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Separation: The Road to Oneness

We all have a story of when we first realized we were one with all. What is commonly referred to as Awakening. What the Japanese Buddhist refer to as Satori and the Chinese call Tun-wu. For many this occurs during the quiet observation of nature. Something as simple as observing a sunset or a gentle rain fall. For example Bruce Lee experienced Satori when boating in Hong Kong. He was contemplating the essence of Yin and Yang when he noticed the true nature of water. Despite how hard he smashed against a wave with his boat the water was unaltered in its fluidity. It would yield (yin) to the force of the boat and reform as the mighty sea (yang). As Lee put it ” This water, the softest substance in the world, could fit itself into any container. Although it seemed weak, it could penetrate the hardest substance in the world. That was it!”

To the external observer the experience may seem insignificant. The nature of Satori or Awakening is not about the external. It is completely subjective as is all experience. This is the very nature of Awakening. The realization that you are the Water, the Sea, the Sun. You are the experience and all of experience occurs within.

My Satori occurred not from the observation of the “Natural” world but of another. Although there is no difference between Humanity and Nature, it was my soul’s recognition of its counterpart that awoken the light within. It was the awakening of deep love that most of us have long forgotten about. The love that exists in all people, all life, the sea, the sun, the stars and all that is. The love that binds and connects us all. The love that we collectively refer to as God. This is what I believe is meant by Joseph Campbell’s quote: “All the gods, all the heavens, all the hells, are within you speaks this wisdom; we are connected in a grand symphony – the tapestry of humanity woven into the colorful Cosmos. It is within that the beauty lies… the wisdom and energy and it is this notion that never dies….”.

I would like to tell you that was the end of it. It was simply the beginning. What ensued was the arduous road to Oneness. The love within can not flourish in the same space as fear, jealousy, anger, Judgement, unworthiness and so on. In other words, Oneness can not exists without healing the pain of separation.

The illusion of separation is simply that. It is self created through false belief. We created it when we thought we were better or less than another living being in our existence. When we chose to hate and disown our brothers and sister rather than embrace them as our own. When we claimed dominion over our Mother Earth and animal brethren. We did this because we foolishly thought we were separate from the Universe that birthed us. Different from the Humans we live amongst. Different from the woman and man.

The illusion of separation is made manifest in all suffering. War, poverty, greed, pollution, cruelty, oppression, nationalism, borders. All physical examples of the separation from within. Therefore, when we travel this road, we are not only healing ourselves. We are healing Humanity and we are healing the Earth.

The road of separation has been arduous. When we believe we are separate we build walls to protect ourselves. Walls around our hearts preventing us from experience true love. Shrouds blinding us from the truth. Walls and shrouds that must be painfully broken and torn down. Armor that must be pealed back and stripped layer by layer. This is the atonement, the purging, the healing.

The road of separation is arduous but it is not traveled alone. Love will carry you. Love will support you. Love will nourish you. It will restore and heal your mind, body and spirit. Love is the sacred fire purifying us in its flames.

The road of separation is arduous but it is one worth travelling. It is the road that leads us Home. To Heaven. To Unity. To Oneness. To Peace. To Harmony. To Forgiveness. To Love.

Dan McGinley RN BSN

Holistic Health and Consciousness Coaching





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Why We Awaken

When we undergo a Spiritual Awakening it is easy to get lost in the terms, labels and definitions. There are endless perspectives and messages discussing empathic and psychic abilities. Channeled messages from Angels, Ascended Masters and even extraterrestrials. There are dark nights of the Soul and Ego Deaths. There are Twin Flames and Soulmates. There is synchronicity and repeating numbers. There is meditation, Kundalini and chakras opening. There is quantum physics, psychology and religion.

All have value and purpose. All are valuable in their own right. I too have researched and shared my experiences on most of the topics mentioned above. However I have come to an increasingly abundant conclusion. There exists one undeniable and absolute purpose to it all. To remind us of our innate Human capacity to love.

I am not speaking of the type of love romanticized in Hollywood movies. I am not speaking of the love that most of Humanity has grown accustomed to. Not the type of love that is self-serving and riddled with stipulation. Not the type of love that can be masked in codependency. Not the type of love that can be mimicked with drugs, sex, entertainment,  food or any of the pleasures we resort to for a cheap fix.

I am referring to the type of love that exists deep within every man, woman and child. The type of love that is existence itself. The type of love that purifies the heart. The love that gives us the courage to face the darkest realms of our souls. It gives us the confidence to face our greatest fears. To conquer our most vile demons. It nourishes our bodies and restores our health. It nurtures us in our darkest hour. It forgives us for all our inequity. It reminds us of who we truly are and why we are here.

