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Intuition Vs Manipulation: The Agenda

Intuition is the ability to understand something without the assistance of reasoning or explanation. It is a knowing that may seem mystical or even magical to some people. Intuition is sometimes referred to as a hunch, a gut feelings, an instinct, a sixths sense, or a premonition. The truth is, there is nothing mysterious or magical about intuition. It is simply, perception free of bias. It is seeing things as they truth are. Without the influence of assumption. Without the weight of prejudice and belief. It is clear perception. To understand what intuition is, we need to understand what it is not.

To truly understand intuition, we must understand manipulation. More accurately, how we manipulate others, and how we allow ourselves to be manipulated. Great manipulators are some of the most intuitive people. They know how others will react to situations or words, because they understand the nature of beliefs. They understand beliefs are not hard wired, but malleable. They understand that beliefs have less to do with thoughts and everything to do with emotions. More accurately, thoughts are not independent of emotions, but the product of them. There is no distinction between emotional manipulation and psychological manipulation. In fact, a great manipulator can influence the way another thinks without the subjects awareness this was done. Inception, happens all the time.

Let us examine some of the ways in which institutions, groups, organizations, and industry use emotions to manipulate people. To control them. To do this, we must understand the nature of beliefs. Beliefs are assumptions. They are either assumptions based on facts and evidence, or they are not. In either case, the presence or absence of facts has little to do with the confidence someone has in the belief as truth. This is known as confirmation bias. People perceive evidence that supports their belief whilst denying evidence that challenges or refutes it. They are often unaware they are doing this. It happens naturally, as if the belief itself is determining what we perceive and what we do not.

It is beyond the mind. Consider most debates. Subjects such as evolution or climate change. Despite the overwhelming quantity of data, evidence. There are still many who refute the validity. Insisting such science remains theoretical. Choosing to remain unconvinced for any and every possible reason they can find. People are not that stupid. It is not a matter of intellect. It is a matter of doubt. Doubt will flourish in the presence of fear. Fear can influence a human mind in various and interesting ways. Its similar to trying to convince a child not to be afraid of the dark. There is nothing reasonable to be afraid of. You may show them a thousand times that nothing is under their bed or in their closet. Yet they remain afraid. Emotion is like this, it just is. It is unbiased and indifferent. It is not subject to reason, logic, or fact.

Have you ever noticed that few people ever question their religious beliefs. If you ask them why? They will talk about Faith and the Word of God. They will find any and every creative answer they can. They may even tell you how their belief has improved their life. Made them a better person. What they won’t tell you is that they are afraid. They do not feel afraid until they ask the right questions. The forbidden questions in many religions. To question the existence of God is to lose the support of the Church, the community, maybe even your family. It is to be a non-believer. To forfeit one’s Soul to eternal damnation. You may be thinking that the Church is responsible for instilling this fear into people. However, that would be an assumption. The truth is, this fear already exists within people. The Church simply molded it into a belief. No different then a Gang or a Political Party does. Use the fear of isolation to promote dependence. With dependence comes control. With control comes power.

Human Beings are social beings. We are pack animals. In our earliest days, being part of the group, the Tribe was a matter of survival. A matter of life and death. In the Hunter Gatherer sense, to be ex-communicated from the Tribe meant certain death. Nowadays, being alone has no significant impact on a healthy person’s ability to survive. Yet, the fear of being alone in the dark is still very real. This is a Primal Fear. The fear of rejection. The fear of abandonment. The fear of judgement. The fear of being seen as different.

Let’s consider an advertisement for make up. There is an image of a beautiful smiling woman in a wedding dress. In the corner of the photo is the logo for a popular make company.  This is just one imagine, and by itself is harmless. Consider this as part of a greater whole. This image was created for young women for one purpose. A young woman who has been exposed to countless images such as this. The product is not being sold on the basis of any particular quality.  It is being sold on several assertions. Assertions that most women are insecure about their appearance. A real fear for most women in our Society. The assertion that they need to be more attractive if they ever want to get married. This was real fear for women in our recent history and still resonates with many. A time when women relied on  men, marriage for financial support and social status. Finally, the assertion that physical attractiveness yields happiness and love. Therefore, the assertion is that our product will provide attractiveness, support, status, happiness, and love. This is one example of how marketing uses emotional manipulation to sell products. The truth is, all marketing is a form of emotional manipulation. It simply wouldn’t be effective if it was not. Not in this current state of Human Consciousness.

Finally, lets talk about thought leaders. People claiming to want to help you. People offering advice on how to improve oneself. How to get rich following their method. How to get fit following their method. How to get girls or guys. How to be a ‘better’ Human Being. I think you can see where I am going with this. Generally speaking, these are sales people. They have products and programs to sell you. Products and programs borrowed or bought from science relative to their Human Product. The ones who actually utilize science that is, most do not.  Their products are  based on assertions too. Assertions that should be increasing clear to you now. Assertions derived from a universal Human need to be loved and accepted. Its not about getting rich. It is about a sense of validation and importance. It is not about getting fit for health reasons. It is about looking sexy and feeling desirable. It is not about companionship or love. It is about not feeling lonely or desperate. It’s always about being accepted and “loved” by others. It is never about loving and accepting yourself.

This is what the Church, the Government, and the Marketing Strategist use to control you. If the intention is to control or to get anything from the individual. Then it is a form of manipulation. So subtle, that the manipulators themselves are not often aware they are doing it. The Priests, the Missionaries believe they saving Souls. The marketers believe they are selling quality products. The influencers, believe they are helping others achieve their goals. What I see is people seeking their own validation through the eyes of others.  What I see, are manipulators teaching others the art of manipulation. Once established, an organization becomes an entity. A living Being with same primal objectives as all life. To survive and grow at all cost.

