Coaching Program Overview


This NOT a Diet and Exercise Program. It is a Self-exploration and Self-Mastery Program

Did you know that only 5% of people who attempt a Diet and Exercise Program “Fail” to complete it.

Why is this? Why can some people live very healthy lifestyles and other struggle just to get through the day?

What are your intrinsic motivators?

Why did you decide to do that diet, detox or exercise program? For your health or your Vanity? Was is it right for you?

Often we up in a worse state then when we began one of the many diets and weightloss programs. After you devalued yourself for “failing” that is. Told or were told you lacked discipline and will power. These are Lies! The truth is you were set up to fail from the beginning. The extreme overnight changes are not designed for longevity.  Human beings simply do not operate that way.

Perhaps you may have been motivated to do that program for the wrong reasons.

Getting Truly Healthy can only come from within you.

Your highest path is one of Physical, Mental and Spiritual health.

I created this program to Heal myself. I once struggled with multiple addictions and depression. It was only when I began to seek the solutions within myself did I learn to truly heal.

As a Registered Nurse, I grew sick of seeing good, hard-working people be manipulated, ripped off and then blamed for not getting the results that a program promised to deliver.

I left the Healthcare Industry after almost a decade of Nursing because I grew tired of seeing Patients being disregarded by the mainstream medical dogma. Only given Industry supported options without mention of lifestyle changes and authentic education and support.

If a program does not deliver than it is simply ineffective for one reason or another.

Its NOT the consumer of the Program.

So why do we tolerate ineffective  products in the Health and Wellness industry?

The World does NOT need another Fad Diet, Gimmick, Quick-Fix and Nor do YOU!

In order to make lasting effective behavioral changes than we need to look at the mechanisms involved in decision making.

We Must Start with the Mind! Thoughts, Values and Beliefs!

There is much more to health than our weight and physique!

Most of our Problems in Life are a result of our Minds influence over our Inner-Self.

I began the development of this program with the intent to assist people control their mental capacities and emotions involved in long-term behavior establishment and negative/ self-destructive behavior cessation.

I explored non-traditional avenues of research. While experimenting on myself in the Dr. Frankenstein spirit of exploration in an effort to rapidly improve my
life and that of my future Clients..

As I went through the transition process I learned a great deal.

I saw the Dogma that exists in the spiritual community disregarding physical Science, specifically Neuro-science and Plasticity.  As well as the general Scientific disregard for  Spirituality, citing it’s being too abstract to warrant focused research.

Program Overview/ Coaching 

Holistic Nature:  Anyone with a computer can find a detox, diet and exercise program in about 30 seconds, many of us have tried such programs. That’s not why you are here. However you are here because you know there is more to the equation. You are not simply a physical body. You may need some help with your physical health and so you shall receive it. You came to the right place. You will develop a positive calm way of thinking, the new beliefs and behaviors will follow suit and are in line with YOU. I want to emphasize these are not my beliefs impressed upon you. There are enough people doing that to you and have been for a very long time. You will feel better, have less stress, greater understanding of your life purpose, improved outlook on your self and future, a natural desire to eat well and engage in physical activities that bring you fulfillment.

Effectiveness:  The goal of this program was developed with one main objective. To help you become the greatest version of yourself based on your individual perspective. Unlike most programs, the initial phase is focused on the mind. The reason for this is simple. Our minds are often our worst  enemies when it comes to initiating and maintaining health behaviors. Therefore, in order to be effective we must begin to rid ourselves of negative, self-limiting and overly critical beliefs and thoughts. This allows us to replace the old programming with new positive, self-accepting and limitless beliefs. This approach leaves you with so much more than you originally expected. A new perspective on life. A sense of joy and confidence not felt since childhood if ever.

Practicality: If you have ever attempted a new diet or fitness program you realize its extremely difficult and more often than not we simply quit. Unfortunately we feel shame when we do and we end up worse than when we started. The truth is you were set up for failure from the beginning. Diets and many fitness programs do not work because they are not realistic or sustainable. They are often based on the old ways of thinking and outdated science. Its time for something that works. We focus on acceptance and love rather than shame and fear. We work with your individual time table based on your goals, your life, your time and your learning curve. There is no time frame to complete the program. There are no quick fixes and six minute abs. It can take time but you are never obligated to continue. When done right, with support and accountability, you will enjoy the process and gain long-term results rapidly.

Uniqueness: This program is like nothing else you have done before. This is because it was developed for reasons that other programs disregard. It was developed through my personal journey of healing and Growth physically, mentally and spiritually. I was able to get fit, discover what is truly healthy  food, find my life purpose or Soul Mission, eliminate toxic substances, people and circumstances, overcome my addictions and depression, discover my True-Self, build a business, raise my Son and most importantly free myself from the system. I do what I love and am no longer working for someone else. Subservient to their rules and schedule.  I did all this within a matter of months and am just getting started. The process I went through is the same I share with you with one exception. You are not me and your problems and desires are unique. Therefor we must first determine your needs on deeper level and then develop a program that you are able, willing and excited to do. You receive a thorough assessment packet prior to our consultation. Designed to get past the superficial body image goals only. We follow phases with some options and the there is no set time frame to move forward into a new phase.

For quality assurance I place limits on the number of clients I will Coach at a time. This  ensures quality and support throughout your program. I charge a flat monthly rate. No contracts, cancel at any time and no hidden fees(see disclaimer page for details/ ).

I only ask that you are honest with me and yourself, make an effort and try to see the experience for what it is; an immense opportunity for growth and improvement in all areas of your life.

Your life is waiting for you!

Ready to Get STARTED with one on one intensive Coaching?


One month (30 days) of Individualized Coaching Service to focus on YOUR most concerning needs. Truly Holistic including a thorough Physical, Mental and Spiritual Health Self-Assessment. In depth skype (or other) discussion and planning of your needs, goals and an individualized plan to accomplish them. Program includes daily follow support and access to private online support group to share your journey with like minds and without judgment. Weekly skype (or other) one on one follow up and re-evaluation.


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“Many students make the mistake of neglecting that which is near to pursue what is far, Your error in judgement and pursuit will take you thousands of miles off course. Therefore, you must be careful to make a clear distinction what is essential to you and what is not.”

Anonymous Tai Chi master.