It is this love that binds us. Not just to our close friends, family and romantic partners. It binds to all life, all existence and all creation. This love is the God within. It is heaven on Earth. It is the only force powerful enough to save us from our demise. It is the ultimate power. It is real, tangible and obtainable. It is the reason we awaken. We do not awaken to the darkness in this world. We awaken to the light within.

Dan McGinley RN BSN

Holistic Health and Consciousness Coaching

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Empath Survival Guide

Empaths are highly sensitive people with an acute awareness of their emotional bodies.  They are natural introverts and have the ability to detect and perceive the emotions of others. This ability allows the Empath to recognize, uproot and heal deep emotional wounds that others are often unaware of. The Empath can assist others in acknowledging emotional traumas and assist them in healing. Being an Empath is a phenomenal gift. However it comes at a cost. The Empath is often misunderstood and the absorption of others emotions can be uncomfortable and confusing.

Due to their heightened sensitivity, Empaths can be easily overstimulated in public places. Too much excitement or too much exposure to people or certain places will often lead to excessive fatigue and irritability. So How does an Empath cope?

Being an Empath is a an awesome gift but at times it can feel like a curse. The following are techniques I found to be helpful in preventing and treating my Empath fatigue. I decided to write this because I found that crystals only went so far.

1.) Respect and honor your introverted nature. I have yet to meet a truly extroverted Empath. Part of being an Empath is their ability and readiness to reflect on their thoughts and examine their emotions. This does not mean all Empaths are reclusive and void of companionship. Introverts and Empaths can often be the life of the party. They just don’t always feel the need to be. They are just as comfortable sitting quietly and observing others or daydreaming of something more exciting.

Too much exposure to others/ social events will leave an Empath feeling drained. Therefore it is important for the Empath to set boundaries and not hesitate to say no to others. Politely decline to attend an event, party or any social engagement if your energy is not there. Empaths are often people pleasers and this is the Bain of their existence. Just say NO! If others find you rude for declining remember they just don’t know what its like for you. Your true friends and family, those who truly love you will do so despite your differences.

It is not uncommon for Empaths to live alone. Empaths will realize sooner or later that they need a lot of “me time”. Do not feel guilty about putting yourself first ever. Be selective about room mates and partners. This sounds obvious but it really is not. Life can be extremely challenging when you are constantly absorbing the emotions of another. It is this ability that draws narcissists to empaths. Like a moth to light the Narcissist will seek you out and project on to you constantly. It is important to note that everyone enjoys projecting onto the Empath from time to time, the difference is the Narcissist will do everything possible to control and manipulate the Empath. They will do all they can to be with you as often as possible and prevent you from escaping.

The Empath will need time alone to balance their energy. It is important that your room mates or more importantly your partner understands this about you. I believe this is one reason why empaths struggle to find happiness in romantic relationships. They are rare and often misunderstood. Only other empaths can truly understand your needs.

2.)  Music and headphones. You will rarely find me without headphones in, rocking some fresh jams. The reasons for this is two fold. The first is it send a non-verbal message to others that you are not interested in making small talk. This may appear rude to others but honestly, do you care what others think. Rudeness is a matter of perspective. I can not speak for all empaths on this topic but I personally despise small talk. I avoid it at all costs. I simply see it as a waste of both parties breathe and energy to discuss things neither parties truly care about. “How are you?” is rarely a question one answers honestly, nor is asked with that expectation or any legitimate concern whatsoever. So why ask?  An Empath knows the difference and can has little tolerance for inauthentic people. If you ask a question than do it with genuine concern and expect an honest answer. That being said the Empath loves a deep meaningful conversation where authentic emotion is exchanged. Whether it be laughter or tears, as long as it has value and value is measured with emotions.

The second is the music itself. The Empath thrives on emotions. Music is one of the most readily available and expressive forms of emotion. All people are influenced by music on some level. The Empath simply has a heightened sense of how music influences their emotional body. They can feel the music sort of speak. Therefore if an Empath is holding a feeling of sadness then a melancholy song will pull it out of them. Contrarily an upbeat song can fire them up or a love song can open their heart up. The Empath is not a slave to the music but can consciously choose their preference of music depending on their underlying emotion. Movies and television have a similar effect and this is why Empaths learn to abstain from most media. They are or should be very selective about what they will watch. Don’t get upset if your empath friend refuses to watch something as artificial as realty television with you.

