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Earth Angels and Energetic Wings: Qualities and Characteristics

An Earth Angel is more than just the title of a classic song. An Earth Angel is a being, a Human Being that chose to lower their vibration for the purpose of incarnating on Earth. The same can be said for all Souls. However, Earth Angels have something unique and special about them. They did this for specific purposes. They usually incarnate during times of need. Times when the Earth, when Humanity is undergoing drastic changes or evolutionary leaps. Transitional times such as the Dark Ages to the renaissance. Times such as now.

Are you an Earth Angel? How do you know? Well, there are many buzz words and labels being thrown around in the Spiritual Community. Earth Angels have specific qualities you may resonate with now or will at some point during your spiritual journey. The fact that you found this and are reading is meaningful enough.

Earth Angels are Human Beings like any other. Unlike the common perception of Angels, they are not born with wings and are perfect in every way. They have flaws and challenges like all people. Like all people, their souls came from the same source and incarnated as Human. The Earth Angel simply has a different journey. They have unique characteristics and qualities. The following are characteristics I have noticed within myself and perhaps you have shared.

Earth Angels do not realize what they are at first. More accurately, they do not discover their origins until they awaken spiritually. They often have very human struggles prior to this. They are horribly codependent. They often put others before themselves. They are subject to manipulative or selfish attachments for this reason. They often end up in toxic or narcissistic relationships as a result. These relationships can serve as a catalyst for the Earth Angels. The pain caused by their partners or possibly their families can assist the Earth Angel in self discovery and healing. It forces them inward, to learn meditation and other healing modalities.

Earth Angels can struggle with addictions of various sorts prior to their healing. They have an innate knowledge of a much better existence. They struggle with their Human form and the Human reality. This predisposes them to escapism. Often finding substances or behaviors that help them escape reality.

Earth Angels often feel out of place. They are not always comfortable in their human bodies, until they learn to be. They feel out of place in the World of Humankind. They don’t feel as if they belong. They don’t often agree with rules imposed on them by society. They are intuitive, they see the deeper truth and meaning in people and therefore don’t resonate with the superficial rules or norms of culture. They see the oppressiveness of laws and governments. They hate feeling oppressed and they hate seeing others oppressed. They value things with depth. Things that appeal to the intrinsic qualities of Humankind. Things like art, music, and writing. Things that make people feel something. Things with emotional content. For these reasons, Earth Angels often struggle with staying grounded. While most of the world is concerned with money, sex, and power.  The Earth Angel is concerned with love, peace, harmony, balance, free-will, connection, relationships, healing, and authenticity. The honest expression of human form. This isn’t to say the Earth Angel is void of Human desire or immune to corruption. They simply don’t or won’t sell their souls. They just aren’t sustained by the attainment of such things. Things like money, power, and sex wont make them happy. These things wont inspire or sustain them. For these reasons, the Earth Angel has an innate longing for home. They just want to return home and they find themselves seeking their “home”. During dark times of an Earth Angels life, this can translate to a longing for death. They have an intrinsic knowledge that the truth of existence is met in death. The Human experience is the illusion where suffering occurs. Why they may not fear death. They are unlikely to commit suicide. Not because they view suicide as sinful or unforgiveable. Simply because they also have an intrinsic knowledge that they agreed to be here, and why they may not know the details. They know their life as all life has importance and purpose. They simply have a mission. A mission that wont allow them to rest until it’s fulfilled.

Earth Angels have had few pasts lives. This is something they just know. They may have memories of one or two Human incantations. This is a defining characteristic of Earth Angels. Unlike Old Souls or perhaps Starseeds, they only incarnate during transitional periods for specific purposes.

Earth Angels have a youthful look. They appear to be younger than they are chronologically.  They are children at heart. They understand children and enjoy playing over serious adult stuff. People often remark or compliment these people for their youthful appearance. They say things like “I cant believe you are (insert age)” or “you have such a babyface”.  I’m not going to lie, it’s one of the perks.

Earth Angels have a certain magnetism to them. Others often feel comfortable and at peace near them. People often trust them. They confine in them. They say things like “thank you for listening”, “thank you for reminding me I’m not alone”, or “I’ve never told anyone this before”. They have a special ability to know when others are suffering.

The hallmark characteristics of an Earth Angel is the presence of energetic wings and an ability to perceive the Angelic Beings around them. Psychics, or people who can perceive auras/ energy can see their wings. Their energetic wings and connection or more accurately their perception of Angels occurs during their Spiritual Awakening.

Everyone’s Spiritual Awakening is unique. Mine, at the time felt like a nightmare. I was raised Catholic but was never highly religious. Like many people, I had reasonable doubts. I began to perceive things that weren’t of the physical world. One evening, I was washing dishes. I saw a being of light flash past my peripheral vision. Terrified, but curious, I walked over to investigate. It happened again from the opposite direction of my apartment. I stopped in the hallway. I felt two hands touch my upper back, the areas between my shoulder blades and spine. I immediately felt intense tingling throughout my body. I jumped and ran into my bedroom. At that moment, the shadow cast by my bathroom light dissolved. There was an overwhelming floral scent. Like the smell of fresh roses throughout my room. The terror I was feeling dissipated, and was replaced with peace, calm, and safety. This would be my first conscious encounter with an Angelic Being. It has not been my last, but that is a Blog for another time. This was the birth or awakening of my energetic wings.

Energetic Wings are perceptible. The are medial of the scapula and lateral of the thoracic spine. The area one would expect wings to emerge on a Human Body. I have felt this area pulsate during different times during my Journey. Usually following a massive emotional purge or healing. At times when I needed comfort and support and all I had was my Angel family.  I believe this is how our energetic wings grow or evolve.

What is the purpose of energetic wings? Energetic Wings can be used for protection. They can envelope your energetic field or aura and protect you from “negative” or harmful energies from interacting with, contaminating, or penetrating your field. They can be used for comfort, support and healing. They can be projected around others who consent or allow you to. In times of suffering, they can provide comfort and healing to yourself or others. However,  its important to understand that energy, i.e. emotion is transferred. Your comfort becomes their relief and their pain becomes yours. So be responsible with your wings.

What is the purpose of being and Earth Angel? I believe Earth Angels have four primary objectives. The first is to awaken to themselves. To discover their origins and learn how to use their powers or gifts responsibly. The second is to heal their co-dependencies and past traumas. It is during the awakening and healing process that Earth Angels clear and open their chakras. This is the process of their personal alchemy and enlightenment. This process of transformation from Human to Earth Angel. This process is ongoing. It takes years. This is also the third primary objective. Transforming their human bodies to anchor more love and light into the Earth and Human energy grid. From their crown to their root, Earth Angels become vessels or conduits. Drawing light love energy from higher realms into the physical. The fourth objective is to teach others how to do the same. This final function is unique and singular to the individual. Any method of healing or enlightenment is in effect achieving this fourth objective. This is your human gift. Only you can determine how to best bring healing, love, and light to Humanity, to the Earth.

So, are you an Earth Angel? Do you know one? I hope you enjoyed reading.




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