Now, I want to be very clear with you. I am not anti-religion. I am not atheist. I enjoy and purchase many products. I am a promotor of self-improvement, fitness, health, and harmonious relationships. The difference, is I know why I do the things I do and why others do what they do. Therefore, it not so much about the belief or the behavior. It is about the emotion itself. To free yourself from manipulation. You must free yourself from the emotion that binds you to it. To love and accept yourself as you truly are. To feel safe and supported by yourself. To be yourself without the approval and validation of others, or society. To question without fear. To live as you desire. To be without need. To choose without influence. To be Sovereign.

Intuition is often associated with feelings. Your intuition may be asking you to do something that is not rational or logical. The feelings that arise on the intuitive path are not from the intuition itself. They are from the emotions that are not yet aligned with it. It may feel better to be like everyone else. It may feel safer. It may feel more comfortable. It may feel more acceptable. We may choose to be manipulated. The emotions are not the problem. Our inability to face them, to feel them is. As we recognize them, we feel them. They leave us. Resulting in a greater intuitive awareness and greater resistance to manipulation.


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Perceiving Energy: Sensitizing The Nervous System

Unfortunately, most people believe that energy is imperceptible to the average person. The traditional Dogma of Spirituality suggest that one must be born “gifted”. The implication being that only a select few, chosen ones have access to it. Nothing could be further from the truth.

First, it is important to understand what energy is. Everything is made up of energy. Particles vibrating and moving at different speeds creating physical matter. Therefore, everyone perceives energy on some level. The question is how do train ourselves to perceive more subtle energies. Yes, like all things sensitivity improves with training.

What exactly does it mean to be sensitive? There are many confusing terms pertaining to high sensitivity. When people hear the term “Highly Sensitive” or “Sensitivity”, they tend to think of overly emotional people. People who cry at the site of everything. People who can’t handle insults or tolerate intensity. Perhaps they think of depressed teenagers dressed in black. What about the term empath, Psychic, or Telepath. When you consider that everything is energy; thoughts, feelings, living and non-living beings. When you begin to understand that the Human Nervous system is much more capable than most people realize. Then we began to imagine the vast possibilities and the importance of “Sensitivity” training.

Is it that difficult to believe. Does not everything have an effect on your nervous system. When you watch a dramatic movie, do you not feel something? When you hear a certain song or observe a piece of art, does it not effect you? The food you eat. The people you spend time with. The activities you engage in. They have an effect on your nervous system. The stimulus is less important as the response.

Consider exercise, an important way Humans sensitize their nervous system. I use the term exercise loosely here. Exercise can be considered any activity stimulating the creation of new neuro pathways. Similar to learning something intellectually. Such as when one reads a book, but specific to the peripheral nervous system. The nerves integrating the muscular skeletal system. With proper and frequent stimulation, these neurons (nerve cells) not only become better at moving, but feeling. More accurately, perceiving.

The peripheral nervous system is made up two types of nerves. Motor Neurons, that are responsible for motion and Sensory Neurons, that are responsible for feeling. People often associate physical training with movement. Concerned with better performance of a task. Whether it is throwing a ball faster, lifting heavier weights or holding a Yoga pose longer, there is little to no consideration for the sensory neurons. However, it is the stimulus, or changes in sensitivity that result in the desired action. You can not have stimulus without sensitivity, and you can not have greater action without greater sensitivity.

The peripheral nervous system is a major way we project (motor neurons) and receive (sensory neurons) energy. This is the yin and yang, masculine and feminine qualities of the Human body. You can not have greater physical abilities without greater physical sensitivity. Consider paralysis, not only can a paralyzed individual not move. They can not feel. The severity of paralysis is equal, never imbalanced. Meaning the level of function a hemi, para, or quadriplegic has is equal to the level of sensitivity. There are disorders such as ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis) that effects motor neurons and not sensory neurons. However, in neurologically intact human bodies, the two are inseparable.

This is not to suggest all exercise is equal. Different exercise stimulates the peripheral nervous system differently. Just as watching a comedy will  have a different effect on our mood than watching a horror film. The point is they both have an effect. The purpose of this paper is not to debate which type of exercise is “best”. I have my personal thoughts and feelings on the matter, but further research is required. What is known to me is that  exercise in any capacity is a way to improve your sensitivity to energy.

Meditation is considered the hallmark practice of sensitives and mystics alike. Mediation is also receiving greater interest and validation amongst the scientific community. However, I believe there is much confusion and misunderstanding concerning meditation. Meditation, in my opinion is quite simple. There is no goal with meditation. It is a practice of feeling, of sensitivity in and of itself. It is a practice of awareness. Giving oneself time and decreasing the external stimulation. Simply to become more aware of the internal stimulation. When we close our eyes and focus our thoughts on our breath, we allow the energy (thoughts, feelings, sensations) to surface. With time and practice, we become more aware or “conscious” of the energies within us and the energies outside of us. More importantly, how these internal and external energies interact with one another. This is how we consciously explore aspects of ourselves we were once unaware of. Aspects we once were unable to perceive. We may begin to perceive energy, or aspects of the external world we were one not familiar with. More accurately, we were once unable to perceive.  If what we perceive is what we consider real. Then our understanding of reality expends with our perception of energy.

The final and most neglected aspect of sensitivity training, is emotion. Emotion is arguable the most intense and potent form of human energy.  Sensitivity is not simply about meditation and the mind. Emotion is felt in the physical body. The fear is felt in the chest and the hair raising sensation in our extremities. Love and sadness are felt in the chest. Shame and guilt are usually in the solar plexus or sacral region. Your gut feeling is precisely that. A feeling in the gut. The Human digestive system is considered the second brain due to the fact it has the second greatest concentration of neurons (nerve cells) in the Human body.

These different areas of the Human body are considered Chakras amongst meditators.  They are aligned in a path from the base of the spine to the top of the head. These areas correlate to the regions of the human body that posses vast networks of neurons. The purpose of this paper is not to discuss the different chakras and their purpose. The point is they are energetic regions or systems. They do not “open” or sensitize by thinking about them, but feeling them.

We can not separate the heart from the mind and have serious discussion about sensitivity or energy for that matter. Just as we can not have a legitimate discussion about mental health and not include emotional health. We generally acknowledge the effect the mind or thoughts have on our body, our physiology. Yet we rarely consider the effect emotions have on either. As if the mind, the body, and the heart (feelings) are somehow separate from each other. There is no substantial mental health without emotional health and there is not physical health without mental health.