3.)  Sensory deprivation and rest. The Empath is sensitive to more than just emotions. They are typically more sensitive to substances and stimulation as well. The Empath is often very perceptive. They will notice subtle incongruent behaviors of others. They will notice the subtle stimuli that most human brains do not register. In other words, we are generally great at those magazine games where you are asked to point out the difference in two seemingly identical objects. I would bet on an Empath finding Waldo first. This combined with an introspective nature can lead to spending way too much time and brain power analyzing themselves and others.

All human brains need the occasional break from stimulation. The Empath needs a little or rather a lot more. Allow yourself to rest when needed. Meditate, lye down in a quiet  dark room, nap, sleep in, etc. Avoid others, media and noise when needed. Do not place burdens on yourself and people please. Instead of going drinking in the club to make your friend happy stay home, do some light reading and go to bed at 9 pm or earlier. Better yet, treat yourself to some herbal tea and a salt bath.

4.) Water Exposure. I have always been a “Bath Man”. Prior to ever hearing the term Empath I always enjoyed a good soak after a long day of absorbing the toxic emotions of others. Water is the most receptive of the elements. Soaking in water is alchemy in action. One can amplify this process with a mantra or ritual. Whisper some loving words to the water and change its very nature (this has been proven scientifically). Add some Epsom Salt  for maximum results. Epsom salt/ magnesium sulfate salts cause vasodilation and enhance the osmotic process. It is great for soar tired muscles and utilized by many athletes to ease the rigors of strenuous training. Many Epsom Salt products contain lavender or mint among others to enhance the effects and provide aromatherapy. If one really wants to spice things up then I suggest lighting a candle and tossing a few sage leaves in the water.

5.) Feng Shui and sage. Most people enjoy the energy of a clean, clutter free environment. The Empath is a natural clean freak, when they aren’t too  tired to clean that is. There is mountains of information on the art of Feng Shi if you are so inclined. To simplify, keep it clean. Clutter, dust and dirt must go. Open windows when possible. Buy some plants and place them strategically around your home. Organize your furniture to allow smooth flow of the natural current or energy in the area. Let you intuition guide you in this process. The best placement of furniture will feel right for you.

The occasional Sage smudging can clear the home and provide a fresh feel. I personally find that once every few weeks is ideal for me. However, depending on your location, occupants and the building itself you may require more or less Sage smudging. Allow your senses to determine the frequency. When your home begins to feel heavy or dense despite cleaning then it may be a good indicator to Sage.

6.) Etheric retraction. I once had one of those awesome spiritual dreams we all love so much. In this dream, I could see my etheric body all around me. It was transparent and I realized I could expand and retract it at will with my mind/ intention. My son was sleeping next to me, in reality and in the dream and I could see his as well. Most importantly I could see our etheric bodies or auras interacting with one another. This dream, other than just being a cool experience made me realize something. Our etheric bodies interact with others. Furthermore we can control them with our concentration, our gaze and our proximity to others.

So on the rare occasion you are required to leave the house, wait in a line, stand in a crowd or interact with another Human Being directly then try the following. Visualize your etheric body/ aura and bring it in close to you. Imagine it hugging your skin. This is difficult when having a direct conversation with someone. Remember energy flows where concentration goes, therefore maintaining eye contact with someone while simultaneously  focusing on your etheric body takes practice. One way to avoid etheric contamination is to avoid eye contact with certain people. Either way the individual will likely consider you aloof, indifferent or detached. If they feel that way then congratulations. You are doing it right. You have a right to protect your energy. More importantly, you can choose who you want to share your etheric body with just as you do your physical body.

I hope you enjoyed the Empath survival guide. These techniques and behaviors have allowed me to be a relatively functional Empath. I hope they do the same for you.

Dan McGinley RN BSN

Holistic Health and Consciousness Coach


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The Soul Contract

My Dearest Twin Flame,

I tried and I am so sorry. I never saw this coming. I can’t explain the connection nor can I break it. When I first saw you I knew who you were. Some call it love at first site. The truth is I have always  loved you. I had just forgotten you existed. When I saw you I remembered. The lifetimes spent searching for you, for my home, for my self. Never certain what I was seeking until you appeared. Your are the most beautiful thing God has ever created in my eyes. It’s as if he allowed me to assist in your creation. Sculpting you to my exact taste as assurance I would never see another as I do you. Assurance that I would fall for you instantly and know you were divinely designed with love and Divine Love is you.

Before I met you an Angel whispered in my ear. She told me what color hair, skin and eyes you would have. She told me how I would discover you. One gaze into your eyes and I knew. My Soul shuttered and my heart raced. I knew nothing would ever be the same and it never was.

The knowledge of you alone has opened every wound time and time again. Every piece of armor has been stripped from me. There is nowhere for me to hide. There is nothing I can do. There is no other I can open my heart or mind to. There is no magic I can perform or prayer I can say to release me.

