers than ones in which they are deeply connected. The belief that quantities are superior to qualities is the foundation for many  Human Health Problems. I believe this focus on quantity over quality is the tendency of our society to value the external benefits rather than the internal ones.  The good news is anything that is learned can be unlearned. It just takes developing some new habits and ways of thinking. Quantities are important but should rarely be considered before the quality of something. I use this concept in the discernment of research and ideas. When Selecting methods to utilize in my life and my practice. In the development of my programs. It is the same reason I place caps on the number of Clients I will coach. Changing long-term behavior is changing hearts and minds. This is the most difficult task any of us can attempt. Therefore it requires consistent quality assistance and support. I am not in the business of selling Gimmicks, magic pills or miracle detox. I don’t sell empty promises and easy fixes because I only care for what truly works.

Honesty: If you are looking for a coach who will tell you what you want to hear and give you a Gold Star every time you do something good, you came to the wrong place. You are not a puppy and I am not here to train you to follow my commands. In order to change your  behaviors ,sooner or later you have to face some hard truths. Understand I have gone through it. I am without judgement of you. I will not demand disclosure from a client and maintain confidentiality indefinitely (see Privacy Policy).  I may tell you things no one else is willing to say if I feel it will benefit your growth. I will always do this in a professional, empathetic and respectful manner. I also expect Honesty from my clients. I am not interested in excuses. You may tell yourself and others such things but I only accept Truth.  I am not a hack hiding behind a computer and false avatar. I am real and I practice everything I preach.

Integrity: Do you feel confused about your diet? Exercise? Weight-loss? GMOs? Grains? Gluten? Supplements? Spirituality? Meditation? Everything related to  Health and Wellness? You are certainly not alone and to make matters worse, many of the commonly held beliefs we share about diet, exercise and lifestyle behaviors are misguided at best. Often the exact opposite of Healthy. Is that truly hard to believe. Think about how many people believed smoking was good for you, then neutral and then not so much and now everyone on Earth is acutely aware of the health risks associated with tobacco products.  How about the 90s where everything was fat-free and now everything is high-protein low carb. The objective of those protecting their financial interest is to propagate doubt and reinforce myths via controlled biased science and marketing. Some simply market and peddle anecdote as evidence. I base my methods on the most unbiased reliable data available to me. I make a massive effort to obtain the truth in everything I read or am told. I check the references and review the methods of each study to validate the significance of the claims made. Furthermore I allow you to discern what is helpful or not. Encouraging you to follow your intuition always as it is never wrong.

Effort:  There is an ethos that exists in Health Coaching. A 50/50 partnership model. I don’t believe this is conducive to achieving optimal health. If you are only giving a half ass effort towards change then you can only expect marginal results at best. If you aren’t willing to work that hard than you should consider saving your money because you are unlikely to succeed. You will require 100% of your effort to push forward when life resists you. There will always be reason to quite. Failure is inevitable and not important. What’s important is that return to the work when you are ready. That will take an effort. One foot in the door will keep you where you are and I can not do it for you. I ask only for effort from my clients and I give the same. I work weekends and at night and am available to my Clients during “off” hours. Your Health is not something to only attend to during the week. I do not ask anything from a Client that I myself have not done many time before. I designed this program to have a high compliance rate. Therefore It is not an extreme rapid change in lifestyle. Those programs simply do not work. The things I do ask of you I ask you do your best to accomplish them. “I am not concerned that you have fallen. I am concerned that you arise” Abraham Lincoln

Harmony and Balance: We throw around the concept of work life balance around quite often. We are expected to balance a 40 plus hour work week with self-care behaviors and everything else life throws at us. This is difficult but not impossible. Most of us, 85% of Americans spend their lives at un-fulfilling jobs worried about bills and debts. Worried about the feelings and opinions of others. Living artificially through Social Media attempting to appear happy and fulfilled with the rest of the world. Meanwhile the important things in life such as health and relationships with loved ones are deteriorating from neglect. We must learn to nurture our Mind, Body and Soul daily! It is imperative that you learn to align your Mind, Body and Soul with your unique values, passions and life purposes. This is the prerequisite to achieving and maintaining optimal holistic health.

Time: Time is our most valuable asset. Our second gift from God. I highly value my time and have little tolerance for those who waste it. I also respect my Client’s time and therefore will not waste it on things that don’t work. Many of us waste our lives minute by minute. I often hear people complain that they simply don’t have the time to exercise, meditate, read or do anything that would potentially benefit their life. The reason most of us do not have time is because we simply do not make it. We simply do not see ourselves as a priority. Once Clients begin to value themselves they start to find time for self-care activities. Once you respect and love yourself you naturally cut out the fear mongering media and toxic defeated friends. You gain so much more time. We find the time when we stop wasting it. We all get 24 hours, we do not lack the time, we lack the appropriate mindset.

Accountability: We have become a society of blame and minimal liability. In order to make any changes you must first understand the problem. The only real problem we have is ourselves. I spend a lot of time helping clients understand this truth. I realize that some people get a raw deal and who am I to say such a thing. True, I don’t know you or your particular struggle. What I do know is that we all have shit to deal with and no one really cares. Your excuses and feeling are valid. The World is unfair and you have been set up for failure. No one will disagree or judge you for your excuses. In fact most will validate and encourage you to make them. That’s the problem. No one has called you out, especially you. We are allowing our past and present problems to define us and worst of all determine our future. If we do not take responsibility for our life than someone or something else will. When we are only focused on the negativity in our lives we can not be surprised when shitty things keep happening to us. We need to be the author of our own books, so pick up the  pen! If you realize that you are the cause than you understand you are also the solution.

Empathy and Authenticity: My experiences as a Nurse have shown me the best and worst in humanity. My Clients, like most of us overestimate the rareness of their problems. We all wear  masks and fear how others see us. This is a survival mechanism from a time when life depended on group acceptance and cohesiveness. Nowadays this mechanism has resulted in a lack of authenticity, hypocrisy and judgement. We often judge others publicly for behaviors’ we perform secretly. When we are in-line with ourselves and following our own path in life then there is no longer a need to hide or attempt to try to feel better about yourself by judging others. As Bruce Lee said the goal is to “express oneself honestly” as a “real human being”. This is only possible when we stop needing the validation and acceptance of others. The sad irony is that you are the greatest critic of your SELF. When we understand the mechanism behind this process we can develop techniques to overcome it.

Synergy: The process of momentum and consistency result in synergy. Synergy can be positive or negative. If you experience a stressful situation you are going to react to it in a particular manner determined by your thoughts and beliefs. If your beliefs and thoughts are negative and self-defeating in nature you begin the process of comfort seeking through unhealthy behaviors such as comfort eating, distraction, substance abuse etc. These behaviors only lead to further devaluing of the self and the continued cycle of self-destruction. Inversely if you look at a stressful situation as a blessing. An opportunity to grow and become stronger, or for what it is. An event that has no real power over your life if you do not give it power. We can not control everything that happens to us or how we generally feel about certain events. What we can control is how we think and react to such things. Synergy can be positive as well. Consider the relationship between exercise and diet for example. The science is clear that the best results come from a combination of the two and significantly less change from either in isolation. The concept of synergy is also highly integrated in Holistic Health. We tend to only focus on the physical aspects of health. Most consider all mental illness simply as a chemical imbalance in the brain. I do not dispute this fact but I question to underlying causes for these imbalances. To be truly healthy one must nourish and train the Mind, Body and Soul. When doing so the principal of synergy will take you beyond your current expectations and make you resilient to failure aka quitting.