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The Dark Sexy

We all have a unique type of sexiness or allure. Some of us have a dark type of sexy. The kind you want to lock away in your room. The type you don’t want to tell your friends about. The type you definitely won’t tell your significant other about. The type you feel fearfully comfortable with. The type that won’t judge you for your desires. The type that understands them, understands you. The type that will take your secrets to the grave. The type that can be more present with you than themselves. The type that is just us bored with vanilla sex as you are. This is exactly why you let this type do things to you that you won’t let others do. It’s only dark if you keep it there. Some of us don’t, that’s our appeal. What we all really want sometimes, is someone we can really turn the fuck up with and won’t make us feel weird about later.

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Scorpio Moons: An Uncomfortable Paradox

I want start by expressing that I am not an astrologist. I further admit that I only discovered my moon sign recently. Furthermore, I do not believe people are restricted to the personality determined by birth. Who we are and why we are, are questions only we can answer as individuals.

That being said, our signs have a unique ability to facilitate our self understanding. Most of us identify as our Earth Sign. That is the sign we are familiar with and base most of our horoscopes, compatibility, and is the way we typically view ourselves. In my case that is Capricorn. I am reasonable, stubborn, motivated, and love to achieve.

However, we are much more complicated. There are several aspects of ourselves we are either aware of or are not. Our rising sign, in my case Virgo, is how the world sees us. We often assume this aspect of our personality to a Tee. Like a good Virgo, I am a Healthcare professional. I am fit and concerned with my physical health. I try to keep a tidy home and I project a clean and wholesome way of living.

So what does our moon sign have to with us? Our moon sign is who we are at our core. It represents who we are emotionally. The person beneath the surface. The parts of ourselves many people are not aware of. The parts we rarely share. The parts we ourselves struggle to know. Our moon signs are particularly important when it comes to love and relationships. If the Earth is the mind, The moon is the heart. In my case, that is Scorpio. So, although I am not an Astrologist. I am a Scorpio Moon. My intention for writing is to share my experiences as one. So you may better understand yourself. Perhaps, so you may better understand me on a level I rarely share.

Scorpio Moons are misunderstood. I suspect because emotions are misunderstood. We have the unfortunate burden of feeling everything intensely. We don’t just love, we love with all our of selves. We also hurt in the same way. We understand emotions like few others because we simply feel everything to its depth. It is our true nature to do so. However, this isn’t to suggest we are in a constant state of emotional distress. We just feel emotions to their extremes. Extreme bliss and sometimes extreme pain. The difficulty for Scorpio Moon is finding healthy outlets to express emotions. To not bottle them up. Unlike Scorpio Earth Signs, we have nowhere to hide our feelings, our darkness. There is no internal place to seek comfort. Our inner place is the darkness, the discomfort. It is the exterior we use to fool others. To the outside world, we are holding it together well. Yet they never really know what is going inside of us. We like it that way. We fear they wouldn’t understand. We are accurate in this assumptions. If only you could feel what I have felt. If only you could see what I seen. Then you would understand me.

We are empathic. I have always known I was different. I have always known I feel things more than others do. We are emotional beings at our core. We thrive on emotions. We are people of passion. If it doesn’t move us, we have little interest. If it is superficial, artificial, or is not genuine, it bores us. Feeling is living.

We are deep people. We think deeply. We feel deeply. We have a natural gravitation towards things people don’t talk about. The things they prefer not to acknowledge. We understand life more deeply just as we understand death. The vail between our world and the non-physical world is thinner for us. We have the capacity to see things many do not desire to. We have night terrors, intense dreams, and premonitions. In other words, we have psychic abilities. I think most people have these abilities but they build a wall of fear to hind behind. For us, there is no wall. It is who we are at our core.

We see through people. More accurately we see into people. We are emotionally intelligent. We know when people lie to us and we usually know why. The difficulty for us is we cant stand being manipulated. We are seekers of truth and when someone withholds it, we get a little crazy. We are trustworthy. People often tell me things they don’t tell others and I never disclose their secrets. However, we never forget anything we are told and if we are feeling salty. You may be eating your own words. If we love you, we will give you our hearts on a platter. We will be loyal only to you. If you needed us to burry someone, we would and you will know we were capable of it. The paradox is, we rarely trust others. We fear vulnerability for obvious reasons. We feel pain more intensely than others. We don’t handle betrayal well. It is my understanding of the of emotions and their influence on behavior that allows me to understand you so well. It also this very thing that makes you misunderstand me. Most people will let me get close to them, but I rarely let them get close to me.

We are in general, sexual people. We don’t usually have the same repressions surrounding sex as most people. We are often consider “sexy” by most standards. Scorpio Moons are known to have an intense magnetism. I think it’s the way we look at the people we want. As if they are the only person in the room and all we see is them. Which, at that moment is true. We can be highly manipulative. We can actually change the way people think on a deep level and often we aren’t even aware we are doing it. Why do we do this?

I believe it is the intensity of our nature. We thrive on the intensity of feeling. So it was never enough for me to just have her body. I needed her heart. I needed her soul. There is no other love, lust, or desire like a Scorpio Moons, and we hate being told we can’t have something we want. I know how this must sound to you. I want you to understand that we can never control how we feel. We can only control what we do with it. In a Scorpio Moons case, it takes tremendous strength not to act or react on our feelings. Few people have this strength. We only have it because we have needed to develop it. The average person may have the occasional emotional outburst. We battle emotional turmoil daily. So do not be so quick to see us as “imbalanced, angsty, salty, or reactive”. We know its not easy being us, unfortunately we have the added pressure of being ostracized by others. People who are so void of feelings that they see us as the unstable ones. Not feeling is the equivalent to death for us. We have no other way of experiencing what we consider life.

The paradox, while you may feel an attraction, a magnetism, a pull towards people like us. Know that it is mostly for your benefit and it will be temporary. While we can attract easily, no one stays. I don’t really know why some women are drawn to me beyond my physical appearance. Perhaps they sense something within me. Something deep and intense. Something they have never felt before. Something they believe they want to feel. I do not know what it is, but I do know that there are always one of two potential outcomes. The intensity of how I can feel frightens them away, or they simply lack the emotional intensity to satisfy me.

The challenge or path of Scorpio Moon is to learn to use our intense emotions to our benefit, rather than ensuring our demise. You can imagine how easily a person like this can spiral into deep mental and emotional breakdowns. How they can be the cause of serious mental and emotional distress to others. Like all people, all moon signs, we can either use our qualities for the benefit of others or be the source of their dismay.