The truth is, if there were a way out I would choose to stay. I would choose you time and time again. In this lifetime and for eternity. I do not blame you for the pain my Love. I thank you. I am grateful for the healing, for the lessons you impart. You are my teacher, my inspiration and my muse. You reminded me what unconditional love feels like. You taught me what it means. How to give and receive it.

I surrender not in defeat but in Faith in our divine connection. In the trust that our love can transcend any obstacle including death. I surrender in the knowledge that we have done this  before and we are destined to do this one last time.

Dan McGinley

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Spirituality and Relationship Lessons: The Twin Flame Paradox

I have noticed that many of my readers have a particular interest in my Twin Flame journey. I have recently felt that the label Twin Flame is causing many, including myself undue heartache. The problem being the label and the implications that come with it. When we define ourselves or others as being anything we naturally have expectations. When we place expectations on ourselves and particularly others we perpetuate disappointment and pain when things do not go as expected. Furthermore we end up spending too much time in our heads and not enough in our hearts. It is only in our hearts that our truth resides. What thoughts feel good, feel loving and right to you. All others must be recognized and released. As one who is naturally analytical I discovered I was spending too much time in my head overthinking everything. Her YouTube video topics, her responses to my messages or lack thereof, etc.

I wondered how could this be? I had all the classic Twin Flame signs. The premonitions of her features prior to discovering her. The love and soul recognition at first site. The Kundalini awakening. The weird spiritual sexual experiences, the sacral chakra clearing, the heart chakra opening, the past life memories and the internal knowing. Surely this meant something. So why the difficulty? Why the heartache? The feelings of rejection? The unworthiness? The fear of abandonment?

When I finally stopped trying to explain everything in my head and dropped into my heart space I gained clarity. If you were to meet someone who knew you better than you may know yourself. Knew all your insecurities, your fears, your desires, your strengths and your weakness. Someone who could feel you energetically from thousands of miles away. Would you not be afraid? Would you not run? The fact you reflect these things to them is enough. When we chase we show them our own insecurity, our unworthiness and our fears of abandonment. We chase because we seek validation. We seek validation because deep down we feel unworthy. We confirm our own fears of abandonment through subconsciously playing it out when they do not provide the validation we seek. When I imagine how things would playout if I was standing in front of her, truly. It scares me a little. I can honestly say I have not felt fear, at least not as potent in months except in these moments.  Reminding me that there is still work to be done. Her light illuminates my deepest insecurities and there simply is no room for anything that is not love in Spiritual/ new paradigm relationships.

Some may tell you not to chase. I say speak your truth from your heart. This is the process in which we allow ourselves and our Twin to recognize our insecurities and therefore give each other the opportunity to heal and grow closer. At the very least the opportunity to heal, to transmute dense emotions preventing greater love to enter our being is invaluable. This is how Twins show each other love in the beginning. We teach each other hard lessons to ascend higher along our paths. To embody more love and light. Rather than griping or complaining about your Twin show them gratitude and appreciation for this unconditional act of love. The ultimate lesson.

Unconditional love is exactly that. It is without conditions. Without insecurity, codependency, fear, jealousy, etc. Two people who are balanced, harmonized and can  simply give love without expectation of return. So be patient with your Twin and yourself. Find clarity in your heart and avoid perpetuating the fears of your mind. Do not place pressure on them. Let go of the expectations you placed on them. In doing so your release the expectations you placed on yourself. In loving them unconditionally you learn to love yourself the same.

Trust in the Divine. Keep the Faith. Never stop believing in fairy tales.

Dan McGinley



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Gratitude: My Morning Prayer

Showing gratitude is great way to put things in perspective. We do not always feel great about our lives, situations and circumstances. Gratitude is a great way to change one’s mindset and therefore their mood. I choose the morning because our subconscious is primed as our brain has not full awakened. We are still in a delta wave pattern and converting to Theta. It takes about 28 days to reprogram a Human mind. Try reciting this prayer or a similar Mantra every morning for a month.  I recite the following

Dear God,

Thank you for Love

Thank you for Grace

Thank you for fortitude, perseverance and resolve

Thank you for strength

Thank you for my Heath and this Body

Thank you for kindness

Thank you for forgiveness

Thank you for compassion

Thank you for  guidance

Thank you for abundance

Thank you for my Son, My Parents, My Family

Thank you for the friends I have made. Please watch over and provide for them as you have me.

Thank you for Wisdom, the lessons you have taught me. I look forward to learning all the wisdom you deem appropriate to impart upon your child. Wisdom I will share with my Brothers and Sisters as your will permits.