Emotions or feelings, never leave the Human body without first recognizing them and then feeling them. They are not permanent states of health or existence. They are transient and fluid. They must be felt until there is nothing left to feel. Until that specific feeling surrounding that specific circumstances is gone. This the process of healing. Every suppressed emotion throughout your entire life is still with you, even if you feel OK at this moment. This is why meditation is so important in the process of sensitivity. It gives us the mental capacity to truly feel.

The issue people have with feeling is it is often uncomfortable. Therefore it is natural to blame the feeling on something external. If someone or something makes us angry or sad. Most of us will choose to suppress or project the feeling instead of recognizing it and allow it to be. We either pretend not to be feeling by telling ourselves we are Ok, we are fine, everything will be ok, etc. We project the feeling by being angry at the very thing that “made” us feel that way. We hate people. We judge them. We demonize them or their behavior. In other words, we blame the horror film for scaring us. We blame the tragedy for making us cry. We blame the comedy for making us laugh. We blame the stimulus versus feeling the response. In truth, the stimulus has little or nothing to do with the response.

What is important to remember is that two things can not occupy the same space at the same time. We can have “positive” emotions within us and “negative” ones at the same time. More accurately, we can have different proportions of either or. However, this limits the intensity or spectrum of one or the either. For example, if our hearts are harboring suppressed sadness. The less intense our happiness will feel.

The misunderstanding is that we can fill our hearts with “positive” energy (emotions we desire to feel) and this will force out the “negative” energy (emotions we do not desire to feel). I’m afraid energy doesn’t work like this. We can only recognize, accept, feel, and allow energy to move through us. Naturally, what will begin to happen is that “negative” emotions will become less frequent and often less intense. As negative emotions clear, they take the negative thoughts, attitude, or perspective with them. Other peoples behaviors will not make you angry or sad, or less angry or sad. The tragedy no longer makes you cry. The horror film no longer scares you. The comedy makes you laugh harder. The stimulus no longer elicits the same response. You simply feel better more often. Feeling good is desirable, making you more aware of when you are not feeling good. Prompting you to repeat the process whenever necessary.

If you doubt this to be true, I suggest trying it. Count how many times a day you get angry at other people or circumstances. Notice how few things bring you any real joy. Notice how often you lie to yourself about how happy you are. I feel this is the main reason people avoid sensitizing themselves. Simply put, we don’t recognize or appreciate intense pleasure without first recognizing and experiencing true pain.

Energy is objective. It is indifferent. It has no bias or preference. Human minds make it personal. We label certain energy (emotions/ thoughts) as bad or “negative” and good or “positive”. Energy just is. Therefore, true human power and potential does not reside in the mind. It resides in the heart. It resides in increasing sensitivity.

We do not have a change of mind without first having a change of heart.


Daniel McGinley RN BSN




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Earth Angels and Energetic Wings: Qualities and Characteristics

An Earth Angel is more than just the title of a classic song. An Earth Angel is a being, a Human Being that chose to lower their vibration for the purpose of incarnating on Earth. The same can be said for all Souls. However, Earth Angels have something unique and special about them. They did this for specific purposes. They usually incarnate during times of need. Times when the Earth, when Humanity is undergoing drastic changes or evolutionary leaps. Transitional times such as the Dark Ages to the renaissance. Times such as now.

Are you an Earth Angel? How do you know? Well, there are many buzz words and labels being thrown around in the Spiritual Community. Earth Angels have specific qualities you may resonate with now or will at some point during your spiritual journey. The fact that you found this and are reading is meaningful enough.

Earth Angels are Human Beings like any other. Unlike the common perception of Angels, they are not born with wings and are perfect in every way. They have flaws and challenges like all people. Like all people, their souls came from the same source and incarnated as Human. The Earth Angel simply has a different journey. They have unique characteristics and qualities. The following are characteristics I have noticed within myself and perhaps you have shared.

Earth Angels do not realize what they are at first. More accurately, they do not discover their origins until they awaken spiritually. They often have very human struggles prior to this. They are horribly codependent. They often put others before themselves. They are subject to manipulative or selfish attachments for this reason. They often end up in toxic or narcissistic relationships as a result. These relationships can serve as a catalyst for the Earth Angels. The pain caused by their partners or possibly their families can assist the Earth Angel in self discovery and healing. It forces them inward, to learn meditation and other healing modalities.

Earth Angels can struggle with addictions of various sorts prior to their healing. They have an innate knowledge of a much better existence. They struggle with their Human form and the Human reality. This predisposes them to escapism. Often finding substances or behaviors that help them escape reality.

Earth Angels often feel out of place. They are not always comfortable in their human bodies, until they learn to be. They feel out of place in the World of Humankind. They don’t feel as if they belong. They don’t often agree with rules imposed on them by society. They are intuitive, they see the deeper truth and meaning in people and therefore don’t resonate with the superficial rules or norms of culture. They see the oppressiveness of laws and governments. They hate feeling oppressed and they hate seeing others oppressed. They value things with depth. Things that appeal to the intrinsic qualities of Humankind. Things like art, music, and writing. Things that make people feel something. Things with emotional content. For these reasons, Earth Angels often struggle with staying grounded. While most of the world is concerned with money, sex, and power.  The Earth Angel is concerned with love, peace, harmony, balance, free-will, connection, relationships, healing, and authenticity. The honest expression of human form. This isn’t to say the Earth Angel is void of Human desire or immune to corruption. They simply don’t or won’t sell their souls. They just aren’t sustained by the attainment of such things. Things like money, power, and sex wont make them happy. These things wont inspire or sustain them. For these reasons, the Earth Angel has an innate longing for home. They just want to return home and they find themselves seeking their “home”. During dark times of an Earth Angels life, this can translate to a longing for death. They have an intrinsic knowledge that the truth of existence is met in death. The Human experience is the illusion where suffering occurs. Why they may not fear death. They are unlikely to commit suicide. Not because they view suicide as sinful or unforgiveable. Simply because they also have an intrinsic knowledge that they agreed to be here, and why they may not know the details. They know their life as all life has importance and purpose. They simply have a mission. A mission that wont allow them to rest until it’s fulfilled.