Our emotions are the very source of our strength. While I have felt some intense sadness, heartache, loathing, jealousy, shame, guilt, etc. I have also felt the most intense love, happiness, bliss, euphoria, and peace. The trick for a Scorpio Moon is constant emotional honesty or awareness. If you try to bottle it, it will eventually erupt and destroy everything in its path. I suggest finding a safe comfortable place to feel, to heal, to release your feelings. This will be especially healing and transformative for a Scorpio Moon. It is the process of owning our emotions, experiencing their intensity, that heals us and brings us peace. The alchemy of Scorpio. No longer feeling a need to be jealous, manipulative, controlling, vengeful, domineering or possessive. Just allowing feeling and being.

Find creative and expressive, not destructive ways to channel some of your emotions. Emotional content is the fuel for creativity. All forms of art are only as meaningful as the emotion behind it. Whether it’s music, painting, writing, dance, or whatever. Just find something to channel it.  Scorpio Moons are some of the most creative, powerful, and influential  people on Earth. If you don’t have an outlet, you will drown in depths of your feelings.

When it comes to relationships, find someone who can match your emotional intensity.  This person may be rare, but so are you. Use your intuition to ensure they are the right person for you. Learn to trust them and be vulnerable. Love makes us vulnerable, so don’t be afraid to love. As if you can help yourself. Like all extremes,  Scorpio Moons can be the greatest catalyst for transformation. You are intuitive, empathic, and psychic. You are a seer, you know the heights of love and depths of darkness like few others. Use it to help. Your path is a tragically beautiful transformative one. They may never understand your depth, your complexity, your strength, your beauty, but they do see it and they know you are force to be respected.


I never meant to start a war. I just wanted you to let me in. I guess I should have let you in”     Mylie Cyrus (Scorpio Moon)






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Lessons and Mistakes of “Separation”: You and Them

The following insights are based on my experiences and observations of myself and other. My goal for this article is to share them as objectively and un-emotionally as possible. However, it important to note that this journey has been anything but un-emotional. In fact the last year has been the most emotionally charge of my entire life experience. There is great importance in our emotions but that is a topic for another time.

I want to start by clarifying something, a little over a year ago I never believed in any of what I am about to share with you. I was a rather jaded, scientific minded, and not “Spiritual”. I barely knew how to meditate. I didn’t believe in true love, love at fist site, soulmates or any of the Spiritual rabbit holes. All I can say is experience will make a believer out of anyone.

The other night, all the weird spiritual things happen at night, I felt an emptiness in my chest where my heart once resided. I was loosing my true love, the girl I fell in love with at first site, the one whos existence catalyzed this journey within me. Part of me wanted to write to her, wanted to ask for her to wait for me, beg her not to leave. I didn’t, I sat with the feeling until it passed. This experience got me thinking about the mistakes I have made, the lessons I have learned, and how sharing them may benefits others. At the very least help others understand why these things happen. Why you and they behave the way you and they do. The things I wish I could tell my former self.

The first thing I learned was that Ego-bolstering and validation seeking will never be entertained or appeased from your counterpart, during separation. This one took me some time to work out. I could not figure out what the deal was with this girl? I hate to sound ego-centric but I was not used to making such an effort and being rejected. I just wanted the opportunity to get closer to her is all. There is more to it, but it seemed like the harder I tried the farther it drove her away. It only made me look more sad and desperate. I can only laugh at myself in retrospect. What I now know, is these relationships thrive on authenticity and personal growth, not ego derived expectations. What can I say, I was a newly awakened Dude who had no clue how to manage his emotions. Furthermore, I see now that she has her own fears and doubts regarding me, the connection, ect. She always felt I was “trying to get things from her”. I suppose, in a way she was correct but never in the way she thought. I just wanted to love her, show her who I truly was.

The only point, if ever, you will receive any type of validation is when you have transcended the perceived need for it. They simply can not give validation no matter how hard you push them for it. Trust me, it just makes them angry and you sad. Naturally, you will accuse them of being non-communicative, dishonest, and distant. It will hurt badly when they deny loving you. I suspect this is because they don’t yet, or at least they are not yet aware of it, or willing to admit it to themselves. I believe this is why they avoid letting you get close. They are keep you at a distance because they feel safer that way. They have their past traumas and they will project them onto to you. They will worry that you wont accept them for who they truly are. They worry that you will abandon them as others have from their past. In fairness, you have your own issues that you project onto them in an equal yet opposite way. For example, it is your fear of abandonment that may be driving your to seek validation and theirs that drives them away. We all deal with trauma differently. One of chases love and the other runs from it.

Try to understand that they are teaching you a valuable lesson. The lesson they will remind you of is that validation comes from within, love from within, happiness from within, etc. In the end you will have immense gratitude for them. The paradox is that the less you feel you “need” them, the more they open up to you. I suspect this occurs, at least partially because you are becoming increasingly detached and less connected to them during this time. They perceive this and they feel they are loosing you, because in the energetic sense they are. Dare I say it, you were vibrationally/ energetically coddling them. Your intense, borderline obsessive focus on and love for them gave them a sense of security and comfort during separation. The retraction of this energy is noticeable to them. In truth, you have simply healed enough, mastered enough lessons to shift the focus from them to you. This is a necessary and important phase for both parties.

Relax, it is not normal and they love you. There is nothing “normal” about this connection. It is nothing like an average relationship so try not to, but you will, use your previous relationship experience as a template. It is best not to have a plan or expectations, but you will anyways. You are both transcending the 3D/ old paradigm template for relationship so there is no ideal template or journey to replicate. In fact, reading this is probably a massive waste of your time. However, always remember that the relationship is with yourself. The more you can focus on what they are teaching you about yourself and less about why they are the way they are, the better off you will both be.

I even use the term love loosely here. Don’t get me wrong, there is an intense love and a strong physical attraction. It just isn’t always the romantic Hollywood type of love. They say that Twin sibling often have a shared empathy, the same holds true with us. It kills me to see her suffer and there is nothing she could do or has done that I wouldn’t be able to accept. We have just learned not to baby each other emotionally. It even gets a little Daddy and Mommy type love in a weird non-sexual sense. Lets face it, we all have some degree of mommy and daddy issues, which these connections can help illuminate. Time, space, and distance is all we can give each other most of the time. They love you, it just takes them longer to realize it. How could they not love you, the two of you are one. The Journey is about spiritual and energetic oneness. It is not about proximity and communication. It is not about talking out your differences and compromise. Let love do all that for you while you work on yourselves and allow them to do the same.