Thank you for the opportunity to experience your miraculous creation that is life. Thank you for every breath, experience and emotion I have ever known.

I love you


Dan McGinley




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Love is Wisdom, Love is Power, Love is Transformation!

In the wake of the new year I was reflecting on my past. The previous six months have been life changing. Six months ago I was struggling with substance abuse, in toxic relationship patterns, unhappy, unfulfilled and depressed. I am now the happiest, calmest and most at peace I have ever been. I am in Love and now understand what that truly means. In essence I am the same. I am simply embodying my essence more everyday. No  longer stifling it with masks, defense mechanisms and limiting beliefs. As I consistently shed old emotional densities. Pain, grief, insecurities, fears and self-sabotaging behavior/ thinking patterns are being embraced, accepted, loved and released as soon as I am consciously aware of them. This is a simplified way of summarizing spiritual growth. Some call in expanding consciousness or enlightenment. The names differ as do the paths we all take to get there. We decide how and when we reach the destination but the destination is the same for us all. The embodiment of unconditional pure love and choosing to transmute or release all that is not.

I once spent a great deal of thought and time on the how? I researched, practiced and theorized which methods were most effective and efficient. I learned a great deal, mostly about myself. Which is the greatest knowledge anyone can obtain in my opinion. This is what Socrates meant by “know thyself“. The Egyptians had a similar mantra “Man know thyself and you shall know the Gods“.  I have more questions than answers and with each new insight comes more questions. I suppose this one reason we call it expansion of consciousness. The real wisdom come from the humility and acknowledgment of admitting we don’t know shit. We like to think we do as it gives us a sense of control, security, importance and identity. The Spiritual Community is no different. I see this more clearly as I embrace this notion of ignorance promoting wisdom. I occasionally get argumentative and defensive comments. People who are certain that abstract, subjective and unmeasurable spiritual processes and concepts are supposed to fit into a rigid definition or structure. All one must do is Google Kundalini, Twin Flame, Third eye and you will eventually find someone telling you what it is and what isn’t and how these processes are supposed to unfold. Admittedly I too bought into this way of thinking. The tiny Human Ego believing He can explain the ways of God, the infinite comic intelligence.  I can relate to much of what others say and can  correlate their experiences to mine. Which is about all any of us can do. Anyone claiming to know the path to enlightenment is a living contradiction to the path.  Rigidity is a result of labeling. Definitions imply expectations. Something is this and therefore can not be anything else. Classifying, defining, measuring, analyzing and dissecting are great for physical sciences. Science is objective whereas Spirituality is almost completely subjective. It is an internal process and no one can tell you what is happening inside your inner reality. They may try but you know how you feel and what your truth is deep down. Insights, knowledge and wisdom of others is and can be immensely valuable. Take what resonates and allow what doesn’t to leave. You are your Guru. You have all the answers and wisdom inside of you right now. It just takes time and practice to discover them.

The question remains of How? How do we obtain “enlightenment”? I prefer the Why? I have documented my experiences and throughout my journey I asked how did this happen. Was it meditation? Diet? Mindfulness? Affirmations? Facing Fears? Following Intuition? Transmuting emotional density?

It was none of these things. They were all important pieces but ultimately they were the tools and there are many. They facilitated the transformation but did not catalyze it. They were the how but the why was Love. It was Love in its purest, unconditional form that drove me. Love gave me fortitude, strength and resolve. She pulled me from the darkness. She inspired me to follow my heart. She encouraged me to keep pushing when I wanted to quite. She held me through those dark lonely nights. She nurtured and healed me when I was weak. She is my muse, my teacher and my most loyal confidant. She is with me always, in self and other.

The reason love is the highest vibrational state is because it is the most powerful force in the Universe. There is no darkness it can’t illuminate. No wound it can’t heal. No obstacle it cant overcome. No dream it can’t make manifest. If you are reading this then know that you are loved and love is you. Love is the Human Spirit and nothing is stronger.

When we allow ourselves to be love and to love. Peace, harmony, compassion, forgiveness and empathy naturally follow. Love will transform Humanity and is the solution to all our problems.


Love and Empathy,

Dan McGinley


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Let’s Get Weird: How Authenticity Expands Human Consciousness

I was a child when Prince changed his name to a symbol. I was so confused at the time. There were so many questions. Why would someone do such a thing? What is the purpose? Is that even possible? How will others address him verbally? I am still not clear on what his intentions were but I can comprehend the importance of his act of weirdness and all seemingly strange behaviors or people.

