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Intuition Vs Manipulation: The Agenda

Intuition is the ability to understand something without the assistance of reasoning or explanation. It is a knowing that may seem mystical or even magical to some people. Intuition is sometimes referred to as a hunch, a gut feelings, an instinct, a sixths sense, or a premonition. The truth is, there is nothing mysterious or magical about intuition. It is simply, perception free of bias. It is seeing things as they truth are. Without the influence of assumption. Without the weight of prejudice and belief. It is clear perception. To understand what intuition is, we need to understand what it is not.

To truly understand intuition, we must understand manipulation. More accurately, how we manipulate others, and how we allow ourselves to be manipulated. Great manipulators are some of the most intuitive people. They know how others will react to situations or words, because they understand the nature of beliefs. They understand beliefs are not hard wired, but malleable. They understand that beliefs have less to do with thoughts and everything to do with emotions. More accurately, thoughts are not independent of emotions, but the product of them. There is no distinction between emotional manipulation and psychological manipulation. In fact, a great manipulator can influence the way another thinks without the subjects awareness this was done. Inception, happens all the time.

Let us examine some of the ways in which institutions, groups, organizations, and industry use emotions to manipulate people. To control them. To do this, we must understand the nature of beliefs. Beliefs are assumptions. They are either assumptions based on facts and evidence, or they are not. In either case, the presence or absence of facts has little to do with the confidence someone has in the belief as truth. This is known as confirmation bias. People perceive evidence that supports their belief whilst denying evidence that challenges or refutes it. They are often unaware they are doing this. It happens naturally, as if the belief itself is determining what we perceive and what we do not.

It is beyond the mind. Consider most debates. Subjects such as evolution or climate change. Despite the overwhelming quantity of data, evidence. There are still many who refute the validity. Insisting such science remains theoretical. Choosing to remain unconvinced for any and every possible reason they can find. People are not that stupid. It is not a matter of intellect. It is a matter of doubt. Doubt will flourish in the presence of fear. Fear can influence a human mind in various and interesting ways. Its similar to trying to convince a child not to be afraid of the dark. There is nothing reasonable to be afraid of. You may show them a thousand times that nothing is under their bed or in their closet. Yet they remain afraid. Emotion is like this, it just is. It is unbiased and indifferent. It is not subject to reason, logic, or fact.

Have you ever noticed that few people ever question their religious beliefs. If you ask them why? They will talk about Faith and the Word of God. They will find any and every creative answer they can. They may even tell you how their belief has improved their life. Made them a better person. What they won’t tell you is that they are afraid. They do not feel afraid until they ask the right questions. The forbidden questions in many religions. To question the existence of God is to lose the support of the Church, the community, maybe even your family. It is to be a non-believer. To forfeit one’s Soul to eternal damnation. You may be thinking that the Church is responsible for instilling this fear into people. However, that would be an assumption. The truth is, this fear already exists within people. The Church simply molded it into a belief. No different then a Gang or a Political Party does. Use the fear of isolation to promote dependence. With dependence comes control. With control comes power.

Human Beings are social beings. We are pack animals. In our earliest days, being part of the group, the Tribe was a matter of survival. A matter of life and death. In the Hunter Gatherer sense, to be ex-communicated from the Tribe meant certain death. Nowadays, being alone has no significant impact on a healthy person’s ability to survive. Yet, the fear of being alone in the dark is still very real. This is a Primal Fear. The fear of rejection. The fear of abandonment. The fear of judgement. The fear of being seen as different.

Let’s consider an advertisement for make up. There is an image of a beautiful smiling woman in a wedding dress. In the corner of the photo is the logo for a popular make company.  This is just one imagine, and by itself is harmless. Consider this as part of a greater whole. This image was created for young women for one purpose. A young woman who has been exposed to countless images such as this. The product is not being sold on the basis of any particular quality.  It is being sold on several assertions. Assertions that most women are insecure about their appearance. A real fear for most women in our Society. The assertion that they need to be more attractive if they ever want to get married. This was real fear for women in our recent history and still resonates with many. A time when women relied on  men, marriage for financial support and social status. Finally, the assertion that physical attractiveness yields happiness and love. Therefore, the assertion is that our product will provide attractiveness, support, status, happiness, and love. This is one example of how marketing uses emotional manipulation to sell products. The truth is, all marketing is a form of emotional manipulation. It simply wouldn’t be effective if it was not. Not in this current state of Human Consciousness.

Finally, lets talk about thought leaders. People claiming to want to help you. People offering advice on how to improve oneself. How to get rich following their method. How to get fit following their method. How to get girls or guys. How to be a ‘better’ Human Being. I think you can see where I am going with this. Generally speaking, these are sales people. They have products and programs to sell you. Products and programs borrowed or bought from science relative to their Human Product. The ones who actually utilize science that is, most do not.  Their products are  based on assertions too. Assertions that should be increasing clear to you now. Assertions derived from a universal Human need to be loved and accepted. Its not about getting rich. It is about a sense of validation and importance. It is not about getting fit for health reasons. It is about looking sexy and feeling desirable. It is not about companionship or love. It is about not feeling lonely or desperate. It’s always about being accepted and “loved” by others. It is never about loving and accepting yourself.

This is what the Church, the Government, and the Marketing Strategist use to control you. If the intention is to control or to get anything from the individual. Then it is a form of manipulation. So subtle, that the manipulators themselves are not often aware they are doing it. The Priests, the Missionaries believe they saving Souls. The marketers believe they are selling quality products. The influencers, believe they are helping others achieve their goals. What I see is people seeking their own validation through the eyes of others.  What I see, are manipulators teaching others the art of manipulation. Once established, an organization becomes an entity. A living Being with same primal objectives as all life. To survive and grow at all cost.

Now, I want to be very clear with you. I am not anti-religion. I am not atheist. I enjoy and purchase many products. I am a promotor of self-improvement, fitness, health, and harmonious relationships. The difference, is I know why I do the things I do and why others do what they do. Therefore, it not so much about the belief or the behavior. It is about the emotion itself. To free yourself from manipulation. You must free yourself from the emotion that binds you to it. To love and accept yourself as you truly are. To feel safe and supported by yourself. To be yourself without the approval and validation of others, or society. To question without fear. To live as you desire. To be without need. To choose without influence. To be Sovereign.

Intuition is often associated with feelings. Your intuition may be asking you to do something that is not rational or logical. The feelings that arise on the intuitive path are not from the intuition itself. They are from the emotions that are not yet aligned with it. It may feel better to be like everyone else. It may feel safer. It may feel more comfortable. It may feel more acceptable. We may choose to be manipulated. The emotions are not the problem. Our inability to face them, to feel them is. As we recognize them, we feel them. They leave us. Resulting in a greater intuitive awareness and greater resistance to manipulation.


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