Relax, they know, they see you too. It is a mistake to assume anything on this journey, but more importantly that you have a greater awareness, intuition or are more “awake” then they are. You are equals and simply have different roles to play for each other. Trying to convince them of your beliefs will just freak them out, take my word on this. Besides, you will both doubt and question the whole thing at multiple times. You will both feel confused,lost, and crazy at times. You will just talk about it more than they do. Again, this goes back to validation seeking. What is important is to give them time to figure it out in their own way. I do not advise trying to make a case for yourself and throwing a bunch of Spiritual labels in their face. I think they hate the notion of being obligated to you or anyone else. It frightens them, threatens their sense of independence. Vulnerability is an issue for them as it is with you. The truth is they are not obligated to you, nor you to them. You both have free-will and I mean that in the ultimate sense of the term. Yet another paradox, you love it when they lay claim to you and they hate it when you do it to them. To put it simply, respect their boundaries and while you are at it, make some for yourself.

There is a comfortable awkwardness between you both. Sometimes you will feel magnetically drawn to them and other time you will want nothing to do with them. Such is true for them, just don’t expect them to admit to the magnetism. You feel like you have known each other for your entire lives and therefore you make assumptions about them. Things naturally get awkward. You will feel like home to each other and see the depths within each other. All I can say in a purely subjective way, is we do not look like other Human Being to one another. We do and do not because we are and we are not. We see each others, or rather our souls reflected within them. A Soul is the most beautiful thing imaginable. This terrifies them and it compels you. There are indescribable and undeniable energetic experiences that occur on this journey. Things like tantra and telepathy are real. They are not for discussion here.

We feel like home because we come from the same place. No, we did not grow up in the same town. I mean cosmic or spiritual origins. We are cut from the same cloth. Starseeds, Indigos, Soul families, whatever label you want to put on it. We just see each other like Avatars and there is a sense of unfinished business between us. We also see each others humanness too. The challenge is to learn to love and accept those aspects as well as we reflect out the parts of ourselves we are not yet loving. This is not done gently and is often done in the form of triggering one another. Emotions are heightened between us and at least from my perspective, it got rather childish. For example, my feelings would be hurt is she did not heart one of my comments on social media. I think I hurt her when I stopped following her content as well. I know it sounds absurd and I assure you, there is no one else on the planet whos response to me on social media or lack thereof influenced me so emotionally. The lesson here is to be gentle with each other. Your reactions are heightened with heightened emotions. To this day, I regret saying certain things to her. Things I assumed were harmless or would be taken sarcastically and were not. Ultimately, we had to learn not to blame each other for our feeling and triggers. We had to learn forgiveness and non-judgement for ourselves and each other. There is just no bullshitting one another. We just know what’s up with each other. However, we have had to discern what is our projections based on our own fears and insecurities and what is truth. Ultimately facing our fears and insecurities until we no longer have to concern ourselves with what the other is or is not doing, is or is not thinking. No jealously, drama, or insecurity permitted. No controlling, deceptive, or codependent behaviors are desirable to either party.

Stop waiting for them. This is difficult to accomplish. I have heard of others “waiting” for their counterparts for many years. To be brutally honest, that makes me want to bash head into a wall. Don’t get me wrong, it is not that she is not worth waiting for. If I were to wait for any woman, it would be her. What I have come to understand, is that this is journey is about unconditional self-love and love for each other. I love myself enough not spend a lifetime waiting for anyone, not even her. Furthermore, as endearing as the idea of her waiting for me is, I would not ask her to do anything that would compromise her happiness. In other words, I would see her happy with another than hopelessly waiting for me. Yes, it is that kind of love, the kind that transcends selfishness. To be completely honest with you, I am now dating again. I do not feel guilty or regretful about this. At some point, you will stop making excuses for them and put your happiness first. The facts are simple, she could have asked me to wait, she could have apologized, she could have made an effort to reconcile with me. She never did. Therefore, I must do what is best for me. I must go with the flow. In a strange way, this journey has made meeting new women, potential lovers, more effortless than ever before. I have learned to appreciate women in their totality. I simply respect, adore, and accept them as they are. There are no good or bad relationships, just better aligned ones, more harmonious and balanced ones. You must vibrate what you desire to attract.

As long and you are waiting, they are not coming. This is a reflection that there is some letting go to do, a need to put yourself first, somethings about yourself you need to face still. Furthermore, it is an energetic partnership, one parties’ shift often results in the others. This is just a correlation I have personally noticed. Perhaps it is an agreement our higher selves made, to use each other as a medium to heal and balance our and the collective masculine and feminine energies, Union within. Sometimes, I don’t know what is happening to me until after it happens. I will awaken in the night with uncomfortable energies in random places in my body (Chakra points), that I will have to consciously move through me. The feelings can be intense at times and assuming this theory is correct, I sometimes feel like she is going to kill me. She shifts energy, that’s what she does and now, that’s what I do too. It is difficult to explain and all I know for sure, is I am nothing like I was a year ago and neither is she.

Learn how to Surrender. Let go of trying to control how this meeting/ Union takes place if in fact it ever will. This is something both parties desire on a deep level but neither gets to control how, when, or if it happens. I can’t explain the reason why two people can’t just discuss it and plan a meeting. Like I said, it is not normal. This is yet another pain in the ass Spiritual lesson you have to learn, to let go of control, to trust God/ the Universe. To believe that love overcomes all barriers; time, space, distance, and difference. Regardless of what happens, I am eternally grateful for this experience and for her. I haven’t always felt this way, but I am the lucky one. I am forever changed and better for it.

In the end, all I have is my strength and a much better understanding of love. Love is alchemy, it transforms us from the inside out. Separation is an illusion, we are always connected, always together, each and everyone of us.

Dan McGinley RN BSN

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Not Another Love Story

Gratitude rarely comes with ease. Letting you go is the hardest thing I have ever done. It is not easy being your reflection. I suspect, inversely, it was not easy being mine either. I wish I had made things easier on you. I wish I had done somethings differently. I have regrets. Regrets I have accepted.