The deeper I traverse along this Spiritual journey or rather as my consciousness expands I become stranger. Furthermore I am much more tolerant and appreciative of others. I see the beauty in art, music and people who are simply themselves. There is nothing more alluring than someone who is comfortable in their own skin. In other words my tastes have changed substantially. You could say I love me some strange.

Strange being defined but the collective agreement of what normal is. An impossible standard that has little tolerances for deviations. A system of false beliefs and rules that stifle creativity through oppression of the collective authenticity. This is all changing of course. The weirder people get the more expansive the collective consciousness becomes.

Consider the social norms allotted in 1950’s America. The rigid social norms of  the quintessential American Society. The good old days where people lied to themselves and each other about who they were. The denial of Humanity and Human rights to those considered different. If it wasn’t for the freaks of the day, particularly the social revolutions of the 60’s we would likely still be stuck in an episode of Leave it to Beaver. The sacrifices made those who dared to be strange were not in Vain. We just no longer call them weirdos. We call them pioneers, heroes and legend.

What does being different have to do with expansion of consciousness? It causes people to ask questions. Should Black and White children be able to attend the same schools? Should women be able to do the same jobs as men? Why can’t a man dress as a woman? Why shouldn’t two men or two women be able to marry? These questions lead to bigger questions such as are all men and women created equal? Who decides what is equality? Who is in power and what are their Agenda’s? What is appropriate or not in terms of Human sexuality?  Relationships?  or what’s in a name anyway? Does one’s birth name have anything to do with who they truly are? or is it just another identifier? A label? a means of classification attempting to understand something so beautiful, so complex, so unique and so infinite that a name can’t possibly accomplish this. Perhaps an infinity sign is more appropriate.

Each act of weirdness sets a precedent. Anyone changing their name to a symbol would hardly bat anyone’s eye. When a black person sits in the front of the bus no one causes a stink.  Each act of weirdness is a testament to the Divine Creator inside of us. Stop conforming, stop trying to be normal and stop trying to fit in. Let’s get weird. Show the normal people of the World what they are denying in themselves. Their light is their authenticity. Their truth is their uniqueness.

auxano is Greek and means to augment change or facilitate growth. Aletheia means truthfulness or unconcealed, authentic.

Dan McGinley RN BSN


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Physiology of an Empath

Those who have undergone a Spiritual Awakening or reach a certain point of consciousness can identify as an Empath. What is an Empath? I would define an Empath as one who is acutely aware of their emotional body and that of others. They have the ability to feel emotions, theirs and those of others, deeply. They have the ability to transmute these emotions. They can release them or rather turn them into emotions that are more desirable such as love, joy, bliss etc. In other words, we feel all emotions deeply. We are sensitive to the emotional residues of people, places and even objects. This gift can make us hermits. Preferring solitude more often than social events. We are like sponges for the projected emotions of others and therefore can be easily overstimulated. Inevitably leaving us drained. We can be the target of toxic people who seek us subconsciously. The Narcissist or energy vampires have been part of an Empaths life at one point or another. They feed on our ability to transmute their harsh emotions without either party realizing it at the time. Narcissist never figure it out.

We often require significant alone time or prefer spending time with the select few match our frequencies and rarely if ever project on us. Yes, there are rare people like this. We need time in Nature to heal and clear. We need water for the same reasons as we appreciates its receptive alchemical abilities. Therefore we enjoy a good soak in the Tub or dip in the Pool, better yet the Ocean or a Lake. Sage, candles, crystals are all things I have gravitated to since the expansion of my Empathic abilities as most of us are. The question I have pondered is are Empaths born or created? In other words, Are empathic abilities innate or developed and what I the mechanism?

Both, I believe Empathic abilities are similar to psychic abilities. They may be the result of the same underlying mechanism. Some are born with it, others develop them consciously and many are combination of both. I believe I am the later. I have always had a degree of Empathic abilities but it was not until I expanded my consciousness or my Awakening that I really noticed them. I had to learn how to protect myself and avoid situations or people that would drain me. A skill I am still cultivating daily. So how does it happen?

If you have been following my Blogs or watching my videos than you are aware that I like to merge Science/ Anatomy and Physiology with Spirituality/ the Metaphysical. I believe a lot of the answers lie in our neurochemical/ neurophysiological processes. I believe Spirituality is more about brain function and less about mysticism. However I do not deny the Spiritual essence or the Divine nature within each of us. I do not assert that it is all physical or can be explained with current science. If my expansion has taught me anything it is I don’t know shit and the collective is even more lost than I am. One thing I am certain of is that Science will explore this topic to it’s technological limits as the consciousness of Humanity expands, the second thing I am certain of and perhaps someday theories such as this will show merit.