Earth Angels have had few pasts lives. This is something they just know. They may have memories of one or two Human incantations. This is a defining characteristic of Earth Angels. Unlike Old Souls or perhaps Starseeds, they only incarnate during transitional periods for specific purposes.

Earth Angels have a youthful look. They appear to be younger than they are chronologically.  They are children at heart. They understand children and enjoy playing over serious adult stuff. People often remark or compliment these people for their youthful appearance. They say things like “I cant believe you are (insert age)” or “you have such a babyface”.  I’m not going to lie, it’s one of the perks.

Earth Angels have a certain magnetism to them. Others often feel comfortable and at peace near them. People often trust them. They confine in them. They say things like “thank you for listening”, “thank you for reminding me I’m not alone”, or “I’ve never told anyone this before”. They have a special ability to know when others are suffering.

The hallmark characteristics of an Earth Angel is the presence of energetic wings and an ability to perceive the Angelic Beings around them. Psychics, or people who can perceive auras/ energy can see their wings. Their energetic wings and connection or more accurately their perception of Angels occurs during their Spiritual Awakening.

Everyone’s Spiritual Awakening is unique. Mine, at the time felt like a nightmare. I was raised Catholic but was never highly religious. Like many people, I had reasonable doubts. I began to perceive things that weren’t of the physical world. One evening, I was washing dishes. I saw a being of light flash past my peripheral vision. Terrified, but curious, I walked over to investigate. It happened again from the opposite direction of my apartment. I stopped in the hallway. I felt two hands touch my upper back, the areas between my shoulder blades and spine. I immediately felt intense tingling throughout my body. I jumped and ran into my bedroom. At that moment, the shadow cast by my bathroom light dissolved. There was an overwhelming floral scent. Like the smell of fresh roses throughout my room. The terror I was feeling dissipated, and was replaced with peace, calm, and safety. This would be my first conscious encounter with an Angelic Being. It has not been my last, but that is a Blog for another time. This was the birth or awakening of my energetic wings.

Energetic Wings are perceptible. The are medial of the scapula and lateral of the thoracic spine. The area one would expect wings to emerge on a Human Body. I have felt this area pulsate during different times during my Journey. Usually following a massive emotional purge or healing. At times when I needed comfort and support and all I had was my Angel family.  I believe this is how our energetic wings grow or evolve.

What is the purpose of energetic wings? Energetic Wings can be used for protection. They can envelope your energetic field or aura and protect you from “negative” or harmful energies from interacting with, contaminating, or penetrating your field. They can be used for comfort, support and healing. They can be projected around others who consent or allow you to. In times of suffering, they can provide comfort and healing to yourself or others. However,  its important to understand that energy, i.e. emotion is transferred. Your comfort becomes their relief and their pain becomes yours. So be responsible with your wings.

What is the purpose of being and Earth Angel? I believe Earth Angels have four primary objectives. The first is to awaken to themselves. To discover their origins and learn how to use their powers or gifts responsibly. The second is to heal their co-dependencies and past traumas. It is during the awakening and healing process that Earth Angels clear and open their chakras. This is the process of their personal alchemy and enlightenment. This process of transformation from Human to Earth Angel. This process is ongoing. It takes years. This is also the third primary objective. Transforming their human bodies to anchor more love and light into the Earth and Human energy grid. From their crown to their root, Earth Angels become vessels or conduits. Drawing light love energy from higher realms into the physical. The fourth objective is to teach others how to do the same. This final function is unique and singular to the individual. Any method of healing or enlightenment is in effect achieving this fourth objective. This is your human gift. Only you can determine how to best bring healing, love, and light to Humanity, to the Earth.

So, are you an Earth Angel? Do you know one? I hope you enjoyed reading.




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Freedom From Public Opinion: Honest Expression

I would rather have a bad reputation than an artificial one. So many people say they don’t care what others think. Yet the opinions of others dictate their choices. I have tasted a freedom most others secretly dream of. The ability to express oneself in that present moment. Without fear of prejudice or judgement. It’s not only freedom, it’s power. It’s not only power, it’s Self-acceptance. Not only is it acceptance, it’s self-love. It’s worth losing artificial friends for. Real doesn’t only recognizes real, it recognizes artificial.

I dream of the real world. A world where people can truly be themselves. Where they can express how they feel at that moment, openly, and honestly. Where they express personal feelings and they are met with understanding and empathy. Where others understand that expression is never a fixed state of their existence but a passing one.  A world where an offensive or triggering comment does not damn the individual, the messenger for life. Labelling or fixating them for eternity. Rather, honest emotional expression is seen as it is meant too be seen. A passing state of existence, the true state of emotion itself. An illumination of  a previously hidden aspect.

The reason people are so easily offended by the actions and opinions of others is simple. They would rather believe it’s not true. More accurately, they would rather not feel the emotion it illicit within them. They would rather not accept that the very things they judge live within them too. Where people no longer share memes and thoughts for the explicit purpose of external validation. Where they do not waste energy concerning themselves with what is acceptable and only concern themselves with what is. True and honest, no matter how disturbing it may appear.

I want to live in a world where there is no longer a need to hide. A world were people no longer judge one another. Where I am no longer judged. No longer seen as different, but as real. A real Human Being. One who feels. One who is flawed. One who is honest. One who is transformative. I want to live in a World where we, where I am accepted. Do you not want the same?  Where the authentic and the artificial are duly noted, heard, and valued.

This is what I believe is meant by the saying “A wolf need not concern itself with the opinions of sheep“. People who are not afraid the express themselves honestly should not concern themselves with the thoughts and feelings of those who are not.


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Emotional Manipulation: The Dark side of an Empath

Some people have a unique ability to manipulate the emotions of other people. To detect feelings within others and discover the reasons as to why they are feeling the way they do.