It irritates me, seeing all the articles with titles stating things like “The Man Who Loves You Will Always Pursue You” or “The Person Who Loves You Will do these 8 things” . What a crock of shit. There are plenty of relationship coaches out there speaking of communication and compromise. Perhaps that works for some but that is not the type of love we have chosen. No, few have the perseverance and resolve for such love. Few have the self-awareness and emotional grit. Few choose such a journey. Perhaps even fewer succeed.

It is still not clear to me why we would choose this. What has been the purpose of it all? Perhaps it was simply a means teach ourselves greater Self-love. Perhaps it a means to better understand ourselves. Perhaps, it was a means to galvanize greater spiritual healing. Perhaps it was simply a means to gain a greater understanding of love, codependency, and the true nature of men and women. Perhaps we will someday reach Union. Perhaps it is all those things and more. I would like to believe that, but I no longer believe in fairy tales. I no longer cling to expectation.

The truth is no Man will “Always” pursue you. There are no Romeos or Juliet’s. There is no Prince Charming or Cinderella. There are just flawed Human Beings. There is just selfish Love. The type of love that transforms us. The type of love that molds and shapes us into something beyond our former selves. The type of love that reconciles our past mistakes.

The truth is, we are not like the others. As much as we wish to be, we never will be. This type of love can not be understood by most. It is not the type of love given away lightly. It is not the type of love you will read about in an eye catching article. Oh no, this type love is earned through countless tears. This type of love would destroy most people. This type of love is crystalized in our very Being. . That is why we chose this, to become love itself.



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Destabilizing “The System”: The Modern Enslavement Paradox

If you were anticipating an article about anarchy, economics, politics or any of the concepts most associate with “The System” then I’m afraid you will be disappointed. Hopefully you are curious. To be clear, this is not an article in which I promote chaos and anarchy. I am no attempting to encourage you to live off the grid in a compound, armed to teeth awaiting in preparation for some apocalyptic foot soldiers. On the contrary, what I am proposing may look very similar to a life you are living now. You can keep all your home, luxuries, your job and I suggest you continue to pay your taxes. You will simply feel much happier, free, and truly sovereign. You will no longer feel subservient to the government, your boss, your partner, substances or anything you choose to reclaim yourself from. You will feel free to choose, to follow your dreams unrestricted. Perhaps, someday, if enough of us choose to destabilize, we may rid ourselves of war, poverty, greed and all forms of corruption.

I realize this sounds like some hippie utopia that is too good to be true. It really is not, because it is not how things look in the external World that matter, not in the beginning anyhow. Humor me and allow me to compel you further.

To understand how and why we must destabilize “The System” we must first understand what the System actually is. In order to do this we must further understand the nature of reality and the nature of ourselves. You are the System and the System is you. The System is a complex multi-layered series of beliefs. Beliefs we have come to covet as truth. Truth that is rapidly being unveiled.

We are born into this World free of belief. We are pure, innocent and free of bias, judgement or Dogma. We grow, we learn and we are conditioned. Conditioned to believe. To believe things about ourselves, each other, and the World in which we reside. This is an undisputable fact. Where you are born into a world within a world, a reality within a reality. Your parents, your school, your culture, your religion, and even your gender will determine how you perceive yourself, others, and the very nature of existence.

The truth can not stand the test of time. The World was once flat, this was the belief of the time and therefore held as truth. It was not Science that disproved this belief. It was courage. The courage to question the mainstream beliefs and then seek evidence to prove the majority wrong. Even in the face of overwhelming scientific data there are some who continue to cling to their beliefs. This is not done from a preferred state of ignorance but fear. Take evolution as an example, the denial of evolution is not due to a lack of reason or evidence, but fear. A belief, so ingrained in the mind of many that they will spend an eternity suffering if they dare question their beliefs. The beliefs of their church. The coveter of truth, of knowledge, of God, of your Soul, of your power. Please do not misinterpret my message. I am not anti-religion, nor am I atheist. I believe their are universal teachings of love, compassion and kindness amongst all popular religion. What I oppose is any institution that uses fear as a means of control and domination.

It is not science that determine truth, Science simply confirms observations that are not restricted by fear, by bias or by agendas. The truth and true science is free of such things. What we choose to believe is ultimately that. A simple choice. Therefore we can choose to believe nothing at all. We can choose to question and dissolve any belief that is limiting. Any belief that is latent with fear, control and disempowerment.  Any belief that keeps you dependent on “The System”. The moment you adopt a System based belief, a definition of oneself and others then you have in fact placed limits on yourself. If you are this than you are limited to being this and therefore you can never be that or the other. The paradox is that we are everything an nothing simultaneously.

The System of beliefs has one objective. To divide us and conquer us. To make us think we are separate, to demonize our difference rather than honor and respect them. To make us feel inadequate, incapable, limited, fearful, weak and therefore depend on it. Beliefs that Men and Women are substantially different. When the truth is that our biology, our genitals and the beliefs we covet about ourselves, about each other are the only real differences. The belief that one race is superior or inferior to another. When the truth is that the only difference is the color of our skin and the beliefs we covet about one another. The belief that you need be rich and physically attractive by Societies’ standards to be happy, loved and accepted.  The truth is that these are simply feelings and emotions are independent and exclusive from financial prosperity and appearance.

If you feel the system is working well for then ask yourself honestly. If you were to loose it all tomorrow, how would you feel? or look around at your fellow Human Being. The ones you feel are so different. The homeless, the drug addict, the prostitute or perhaps the corpse of some middle eastern child who was killed with bomb, built with your hard earned tax dollars. Are these the stories we wish to continue to tell in the 21st century. That this is the best we can do. A highly intelligent and adaptable species, do you wish to cling to this truth.

If you are asking yourself what can you do? I have my own problems to deal with. You are correct. The system perpetuates a state of lack and suffering in your life so you are often too consumed to concern yourself with anything beyond your day, your week, your month. Always fixated on diverting possible catastrophe that we fail to recognize what is happening now. You are too busy trying to fit in to an impossible standard. A standard you ultimately placed on yourself. You are too busy trying race the rats. To get ahead. To find a mate. To survive in a terrifying world. Any extra income is likely going to be spent on a means of self-sedation. A night out drinking, drug use, an attempt at intercourse, a vacation, some shopping perhaps. Anything to be considered “normal”, to be loved and accepted by the group. The truth is you are nothing but normal. You are beautifully unique. You have gifts, meant to be used for YOUR greatest good, which is the greatest good for all. You are loved and accepted as you are. The System or rather you have convinced yourself otherwise.