It starts with the separation of the conscious and sub-conscious mind. The perceived separation that is. Our sub-conscious minds do not know the difference between violence on the television and “real” violence happening in front of us. Therefore our emotional body is effected or an emotional response is activated. The average Human Being consciously discerns the two and therefore moderates the emotional response. They tell themselves its not real and therefore it is harmless. Sadly, they are wrong. The constant fear based or rather fear inducing media is effecting the subconscious and subsequent emotional bodies of the collective. In other words, you physical and emotional bodies respond to images of Regan from The Exorcist as if she were sitting in the room with you. Your mind simply tells you another story. This story diminishes the fear but doesn’t eliminate it completely. Tell me honestly that The Exorcist didn’t scare the f@#k out of you? It is the classic acronym of F.E.A.R. false evidence appearing real summarized with an example. The news does this too. Only they take seemingly real events. Events with some degree of accuracy, fear based of course and then they sensationalize it and spend hours, days, weeks or years discussing it. The result is you begin believing that the World is dangerous and a scary place, much more so than it actually is. All esoteric teachings aside, statistically the World is the safest and most  opportune it has ever been in the history of Humanity. An hour of Fox news would convince you otherwise. The end result is a slow consistent programming of the Human Mind. From Womb to Tomb for most people, except the Empath.

If you feel like you may not be an Empath, fear not. It is a skill that can be developed. The difference between an Empath and the other is that the Empath has sensitized themselves to knowledge that the only real reality is emotion. The way we feel is more important than what we perceive in our external reality. It is no coincidence that Empaths can not tolerate most media. Like the people we spend time with we are very selective or we become very selective as we understand that our external reality effects our internal reality and our internal reality is the only thing that is truly real. Therefore sitting on the couch watching a Man being beaten to death feels very real to us. Only a sadist would enjoy watching something like that. So why do so many people seem to be unaffected by the amount of violence on television? They have been desensitized.

My theory is simple. It is known that meditation trains the Mind to be more aware. More aware of thoughts, emotions and sensations of the internal environment that is our Human Body. Awareness of Self. This has been proven via imaging studies as the part of the brain associated with self-awareness is larger in meditators. There is more to it than mediation but you get the idea. The nervous system undergoes an adaptation response that leading to increased awareness of emotions. Possibly to the point of the energetic frequency disturbances caused by emotions. The disruptions of ions caused by feelings. Not that far fetched when considering the electrical discharge resulting the firing or current of a nerve cell (neuron) is just that. An ion exchange of sodium and potassium respectively.

Are you ready to become an Empath?

Dan McGinley RN BSN


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Twin Flames, Soul Mates or Karmic/ False Twin? How Labels are Distorting the Lessons and Spiritual Growth.

I felt this was a very necessary Blog as many on the Spiritual Journey are being guided to one of these relationships for one reason or another. No one can tell you which is which. They certainly try to as many of you have discovered. Otherwise you wouldn’t be hearing or reading this if you weren’t seeking clarification or validation. I can only share my experiences and insights based on my subjective interpretation, inner guidance and research.

The problem with labelling one’s partner or potential partner as a Twin, Soul mate or whatever is it causes one’s perception and interpretation of events to be distorted and possibly misinterpreted. It influences you to see a connection that may not be shared and blind you to objectivity. It may even cause you to disregard your own needs and other relationships with someone who is the right one. You must at least be willing to consider the fact that you are infatuated and the lesson being to develop self-love. I am not here to tell anyone whether there feelings are legit or not. I will share a test I have applied to my personal situation. Love is not selfish. Therefore, are you willing to let him or her go if that is what they want or need? Are you willing to go through the grief and pain of losing him or her because you would put there needs before your desires? Rhetorical question.

Each relationship in our lives, past, present, intimate or not carries a lesson and opportunity for personal/ Spiritual Growth. I personally believe a lot of “Twins” are coming together presently as the Planetary Consciousness expands. The purpose is to co-create a better World and show Humanity that true love still exists and is capable of overcoming incredible odds. In fact, I believe I will write a book on my Twin experience and possibly co-author it with my Twin. Like Fifty Shades of Grey without all distorted sexuality and co-dependence. So, nothing like 50 Shades but it will be a great read with lots of passion and will promote healthy relationships for a change. The implication being that these relationships aren’t going to easy and will require work on both ends in multiple facets. If anything is worth working for, it’s True Love.