A woman is sitting alone at the bar. I notice she thinking about something or someone. I sense she is unhappy but I don’t know why. To others she is minding her own business. Perhaps I should do the same. However, I am curious and attracted to her. So take a seat next to her. We start with the small talk. I joke, she laughs, we drink. She reluctantly tells me about her boyfriend. She tells me how long they have been together. She tells me how she feels pressured by him. That he is always wanting her to do more in terms of her career. I tell her, “It would be nice if all had someone who loved and accepted us as we are.” She begins to cry. This doesn’t bother me. I apologize to her for crossing the line, for prying, but she is not upset with me. She later admits to me that she has never told anyone about her feelings regarding her boyfriend. She tells me that she feels a connection with me. She even thinks we may be soulmates. I agree with her, but I don’t feel the same way. Because to me, she just another woman who I have broken down.

The question of morality lies within our intention. On one hand, I helped this woman come to a profound realization regarding her interpersonal relationship. On the other, would I have done it if I wasn’t attracted to her? If I didn’t want her for myself?

This is a simple example. Empaths have the ability to cause significant mental and emotional distress to others and themselves. I don’t feel good about the things I have done. I don’t want to make excuses for my past behaviours. I do want to be understood. If you could do it, wouldn’t you? These things we call Empaths. People who have the ability to feel the emotions of others. People who know something isn’t what it appears to be on the surface. They have tremendous power of others. They can either hurt, help, or do noting. With this power comes responsibility. The moral implications of their actions is an honest awareness of their intent. Its easy to justify an abuse of power, but Kara never forgets. Any mistakes I have made, I have paid for. I have learned that my feelings are just as important as others. While we are not responsible for the emotional fulfillment of others, we are responsible for our own fulfillment, and it is never appropriate to manipulate the emotional needs of others to fulfill our own.

Empaths have a habit of playing the victim. We happily absorb the emotions we desire and project the ones we do not. We hate being projected upon but we fail to recognize our own projections. Responsibility demands we do both. We can protect our energy through detached non-judgment. We can listen, observe, and not absorb. That is the true nature of Empathy. Objective understanding of another emotional state. Sympathy is a subjective understanding of another’s emotional state. Subjectivity is personal. It has desires, needs, and ulterior motives. So be an Empath, not a Sympath.

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The Plastic Woman

I prefer natural women. I find women with plastic bodies and faces tend to have plastic hearts. Stiff, tight, unyielding, impenetrable, unbreakable, artificial hearts. Hard on the outside, hollow within. Shame on the system that convinced you that you weren’t enough. Convinced you that there were parts of you not acceptable or lovable. Convinced you to hide behind plastic armor. You’ve mistaken me for a superficial man. A man who will compliments your superficialities. One who will see only the beauty on the surface and be blind to what you hide. Unless I’m wrong. Is there something in you, beneath the surface? Prove me wrong. Otherwise you will remain another fake woman with an artificial confidence. I know that’s not you. That’s only who you pretend to be. I’m not like other men. I don’t want to just get inside of you. I want to get inside of you. I want to be familiar and comfortable with the parts of you that you don’t share with others. I want to show you that parts are safe with me. Yes, I will courageous go where other men wouldn’t dare. If you let me in. If you desire true connection. If you desire Oneness. There can be no hiding. No superficiality. Do you want to be loved only for the person you pretend to be, or the person you are, beneath surface?

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The Dark Sexy

We all have a unique type of sexiness or allure. Some of us have a dark type of sexy. The kind you want to lock away in your room. The type you don’t want to tell your friends about. The type you definitely won’t tell your significant other about. The type you feel fearfully comfortable with. The type that won’t judge you for your desires. The type that understands them, understands you. The type that will take your secrets to the grave. The type that can be more present with you than themselves. The type that is just us bored with vanilla sex as you are. This is exactly why you let this type do things to you that you won’t let others do. It’s only dark if you keep it there. Some of us don’t, that’s our appeal. What we all really want sometimes, is someone we can really turn the fuck up with and won’t make us feel weird about later.

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Scorpio Moons: An Uncomfortable Paradox

I want start by expressing that I am not an astrologist. I further admit that I only discovered my moon sign recently. Furthermore, I do not believe people are restricted to the personality determined by birth. Who we are and why we are, are questions only we can answer as individuals.

That being said, our signs have a unique ability to facilitate our self understanding. Most of us identify as our Earth Sign. That is the sign we are familiar with and base most of our horoscopes, compatibility, and is the way we typically view ourselves. In my case that is Capricorn. I am reasonable, stubborn, motivated, and love to achieve.

However, we are much more complicated. There are several aspects of ourselves we are either aware of or are not. Our rising sign, in my case Virgo, is how the world sees us. We often assume this aspect of our personality to a Tee. Like a good Virgo, I am a Healthcare professional. I am fit and concerned with my physical health. I try to keep a tidy home and I project a clean and wholesome way of living.

So what does our moon sign have to with us? Our moon sign is who we are at our core. It represents who we are emotionally. The person beneath the surface. The parts of ourselves many people are not aware of. The parts we rarely share. The parts we ourselves struggle to know. Our moon signs are particularly important when it comes to love and relationships. If the Earth is the mind, The moon is the heart. In my case, that is Scorpio. So, although I am not an Astrologist. I am a Scorpio Moon. My intention for writing is to share my experiences as one. So you may better understand yourself. Perhaps, so you may better understand me on a level I rarely share.

Scorpio Moons are misunderstood. I suspect because emotions are misunderstood. We have the unfortunate burden of feeling everything intensely. We don’t just love, we love with all our of selves. We also hurt in the same way. We understand emotions like few others because we simply feel everything to its depth. It is our true nature to do so. However, this isn’t to suggest we are in a constant state of emotional distress. We just feel emotions to their extremes. Extreme bliss and sometimes extreme pain. The difficulty for Scorpio Moon is finding healthy outlets to express emotions. To not bottle them up. Unlike Scorpio Earth Signs, we have nowhere to hide our feelings, our darkness. There is no internal place to seek comfort. Our inner place is the darkness, the discomfort. It is the exterior we use to fool others. To the outside world, we are holding it together well. Yet they never really know what is going inside of us. We like it that way. We fear they wouldn’t understand. We are accurate in this assumptions. If only you could feel what I have felt. If only you could see what I seen. Then you would understand me.