This is not about attacking the “The System”. This is not about blaming the elites, the government, the institutions, the corporation or any external entity that we perceive to be the cause of our disempowerment. Modern day enslavement is a voluntary enslavement. All based on beliefs YOU have adopted, ingrained in fear and illusion. The enslavers themselves have similar beliefs and are no different. The difficult truth is there is no one to blame but yourself. The good news is, you can volunteer to be free. You can reclaim the power you gave away unconsciously. You can rewrite your story for you hold the pen. They have no leverage over you if you give them none.

I realize this may sound harsh and judgmental. I assure you it is not, because it is not your fault. You were simply born into this and there is nothing different about you and the dead middle eastern child. However, there is something you can do. As I mentioned, the system is you. Therefore, if want to destabilize the system then must destabilize yourself. It is in this process that you free yourself from the system or more accurately, free yourself from yourself. Your present and former Self, and become your new Self. The true Self.

You can start by being brutally honest with yourself. Are you Happy? like really happy and not just relatively happy? If you are not then why? What do you desire and why? Who are you and why are you here? Who do you want to be? Not who your friends, family, spouse, government, or culture wants you to be but YOU? Be unapologetically selfish with this.

Start meditating and gain some self-awareness. Start questioning all the beliefs you hold, especially the ones you are afraid to question. Most importantly, start loving yourself. Make unconditional love and acceptance for yourself your primary life goal. Then witness as love transforms you, your life and your reality from the inside out. Love will destroy all that it is not you, for you are love. You create your reality from the inside out. Therefore, the more love and acceptance you feel for yourself, the more sovereign you become. The more you empathize with others and the more you inspire.

It is really that simple but extremely difficult. Arguably the most challenging experience of your life. It requires an acute self-awareness and emotional grit. You will face fears, you may loose friends, you will shed many tears, you will feel lost and confused at times.

If needed, quite your Soul-sucking job, leave a toxic relationship, stop paying your debts, destroy your credit, give away your possessions. Literally, de-stabilize yourself as much as you deem necessary to break free. It is when you are free of obligations to others that you discover yourself and what is truly important in life. I have done all these things without regret. What I learned was money, women, sex, institutions, and possessions had no real power over me. It was all an illusion, a false belief. I’m not suggesting you must do the same as I. What I am reiterating is that who are and how you feel has little to do with your external circumstances. Consider money and holy water, both have power but their power resides only in the minds of those who covet them. Holy water is just water and money is just paper or digital numbers. The only power they truly contain is based on a belief. There is nothing wrong with either, they are only problematic when we allow them to define us and  control us, to enslave us. When we tell children their Souls are doomed because they haven’t been anointed with the sacred water. When we sacrifice that which is most valuable to us for the obtainment of paper and numbers. Our authenticity, our dignity, our time, our identity, our health, our relationships to name a few.

So why endeavor this? Because the greater the challenge the greater the reward. Because nothing is more worthy of your efforts. Because the experience of being free, fearless, loved, happy and sovereign is worth your best efforts. Because a better world, reality and existence depends on it. Because the fate of humanity and the planet depends on it. That is the truth.


Love and Empathy,

Dan McGinley RN BSN






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Phases of Divine Union

Recognition: The journey towards Divine Union begins with Soul recognition. There is a magnetic attraction to another like nothing you have experienced in your life. There is a sexual, intuitive, true love connection and recognition that is undeniable. A magnetism that can not be explained or released, at least not at first. This is essential for it keeps you devoted and committed through the next phase. This does not guarantee that this individual is your Divine Counterpart. In some cases, this individual may be a catalyst of sorts for your true counterpart. You will discover this answer yourself in due time. In truth, it matters not. This is the most difficult truth for others to understand in the early phases. I promise you, in time you will agree with me, it will not matter to you.
Understand this, you are not crazy and you are not alone. The inspiration for this piece was the understanding that many of us “Twin” Souls are coming into Union in the coming months, year. There is a new wave following suit. This realization motivated me to share what I have learned on my journey thus far. It is not just about me. It is about me, it is about her and it is about the collective. I am here to help because it is more important than my individual Union, your romantic preconceptions, or society masquerading co-dependency and misery as love and acceptance. When physical Union occurs, there is exponential shift within the surrounding Soul group. The love extends beyond the relationship to others. Furthermore, we all have important Soul missions to assist the collective consciousness to the state of oneness. In truth, this is the end game for the journey, not your romantic fantasy, but you can have that
too as a bonus.

This will become increasingly clear along your journey. Your true Divine Counterpart will align with your mission as you do theirs, in time. This is the very nature of alignment and vibrational matching. This in part is what will bring you closer to each other.
Understand this is as well, this is nothing like you knew from your past relationships. There is no ideal template. Forget everything you think you know about love and relationships. This is not some Hollywood romantic comedy, Stephanie Meyers novel, or some Disney cartoon where the Knight in shining armor saves the Princess. Another lesson is that we can not “save” them, we can only do the work on ourselves and allow them to do the same. If you think you need to save of fix another then you need to reconsider what unconditional love and acceptance means. In fact, this journey will destroy that notion as it does your Ego. This occurs in the next, immediate phase flowing recognition.
Tough Love: You may be familiar with the “runner chaser” dynamic often described by others. If you are reading this then you are most likely a “chaser”. The runners are masters at denying the connection and they take longer to gain the same awareness. The level of denial is uncanny and necessary. One day they may tell that they feel like they have known you their entire life and then treat like a stranger the following day. In part, this is a test of Faith. It is also a lesson. You do not need them to validate you, your truth and your knowing.
These roles can be reversed or experienced with you Divine Counterpart and possibly a third party. I know it’s painful to even consider a third party, but it is often true. Don’t worry, they are necessary too and you will not be the only left without a seat when the music stops. You will know when you are the one and in truth it does not matter. It is ultimately about you. You will be with your Counterpart and it will be awesome, so I am told. If you are the true counterpart then I promise this. Your mere presence will eventually destroy any relationship that your Counterpart is in. This is not done intentionally of course, that is not love. They will likely not mention this relationship to you at first, they will dissolve of their own natural causes. You yourself will find it impossible to get into a new relationship and your desire for sex will become very fixated on your counterpart. Another clue is that you will both have a “Kundalini” awakening. They may not admit this to you or they may call it by another name but regardless, it is an essential part of your and their spiritual evolution and preparation.
The runner chaser phase is arguably the worst experience of your life. It must happen. it is imperative.