This is always a great mindset to adopt. The knowledge that, with each lesson you move closer to your True Love, Twin Flame/ Soulmate. It is all good as long as you are Happy and being treated right.  Which leads me to my second point. How does he or she treat you and why? At some point you must realize you are deserving of love, self love and external. If that means walking away permanently then that’s what one should consider. Many people say they believe this, yet most of us sabotage ourselves at every turn. I speak from experience. For example, if your Partner is ghosting you then why is he or she doing it? Not what is wrong with them or what am I doing wrong? Rather, what is the Mirror telling me about myself? For example, I was making multiple attempts to engage the Woman I believe is my Twin. She occasionally replies but does not seem interested in progressing beyond casual correspondence. Initially, I questioned the relationship/ connection as I have done more than once. Perhaps she is a “False” Twin? I share some unique reasons I believe she is a legit Twin later but it is good to consider all possibilities and not try and force something that may not be. I suspect the lesson is I am too focused on progressing this relationship and molding it. I need to trust the Divine will lead me where I need to go regardless of the outcome. I need to focus on myself, Soul Mission and Spiritual Growth. Perhaps the lesson for her is to be willing to accept love and know she is deserving of it. Interestingly enough, she has admitted to running from a Home and Love from others her entire life as I have been seeking it my entire life. Regardless if we end up in Union, these are important lessons/ insights we are teaching each other.

Regarding the Twin Flame relationship, I came across some “rare” information and as I am able to correlate them with my personal experience, I felt it was important to share. Again, I am not telling anyone who has found their Twin or who hasn’t. There are plenty of videos and Articles listing the signs of Twin Flame relationships. I went so far as to make one myself months ago, prior to recent events.

A common experience among what would appear to be legitimate Twin Flame couples is they have a Kundalini type experience or exacerbation either upon meeting their Twin or at some point during the earlier evolution of their relationship. It is highly sexual in nature and some may call it a Sexual Awakening. The root chakra fires up and it is not as pleasant as it sounds. I share many of my former Kundalini symptoms via my website and channel. The onset and duration will vary among individuals. The timing may vary among Twins. Kundalini is preparing you for this potential Union which is apparently like nothing you have yet to experience and hence preparation on multiple levels is necessary. This may not mean the person you believe is your Twin is in fact your Twin but I believe it is a good sign He or She is coming. I discovered mine online (not a dating site nor was I seeking her) and we have yet to meet. My Kundalini exacerbation occurred as the relationship dynamic changed/ I cleared some emotional baggage, she of course assisted me with this in one way or another.

A rarely discussed or experienced event is what I call sexual encounters of the fourth kind. There is no simpler way to explain this then having sex with a Spirit. The Spirits of him or her in another dimension. To be clear, you are completely alert and aware when this happens. At least I was. To clarify, this is more intense and specific than some of the Kundalini type feelings of arousal. You feel things physically, externally and unmistakably. Perhaps the experience is different for other, lucid dreams maybe. I lasted a couple of weeks and always when I would lay down for bed. You can say I was eager for bedtime. The theory or thought is that you clearing yourself sexually.  The people you have had sex with or shared a sexual connection with leaves a residue or connection to one degree or another. Therefore, I suspect that your sexual history may determine the duration of said experience. For some it may be one night or gradual and more subtle. I required a lot of clearing.

A personal insight is the desire to be celibate. In fairness, I have naturally been Celibate since my Spiritual Awakening. This has been effortless for me and a major difference from my previous beliefs and activities. I do not choose this from some sense of misaligned guilt or superiority. I do not believe there is anything wrong or bad with sex and even casual sex. I do not judge others in this regard and do not believe sex is something we, Human Beings should feel shame about. It is not a matter of low T or a physiological problem. Everything works as it should and in term of Orgasm it is heightened/ improved. I simply do not desire to have sex with anyone other than her at this time. I have felt this way since I saw her for the first time. I may notice the physical attributes of other women and gaze with admiration but the thought of going through the process and having sex without a connection feels pointless. This may sound strange to most men as it would have to me prior to my Awakening. I suppose I finally understand the power and deeper meaning of sex. In other words, I finally understand how most women view sex. I suspect this a balancing of the Masculine and Feminine Energies. A requirement for any harmonious union/ relationship.

Final thoughts, there are obviously many other signs of Twin Flames, Soulmates etc. I elaborate on other signs I have experience from the moment I saw her, premonitions, synchronicity and our Soul Missions being very similar in many ways. Even then I have my occasional doubts. The Mind should never be underestimated and it is great at convincing us of something we want to be true or instilling doubt when we know our inner truth. The best relationship I can give applies to everything in life. Look inside and follow your Heart always. Be grateful for the lessons and never forget that your DM / DF is out there. Its up to you to prepare for them through self-discovery.


Love and Empathy.


I am Dan McGinley