We are empathic. I have always known I was different. I have always known I feel things more than others do. We are emotional beings at our core. We thrive on emotions. We are people of passion. If it doesn’t move us, we have little interest. If it is superficial, artificial, or is not genuine, it bores us. Feeling is living.

We are deep people. We think deeply. We feel deeply. We have a natural gravitation towards things people don’t talk about. The things they prefer not to acknowledge. We understand life more deeply just as we understand death. The vail between our world and the non-physical world is thinner for us. We have the capacity to see things many do not desire to. We have night terrors, intense dreams, and premonitions. In other words, we have psychic abilities. I think most people have these abilities but they build a wall of fear to hind behind. For us, there is no wall. It is who we are at our core.

We see through people. More accurately we see into people. We are emotionally intelligent. We know when people lie to us and we usually know why. The difficulty for us is we cant stand being manipulated. We are seekers of truth and when someone withholds it, we get a little crazy. We are trustworthy. People often tell me things they don’t tell others and I never disclose their secrets. However, we never forget anything we are told and if we are feeling salty. You may be eating your own words. If we love you, we will give you our hearts on a platter. We will be loyal only to you. If you needed us to burry someone, we would and you will know we were capable of it. The paradox is, we rarely trust others. We fear vulnerability for obvious reasons. We feel pain more intensely than others. We don’t handle betrayal well. It is my understanding of the of emotions and their influence on behavior that allows me to understand you so well. It also this very thing that makes you misunderstand me. Most people will let me get close to them, but I rarely let them get close to me.

We are in general, sexual people. We don’t usually have the same repressions surrounding sex as most people. We are often consider “sexy” by most standards. Scorpio Moons are known to have an intense magnetism. I think it’s the way we look at the people we want. As if they are the only person in the room and all we see is them. Which, at that moment is true. We can be highly manipulative. We can actually change the way people think on a deep level and often we aren’t even aware we are doing it. Why do we do this?

I believe it is the intensity of our nature. We thrive on the intensity of feeling. So it was never enough for me to just have her body. I needed her heart. I needed her soul. There is no other love, lust, or desire like a Scorpio Moons, and we hate being told we can’t have something we want. I know how this must sound to you. I want you to understand that we can never control how we feel. We can only control what we do with it. In a Scorpio Moons case, it takes tremendous strength not to act or react on our feelings. Few people have this strength. We only have it because we have needed to develop it. The average person may have the occasional emotional outburst. We battle emotional turmoil daily. So do not be so quick to see us as “imbalanced, angsty, salty, or reactive”. We know its not easy being us, unfortunately we have the added pressure of being ostracized by others. People who are so void of feelings that they see us as the unstable ones. Not feeling is the equivalent to death for us. We have no other way of experiencing what we consider life.

The paradox, while you may feel an attraction, a magnetism, a pull towards people like us. Know that it is mostly for your benefit and it will be temporary. While we can attract easily, no one stays. I don’t really know why some women are drawn to me beyond my physical appearance. Perhaps they sense something within me. Something deep and intense. Something they have never felt before. Something they believe they want to feel. I do not know what it is, but I do know that there are always one of two potential outcomes. The intensity of how I can feel frightens them away, or they simply lack the emotional intensity to satisfy me.

The challenge or path of Scorpio Moon is to learn to use our intense emotions to our benefit, rather than ensuring our demise. You can imagine how easily a person like this can spiral into deep mental and emotional breakdowns. How they can be the cause of serious mental and emotional distress to others. Like all people, all moon signs, we can either use our qualities for the benefit of others or be the source of their dismay.

Our emotions are the very source of our strength. While I have felt some intense sadness, heartache, loathing, jealousy, shame, guilt, etc. I have also felt the most intense love, happiness, bliss, euphoria, and peace. The trick for a Scorpio Moon is constant emotional honesty or awareness. If you try to bottle it, it will eventually erupt and destroy everything in its path. I suggest finding a safe comfortable place to feel, to heal, to release your feelings. This will be especially healing and transformative for a Scorpio Moon. It is the process of owning our emotions, experiencing their intensity, that heals us and brings us peace. The alchemy of Scorpio. No longer feeling a need to be jealous, manipulative, controlling, vengeful, domineering or possessive. Just allowing feeling and being.

Find creative and expressive, not destructive ways to channel some of your emotions. Emotional content is the fuel for creativity. All forms of art are only as meaningful as the emotion behind it. Whether it’s music, painting, writing, dance, or whatever. Just find something to channel it.  Scorpio Moons are some of the most creative, powerful, and influential  people on Earth. If you don’t have an outlet, you will drown in depths of your feelings.

When it comes to relationships, find someone who can match your emotional intensity.  This person may be rare, but so are you. Use your intuition to ensure they are the right person for you. Learn to trust them and be vulnerable. Love makes us vulnerable, so don’t be afraid to love. As if you can help yourself. Like all extremes,  Scorpio Moons can be the greatest catalyst for transformation. You are intuitive, empathic, and psychic. You are a seer, you know the heights of love and depths of darkness like few others. Use it to help. Your path is a tragically beautiful transformative one. They may never understand your depth, your complexity, your strength, your beauty, but they do see it and they know you are force to be respected.


I never meant to start a war. I just wanted you to let me in. I guess I should have let you in”     Mylie Cyrus (Scorpio Moon)






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Lessons and Mistakes of “Separation”: You and Them

The following insights are based on my experiences and observations of myself and other. My goal for this article is to share them as objectively and un-emotionally as possible. However, it important to note that this journey has been anything but un-emotional. In fact the last year has been the most emotionally charge of my entire life experience. There is great importance in our emotions but that is a topic for another time.