I will not speak for the runner for I was a former chaser. It doesn’t really matter why they run. Perhaps they do not believe in true love, the connection, whatever. Perhaps it is a fear of abandonment, they worry they will lose their freedom, etc. They will never tell you. They simply cannot. It is part of their Soul contract with you, they often will not understand it themselves until they do and it is not your job to inform them. During this time, they will never validate you. They will never tell you what you so desperately want to hear. Believe me, I tried hard and more than once. They cannot tell you even if they desire to. The harder you pull the harder they push. It’s rude, I get it, but it is necessary. This is part of the contract they agreed to with you and it is in your best interest. It is teaching you self-love, self-validation, self-awareness, etc.
All they can do is mirror, reflect what you need and not what you want. If they are ignoring you are ignoring yourself. If they are neglecting you then it means you are neglecting yourself. If they are denying you then you know what it means. They will break your heart multiple times. This too is necessary and leads us to the next phase.
Ascension: They say emotions are multiplied between Twin Souls. I believe this. When that girl is angry with me I can feel it across the World, literally. Furthermore, it kills me to see her hurt. This is important for multiple reasons. It teaches you how to communicate with each other. There is no lying between you two for you will feel the difference. Most importantly, it teaches you emotional responsibility. If you project your pain onto them they will temporarily block you from communication. I should know, it has happened to me six, maybe seven times? I honestly lost count. It is the love and empathy I feel for her that has made me accountable for my pain and coming back for more. It is also the fact that I hated when she would cut off communication.
When you own your emotions and feel your pain that they activate within you then you begin to ascend. You heal, you grow, you learn, and you raise your vibration. You will feel everything, sadness, anger, rage, bitterness, jealousy, unworthiness. You will understand the true meaning of “Karma is Bitch”. I see every girl I ever hurt as her and in an indirect way it was reflected back to me. Your true counterpart never wants to hurt you intentionally, they just activate those painful emotions, vibrations within you. A side benefit of this process is you begin to master your ability to manifest. You are raising your vibration, your worthiness, etc. You are trying so hard to manifest Union that manifesting money, etc., becomes easier. Your connection with Self, with Source/ God becomes stronger.
You will learn forgiveness for them and yourself. You will learn empathy for them and yourself. You will learn compassion for them yourself. You will learn unconditional love for them and yourself. These are invaluable lessons that you will extend to others. Love is not selfish and it is not about control or possession. This is the greatest gift one Human Being can give to another. Paradoxically, it is the greatest act of love. Therefore, I will always be grateful to her regardless of the outcome. This stage takes a keen self-awareness and emotional grit. You have these gifts within you my beloveds.
This phase is not all pain, there will be times that you feel your heart open and fill with Divine Love. It is pure ecstasy when it happens. Greater than sex or any drug. It is pure bliss and ecstasy. A feeling I equate with heaven.
Empowerment: Throughout this process, you and they will witness every relationship dynamic in which you disempowered yourself and others. With sex, power, money, gender roles, etc. You will learn what harmony and balance is within a relationship. You will know what it feels like within yourself and you will accept nothing less. Not even from your counterpart. You will learn responsibility for your energy and walk away from any relationship that is not balanced and is not harmonized. It when others are seeking drain your love vibes. You will not be lured or seduced by physical attractiveness. I once was unable to say no to an attractive woman, now it is easy.
Letting go: This is so important and the time to do this, to end the chaser runner cycle will become clear to you. You will know the healing is done when their rejection of you no longer hurts. You become indifferent in a sense. You still have your desires but there is a simple choice you will make. You or them? Your happiness and bliss or unnecessary suffering. The ultimate lesson is this, put yourself first before any other. Self-love will demand that you let go of any relationship that is not making you happy, that is not reciprocated love. This is not done from a place of resentment or bitterness but of love and empathy for Self and your Counterpart.
Attachment is a form of control and selfishness. Love is about freedom and choice. In the end, you choose yourself and they are free to choose you as well, or not. Either way, you are the chosen one. Regardless of their choice, it won’t bother you. You will now understand what true love is. It is about all parties being happy. You will now realize that you value your happiness and theirs. There is no true happiness in codependency. It is not best for you to be with someone who doesn’t love you as you do them and who wants to be with someone they do not love. True love wants to see you happy, free and thriving. Not stuck in box for its own selfish benefit. The paradox is this. As You grow in self-love, your true Counterpart falls deeper in love with you.
“Part of Self-love is allowing those who love you to come out of hiding”. Rumi
Physical Union: I have yet to reach this stage. Honestly, I am not certain it will be with her. I am indifferent at this point. I no longer seek or chase. I no longer reach out to her or creep her Facebook page. I am simply committed to myself, loving myself deeply and profoundly. I am being guided to relocate and this will bring in closer physical proximity. I simply keep the Faith and Trust that my self-love will be reflected to me in another, my Divine Counterpart.
We do not require another to make us happy. We should never change who we are or make excuses for ourselves to satisfy another. We should never make excuses for others who do not treat us as we deserve to be treated. We are complete sovereign Beings and so are they. We are Divine Love and Divine Union occurs within.
Divine Union is a beautifully destructive process. It is a burdensome Honor. I am so very proud of myself and so very proud of her. I am proud of each one of you on this path to Divine Union.

Love and Empathy

Dan McGinley RN BSN
Holistic Health Coach

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Mindful Quotes

Often we get caught up reflecting on our past. We ask ourselves if we had done things different, what would our lives be like now? The answer is, You did everything you knew how to do with the tools, knowledge and resources you had in that moment. Therefore, we are always exactly where we are meant to be. Lessons, never regret.


Some people never take risks. They are so focused on what they may loose that they fail to see what they will gain.


The difference between wants and needs is simple. All you need is yourself, everything else is a desire, not a requirement.


I don’t want to write about heartbreak. I want to write about joy, happiness and dreams coming true. Unfortunately, you can’t have one without the other.


Love is about adoring and appreciating someone in their natural free state. Not about control or possession through expectation or lack. Seek yourself and you are being sought after. Love yourself and you are loved. Adore yourself and you are adored. Free yourself and you are free. Love is bittersweet, it transforms us from the inside out. This makes it the most powerful force in the Universe.


There is a deeper truth to every experience. Is it right or wrong? There is no right or wrong. Only learning and understanding.


The moment you no longer concern yourself with the opinions that others place on you, is the moment you become free and unstoppable. A wolf need not concern itself with the opinions of sheep.


