Mindful Quotes 2

Self-love isn’t a matter of just eating well, exercising and positive affirmations. It is taking the time to mourn the illusion of loss and death of your former Self. Loss of other leads to discovery of Self.   The moment you no longer concern yourself with the opinions that others place on you, is the… Read More

Defeat: I against Me

We are our own worst enemies. There is a battle that wages within us. At some point, it is a fight we inevitably loose. We try to avoid the fight. We run from ourselves in various ways. We seek relationships, entertainment, work, substances, anything to distract us from ourselves . We are always waiting for ourselves and… Read More

It is Easier to Hate

It is often easier to hate one another than to love. It is easier to judge you. It is easier to criticize you. It is easier to deny you. It is easier to ignore you. It is easier to label you. To stereotype you. To demonize you. To see you as less than you are. It… Read More

Mindful Quotes

Often we get caught up reflecting on our past. We ask ourselves if we had done things different, what would our lives be like now? The answer is, You did everything you knew how to do with the tools, knowledge and resources you had in that moment. Therefore, we are always exactly where we are… Read More

Enabling vs Responsibility: New Paradigm Communication

Self responsibility is the cornerstone of the New Paradigm spiritual practices. Being absolutely responsible for your reality, emotions and manifestations. We often see other as conduit for deeper understanding and healing of Self. In this New Paradigm world we are creating or rather this state of Oneness/ 5D consciousness, a nagging question persists. Where does… Read More

Transmuting Sexual Energy: Divine Union

There are many misconceptions to what sexual energy is. I believe this is mainly due to the social stigma surrounding sex and masturbation. Paradoxically this is why embracing and understanding sexual energy is so important. It is often our denial and distortions of sex and desire that result in distorted pornography and potentially harmful sex… Read More