I want to start by clarifying something, a little over a year ago I never believed in any of what I am about to share with you. I was a rather jaded, scientific minded, and not “Spiritual”. I barely knew how to meditate. I didn’t believe in true love, love at fist site, soulmates or any of the Spiritual rabbit holes. All I can say is experience will make a believer out of anyone.

The other night, all the weird spiritual things happen at night, I felt an emptiness in my chest where my heart once resided. I was loosing my true love, the girl I fell in love with at first site, the one whos existence catalyzed this journey within me. Part of me wanted to write to her, wanted to ask for her to wait for me, beg her not to leave. I didn’t, I sat with the feeling until it passed. This experience got me thinking about the mistakes I have made, the lessons I have learned, and how sharing them may benefits others. At the very least help others understand why these things happen. Why you and they behave the way you and they do. The things I wish I could tell my former self.

The first thing I learned was that Ego-bolstering and validation seeking will never be entertained or appeased from your counterpart, during separation. This one took me some time to work out. I could not figure out what the deal was with this girl? I hate to sound ego-centric but I was not used to making such an effort and being rejected. I just wanted the opportunity to get closer to her is all. There is more to it, but it seemed like the harder I tried the farther it drove her away. It only made me look more sad and desperate. I can only laugh at myself in retrospect. What I now know, is these relationships thrive on authenticity and personal growth, not ego derived expectations. What can I say, I was a newly awakened Dude who had no clue how to manage his emotions. Furthermore, I see now that she has her own fears and doubts regarding me, the connection, ect. She always felt I was “trying to get things from her”. I suppose, in a way she was correct but never in the way she thought. I just wanted to love her, show her who I truly was.

The only point, if ever, you will receive any type of validation is when you have transcended the perceived need for it. They simply can not give validation no matter how hard you push them for it. Trust me, it just makes them angry and you sad. Naturally, you will accuse them of being non-communicative, dishonest, and distant. It will hurt badly when they deny loving you. I suspect this is because they don’t yet, or at least they are not yet aware of it, or willing to admit it to themselves. I believe this is why they avoid letting you get close. They are keep you at a distance because they feel safer that way. They have their past traumas and they will project them onto to you. They will worry that you wont accept them for who they truly are. They worry that you will abandon them as others have from their past. In fairness, you have your own issues that you project onto them in an equal yet opposite way. For example, it is your fear of abandonment that may be driving your to seek validation and theirs that drives them away. We all deal with trauma differently. One of chases love and the other runs from it.

Try to understand that they are teaching you a valuable lesson. The lesson they will remind you of is that validation comes from within, love from within, happiness from within, etc. In the end you will have immense gratitude for them. The paradox is that the less you feel you “need” them, the more they open up to you. I suspect this occurs, at least partially because you are becoming increasingly detached and less connected to them during this time. They perceive this and they feel they are loosing you, because in the energetic sense they are. Dare I say it, you were vibrationally/ energetically coddling them. Your intense, borderline obsessive focus on and love for them gave them a sense of security and comfort during separation. The retraction of this energy is noticeable to them. In truth, you have simply healed enough, mastered enough lessons to shift the focus from them to you. This is a necessary and important phase for both parties.

Relax, it is not normal and they love you. There is nothing “normal” about this connection. It is nothing like an average relationship so try not to, but you will, use your previous relationship experience as a template. It is best not to have a plan or expectations, but you will anyways. You are both transcending the 3D/ old paradigm template for relationship so there is no ideal template or journey to replicate. In fact, reading this is probably a massive waste of your time. However, always remember that the relationship is with yourself. The more you can focus on what they are teaching you about yourself and less about why they are the way they are, the better off you will both be.

I even use the term love loosely here. Don’t get me wrong, there is an intense love and a strong physical attraction. It just isn’t always the romantic Hollywood type of love. They say that Twin sibling often have a shared empathy, the same holds true with us. It kills me to see her suffer and there is nothing she could do or has done that I wouldn’t be able to accept. We have just learned not to baby each other emotionally. It even gets a little Daddy and Mommy type love in a weird non-sexual sense. Lets face it, we all have some degree of mommy and daddy issues, which these connections can help illuminate. Time, space, and distance is all we can give each other most of the time. They love you, it just takes them longer to realize it. How could they not love you, the two of you are one. The Journey is about spiritual and energetic oneness. It is not about proximity and communication. It is not about talking out your differences and compromise. Let love do all that for you while you work on yourselves and allow them to do the same.

Relax, they know, they see you too. It is a mistake to assume anything on this journey, but more importantly that you have a greater awareness, intuition or are more “awake” then they are. You are equals and simply have different roles to play for each other. Trying to convince them of your beliefs will just freak them out, take my word on this. Besides, you will both doubt and question the whole thing at multiple times. You will both feel confused,lost, and crazy at times. You will just talk about it more than they do. Again, this goes back to validation seeking. What is important is to give them time to figure it out in their own way. I do not advise trying to make a case for yourself and throwing a bunch of Spiritual labels in their face. I think they hate the notion of being obligated to you or anyone else. It frightens them, threatens their sense of independence. Vulnerability is an issue for them as it is with you. The truth is they are not obligated to you, nor you to them. You both have free-will and I mean that in the ultimate sense of the term. Yet another paradox, you love it when they lay claim to you and they hate it when you do it to them. To put it simply, respect their boundaries and while you are at it, make some for yourself.

There is a comfortable awkwardness between you both. Sometimes you will feel magnetically drawn to them and other time you will want nothing to do with them. Such is true for them, just don’t expect them to admit to the magnetism. You feel like you have known each other for your entire lives and therefore you make assumptions about them. Things naturally get awkward. You will feel like home to each other and see the depths within each other. All I can say in a purely subjective way, is we do not look like other Human Being to one another. We do and do not because we are and we are not. We see each others, or rather our souls reflected within them. A Soul is the most beautiful thing imaginable. This terrifies them and it compels you. There are indescribable and undeniable energetic experiences that occur on this journey. Things like tantra and telepathy are real. They are not for discussion here.