Self-love isn’t a matter of just eating well, exercising and positive affirmations. It is taking the time to mourn the illusion of loss and death of your former Self. Loss of other leads to discovery of Self.


Sometimes Self-Love demands that we walk away from those we love dearest.


Every opportunity entails risk. When we focus on what we may loose we negate what we may gain. In truth, there is only ever gain. Lessons, growth, knowledge, experience are all invaluable. Gifts only awarded to the courageous.


When others treat you poorly it is a reflection to to treat yourself better. Forgive others and forgive yourself for allowing it. Know your value and never settle for others who do not.


We reflect each other back to ourselves. When we project our lack onto others, it is never a question of them. The only question is which mirror am I afraid to look into? Choose the mirror that reflects your love, kindness, compassion and honesty. Don’t be afraid of your light.


There is a difference between perspective and excuses. The difference lies in self-responsibility.


Don’t ever regret loving someone but know when it’s time to walk away.


Our beliefs determine our perception of reality. As long as people continue to tell the story of the vileness of human nature and the cruelty of Mother Nature then that is sadly the world they will live in. I choose to see the good in others and the beauty of Nature. I much prefer my reality. How’s yours?


Self-love is easy, it’s very nature implies selfishness. Unconditional love is the hardest lesson a Human Being can learn. It is respecting the free will of others despite the pain it may cause you. It is choosing to love and support without expectation and regardless of gain or reciprocity. It is true selflessness.


Be a people person not a people pleaser. Know the difference.


Why honesty is the best policy! If you are not being honest with yourself you can not be truly honest with others. The lies we tell with good intentions will perpetuate the pain we sought to avoid. It will compromise our integrity, destroying the most important relationships of all. The relationship with self. You can not have a meaningful relationship with another if you do not have a meaningful relationship with your self.


Dreams do come true. Once you become aware of your Soul’s deepest desires they will manifest into your reality. Your friends, family and the World may think you are crazy, ideological or delusional. Often all we have is the trust in our intuition and faith in the guidance. Never stop believing you are worthy of receiving your fairytale life. If you dare to dream, dream big and let nothing stand in your way!


Surrender is letting go of the illusion of control. It is alleviating yourself of the burden to control that which is uncontrollable. It is prioritizing yourself and being receptive to that which you desire.


All change is positive with right perspective. View grief not as punishment but as an opportunity to receive more love and appreciate what is.


Vulnerability is a potent concoction of love, bliss, excitement and nervousness. The fear does not stem from unworthiness but rather the knowledge that she has your heart at her disposal. You have no armor or masks with her. With a word or action she can make you the happiest or saddest man on Earth. As a grown Man I once thought I knew how to talk to women. She is simply like no other woman. She makes me feel like fifteen year old girl falling in love for the first time.


Infatuation demands the other to conform to expectation. True Love has no expectation.


Never put your life on hold for another. Another’s choice is theirs to make. It is far better to be someone’s choice than their obligation.


When we enable others we deprive them the opportunity for growth.


There is a difference in seeing the good in others and making excuses for them. Know that difference.


True Love cares not for your past lovers and relationships. It does not care about your first. It desires only to be your last.


There is a force inside of me. It is greater than ambition, more powerful than desire and stronger than discipline. It is my Soul’s yearning to manifest its destiny.


There is a force inside of me. It is greater than ambition, more powerful than desire and stronger than discipline. It is my Soul’s yearning to manifest its destiny.


There is a force inside of me. It is greater than ambition, more powerful than desire and stronger than discipline. It is my Soul’s yearning to manifest its destiny.


What makes love so powerful is not its ability to transcend time, distance or even death. It is its ability to cultivate real change in us and our World.


Don’t be afraid to take the first step! Trust wherever your path leads is where you are meant to be.


Denial of others is a denial of oneself. We can run from others but we can not run from ourselves.


If God created us in his imagine then the only true knowledge of God exists in the knowledge of Self. There is no Guru, Priest, Religion or Book who can lead you to God as efficiently and accurately as you can.


A relationship without reciprocity is a reflection of a lack of self-love. One party believes they need the others love to be happy while the other believes they are not worthy of happiness.


Free will is following your mind’s perception. Destiny is following your heart’s. Free yourself from the constraints of your beliefs and allow your path to unfold.


In the pursuit of knowledge, no answer is preferable to a false one.


Free will is following your mind’s perception. Destiny is following your heart’s. Free yourself from the constraints of your beliefs and allow your path to unfold.


Your words have power! The power to uplift, encourage, support, inspire, guide, teach and love. The power to destroy, hurt, manipulate, deceive, shame and scare. Your words will activate either positive or negative emotions in others. Emotions that will eventually be reflected back to you. Call it Karma or Justice but the classic rule remains. If you have nothing nice to say then shut the fuck up please.


If we make the mistake of seeking solace among like minds we do ourselves a disservice. I prefer the company of people who trigger me in the most expansive ways.


The essence of Martial Arts. It is not hard or soft styles but the marriage of both. It is penetrative and receptive. It is Ying and Yang. It is balance and harmony. It is the dance of masculine and feminine coming into union through the creative expression in a human vessel.


The “Ego” is us. A projection of our Mind similar to an overprotective Mother. She guards us against heartbreak. She tells us lies about the World, others and ourselves. She tells us what we can and cant do. Who we can and can’t be with. Where we can and can’t go. It is only when face the heartbreak do we begin to discover the truth. It is when we become truly lost and broken that we discover who are, what we are capable of and why we are here.


The emotion-mind-body unity. As we heal our pain, our thoughts begin to change, as do our bodies. Therefore physical training is no longer a matter of trying to be anything. It becomes an authentic form of self-expression.


Confusing Spirituality with Religion is equivalent to confusing Knowledge with Wisdom. The two are not mutually exclusive but mutually interdependent.


Money is like Holy Water. It’s only power resides in the belief of those who covet it.


Do not inhibit your creativity with the burden of concern for the opinions of others.



Dan McGinley RN BSN

Holistic Health and Consciousness Coaching






















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Free Will or Destiny?

This is the age old argument. A debate pondered by Philosophers and Mystics for centuries.  A concept that I now find myself in the process of discerning the difference. The difficulty for me is no longer the discernment but my ability to explain it to others.

