Holistic Health

We all have our own definition of health. The standard model of  Health is the absence of disease and illness. We  tend to associate the images of fitness models and sex appeal with optimum health. The disease model operates under the premise that pharmacology and surgery as the solutions to all disease processes. This way of thinking has created the sickest population of Human Beings the World has known. There are certainly wonderful uses and needs for drug and procedural interventions. Medicine is not without value. However we need to acknowledge human beings as more than just Physical Beings and we need new approaches to healthy living.Face scrub 3

My experience as an Registered Nurse lead me to the understanding that Health is Unique and Individualized, for some health is simply surviving long enough to witness the birth of a grandchild. The ability to get up and walk to the toilet independently. Sometimes its the sick infant that simply wants to survive another day. We need to be grateful for our gift of health and honor that gift by improving and maintaining it on all levels.

I have difficulty identifying as a Health, Wellness, Spiritual  or Life coach? Is there really a difference? We like to think of our bodies as separate from our minds, emotions and spirit. Most of us aren’t even aware of the needs and urges of our Spirit. When we nurture and align all  bodies we can accomplish a level of Health, Happiness and Authenticity never before realized. Just as the Physical body need stimulation and nutrients, the mind need quietness, the soul  needs to express itself and our emotions need to be acknowledged and expressed.  Yes! it is possible to achieve optimal physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. This is because they are all related and inter-dependent.  I am happy to share my experiences and knowledge with you.