We feel like home because we come from the same place. No, we did not grow up in the same town. I mean cosmic or spiritual origins. We are cut from the same cloth. Starseeds, Indigos, Soul families, whatever label you want to put on it. We just see each other like Avatars and there is a sense of unfinished business between us. We also see each others humanness too. The challenge is to learn to love and accept those aspects as well as we reflect out the parts of ourselves we are not yet loving. This is not done gently and is often done in the form of triggering one another. Emotions are heightened between us and at least from my perspective, it got rather childish. For example, my feelings would be hurt is she did not heart one of my comments on social media. I think I hurt her when I stopped following her content as well. I know it sounds absurd and I assure you, there is no one else on the planet whos response to me on social media or lack thereof influenced me so emotionally. The lesson here is to be gentle with each other. Your reactions are heightened with heightened emotions. To this day, I regret saying certain things to her. Things I assumed were harmless or would be taken sarcastically and were not. Ultimately, we had to learn not to blame each other for our feeling and triggers. We had to learn forgiveness and non-judgement for ourselves and each other. There is just no bullshitting one another. We just know what’s up with each other. However, we have had to discern what is our projections based on our own fears and insecurities and what is truth. Ultimately facing our fears and insecurities until we no longer have to concern ourselves with what the other is or is not doing, is or is not thinking. No jealously, drama, or insecurity permitted. No controlling, deceptive, or codependent behaviors are desirable to either party.

Stop waiting for them. This is difficult to accomplish. I have heard of others “waiting” for their counterparts for many years. To be brutally honest, that makes me want to bash head into a wall. Don’t get me wrong, it is not that she is not worth waiting for. If I were to wait for any woman, it would be her. What I have come to understand, is that this is journey is about unconditional self-love and love for each other. I love myself enough not spend a lifetime waiting for anyone, not even her. Furthermore, as endearing as the idea of her waiting for me is, I would not ask her to do anything that would compromise her happiness. In other words, I would see her happy with another than hopelessly waiting for me. Yes, it is that kind of love, the kind that transcends selfishness. To be completely honest with you, I am now dating again. I do not feel guilty or regretful about this. At some point, you will stop making excuses for them and put your happiness first. The facts are simple, she could have asked me to wait, she could have apologized, she could have made an effort to reconcile with me. She never did. Therefore, I must do what is best for me. I must go with the flow. In a strange way, this journey has made meeting new women, potential lovers, more effortless than ever before. I have learned to appreciate women in their totality. I simply respect, adore, and accept them as they are. There are no good or bad relationships, just better aligned ones, more harmonious and balanced ones. You must vibrate what you desire to attract.

As long and you are waiting, they are not coming. This is a reflection that there is some letting go to do, a need to put yourself first, somethings about yourself you need to face still. Furthermore, it is an energetic partnership, one parties’ shift often results in the others. This is just a correlation I have personally noticed. Perhaps it is an agreement our higher selves made, to use each other as a medium to heal and balance our and the collective masculine and feminine energies, Union within. Sometimes, I don’t know what is happening to me until after it happens. I will awaken in the night with uncomfortable energies in random places in my body (Chakra points), that I will have to consciously move through me. The feelings can be intense at times and assuming this theory is correct, I sometimes feel like she is going to kill me. She shifts energy, that’s what she does and now, that’s what I do too. It is difficult to explain and all I know for sure, is I am nothing like I was a year ago and neither is she.

Learn how to Surrender. Let go of trying to control how this meeting/ Union takes place if in fact it ever will. This is something both parties desire on a deep level but neither gets to control how, when, or if it happens. I can’t explain the reason why two people can’t just discuss it and plan a meeting. Like I said, it is not normal. This is yet another pain in the ass Spiritual lesson you have to learn, to let go of control, to trust God/ the Universe. To believe that love overcomes all barriers; time, space, distance, and difference. Regardless of what happens, I am eternally grateful for this experience and for her. I haven’t always felt this way, but I am the lucky one. I am forever changed and better for it.

In the end, all I have is my strength and a much better understanding of love. Love is alchemy, it transforms us from the inside out. Separation is an illusion, we are always connected, always together, each and everyone of us.

Dan McGinley RN BSN

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Not Another Love Story

Gratitude rarely comes with ease. Letting you go is the hardest thing I have ever done. It is not easy being your reflection. I suspect, inversely, it was not easy being mine either. I wish I had made things easier on you. I wish I had done somethings differently. I have regrets. Regrets I have accepted.

It irritates me, seeing all the articles with titles stating things like “The Man Who Loves You Will Always Pursue You” or “The Person Who Loves You Will do these 8 things” . What a crock of shit. There are plenty of relationship coaches out there speaking of communication and compromise. Perhaps that works for some but that is not the type of love we have chosen. No, few have the perseverance and resolve for such love. Few have the self-awareness and emotional grit. Few choose such a journey. Perhaps even fewer succeed.

It is still not clear to me why we would choose this. What has been the purpose of it all? Perhaps it was simply a means teach ourselves greater Self-love. Perhaps it a means to better understand ourselves. Perhaps, it was a means to galvanize greater spiritual healing. Perhaps it was simply a means to gain a greater understanding of love, codependency, and the true nature of men and women. Perhaps we will someday reach Union. Perhaps it is all those things and more. I would like to believe that, but I no longer believe in fairy tales. I no longer cling to expectation.

The truth is no Man will “Always” pursue you. There are no Romeos or Juliet’s. There is no Prince Charming or Cinderella. There are just flawed Human Beings. There is just selfish Love. The type of love that transforms us. The type of love that molds and shapes us into something beyond our former selves. The type of love that reconciles our past mistakes.

The truth is, we are not like the others. As much as we wish to be, we never will be. This type of love can not be understood by most. It is not the type of love given away lightly. It is not the type of love you will read about in an eye catching article. Oh no, this type love is earned through countless tears. This type of love would destroy most people. This type of love is crystalized in our very Being. . That is why we chose this, to become love itself.