Most of us subscribe to the notion of free will. The idea that we get to decide through our actions how our lives play out. Speaking for the majority of people that is correct. It is true that the actions we take determine the outcome. The difference lies not within the action but in the origins of the desires and beliefs motivating them.

There is always a choice to be made. Often we assume there is not. In truth we assume the rational or logical choice in most circumstances. This is what we are taught. It is what feels safe. We are familiar with the likely outcome. An outcome we believe we desire. An outcome that mitigates the most risk. Therein lies the problem. What is motivating the desires? Fear or Love? The Mind or the Heart?

Unless you are a sociopath who simply has no heart, than you can likely recall many circumstances where you made a logical of rational decision. It that was the safe thing to do. A relationship? A Job? A missed opportunity? A Life? The problem is your heart felt differently. It felt pain in the form of regret, disappointment and sorrow. The problem is your desire originated from your mind and not your heart. The desire to feel safe and accepted. The desire to fit in. The desire to obtain the approval and validation of others. All such desires are derived from fear. The fear of pain. The fear of rejection. The fear abandonment. Therefore your decisions are being influenced by fear. A fear stemming from beliefs. In other words you are fulfilling your Mind’s destiny.

Beliefs can be changed and we can choose to listen to our Heart’s desire. A desire motivated by love. Desires that will often requiring risk over safety. Desire that demand we face any fears in conflict with our happiness, with love, with joy and with our Soul’s Destiny. When you listen to and follow your Heart’s desire. You are no longer required to weigh the pro’s and con’s of your choices. Your actions are now based on intuition, instincts and emotions. You rely on faith and trust over logic and reason. Your heat may ask you to quite your career, start a business, move to a foreign Country, walk away from some people and pursue others.

This is when the Universe open up to you. You begin to spiral down the rabbit hole. You are no longer making decision as much as simply being guided. You receive signs and reassurances in multiple forms. Challenging encounters and experiences are now viewed as lessons, not plight. People and events begin to arrive from nowhere and change your life in ways you never imagined. You realize you meet no one by accident. You begin to believe in miracles and then you begin to witness them. You wake up one day and realize you have evolved and your life is an amazing adventure. An adventure your Mind could have never conceived or planned. This is you Heart’s Destiny. Your Soul’s journey.

Free will is following your Mind’s perception. Destiny is following your heart’s. Release the constraints of your beliefs and watch your path unfold.


Dan McGinley RN BSN

Holistic Health and Consciousness Coaching

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The Dream That Changed Everything

“The Universe reveals its secrets to those that dare to follow their hearts.”

Ralph Smart

The date was August 7th 2017. It was my first day on the job and the day of the Lion’s Gate Solar Eclipse. I was a Registered Nurse and had began my first day of orientation at a clinic on a US Air Force Base. It seemed like a good gig. Clinic hours were conducive for a single Dad. The pay was descent and it was a needed respite from several years in acute (hospital) specialties. Despite all this it was not my dream job. I had decided months prior I was going to change my life drastically.

The truth is I was not happy. The years of struggle began to take their toll. I was unsatisfied as a Nurse. I was struggling to pay bills. Overworked at home and on the job. I was depressed. I was abusing substances. I had hit a threshold of tolerance. I had to choose life or death.

I began investing in myself everyday. Everything had to be addressed. My values, my beliefs, my dreams, my desires, my finances, my occupation, my mind, everything. I began reading, studying, meditating, eating well and exercising. I had do address Mind, Body and Soul. I knew there was more I had to offer the world but I wasn’t sure what it was. I began working towards working for myself. On a deep level I knew I could truly help people obtain optimal health in ways our healthcare system was not. I wanted to create something that was truly of value to Humanity. Something honest, effective and true. Not another Band-Aid, gimmick or quick fix.

The first day on the job my intuition hit me like a kick in the nuts. There were signs and this undeniable feeling that I shouldn’t be at this job. I had spent my life ignoring my intuition and frankly couldn’t figure out why I couldn’t shake this feeling.

This went on for about a week. Rational thoughts descended about my income and my ability to be successful as anything other than a Nurse. It was crazy and there was intense fear. After much internal strife, in the end my heart won that battle. I could not deny it not for another day. I didn’t have any of the answers but I knew one thing for certain. I had to do this and nothing would ever be the same again. I quite that night and never returned to Nursing.

I fell asleep easy enough that evening. I awoke naked in a white void. In front of me was Polar Bear.  He was calm and motionless. Overcome with fear and anger I manifested a sword and attacked, intent on slaying him. He stood on his hind legs and I felt a hand push my right arm. Simultaneously found myself at the foot of my bed watching me sleep while remaining in my dream.  A second attack on the Bear and I felt the push again on my left shoulder. A third attack and the hand firmly gripped my left forearm and began pulling sideways.

I awoke myself in a panic. Profusely sweating and breathing rapidly. I remember this dream as if just occurred and will never forget it. Nothing from this moment would ever be the same.

The following day things simply did not feel right. I became aware of multiple presences surrounding me. I began perceiving Beings beyond the physical realm. I could see them at times, feel them at others, hear them and occasionally smell them. There were dark times to follow but he dark days are over. My Soul is free and my heart is pure. I discovered what I was truly seeking and I now have something of true value to offer Humanity.

Taking risks entails being vulnerable. It is only through vulnerability that the heart is open to receive peace, love, joy and happiness.

Let your heart guide you and go forth now. Do what you came here to do.


Dan McGinley

Holistic Health and Spiritual Coaching






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If He Was With You Now

If he was with you now he would tell you he understands. He understands why you ran from love. He understands that you were afraid. That your mind wasn’t ready to accept it was real. He understands that you needed that time in separation to process it all. To experience heartbreak. To heal all the old wounds preventing true love to flourish. He needed it too and he is proud of you. He needed to plunge to the depths of his soul. To emerge from his plight your worthy reflection.  He does not judge you and his forgiveness comes without request.

If he was with you now he would embrace you with open arms and heart. He would tell you that he is now and always has been unequivocally and undeniably in love with you. That he accepts you past, present and future. He would explain that you have always been in his heart and never far from his thoughts. That he awakens multiple times every night with thoughts of you and you haunt his dreams.

He would tell you that at your request and without hesitation he would walk away from his life now to create a new one with you. He would tell you that being everything you ever dreamed of is what he promised you long ago. It is his primary objective for this lifetime. He does this not out of obligation but an undeniable desire for you and the understanding any other simply will not do.

If he were with you now he would tell you his soul yearns to be reunited with yours.