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Freedom From Public Opinion: Honest Expression

I would rather have a bad reputation than an artificial one. So many people say they don’t care what others think. Yet the opinions of others dictate their choices. I have tasted a freedom most others secretly dream of. The ability to express oneself in that present moment. Without fear of prejudice or judgement. It’s not only freedom, it’s power. It’s not only power, it’s Self-acceptance. Not only is it acceptance, it’s self-love. It’s worth losing artificial friends for. Real doesn’t only recognizes real, it recognizes artificial.

I dream of the real world. A world where people can truly be themselves. Where they can express how they feel at that moment, openly, and honestly. Where they express personal feelings and they are met with understanding and empathy. Where others understand that expression is never a fixed state of their existence but a passing one.  A world where an offensive or triggering comment does not damn the individual, the messenger for life. Labelling or fixating them for eternity. Rather, honest emotional expression is seen as it is meant too be seen. A passing state of existence, the true state of emotion itself. An illumination of  a previously hidden aspect.

The reason people are so easily offended by the actions and opinions of others is simple. They would rather believe it’s not true. More accurately, they would rather not feel the emotion it illicit within them. They would rather not accept that the very things they judge live within them too. Where people no longer share memes and thoughts for the explicit purpose of external validation. Where they do not waste energy concerning themselves with what is acceptable and only concern themselves with what is. True and honest, no matter how disturbing it may appear.

I want to live in a world where there is no longer a need to hide. A world were people no longer judge one another. Where I am no longer judged. No longer seen as different, but as real. A real Human Being. One who feels. One who is flawed. One who is honest. One who is transformative. I want to live in a World where we, where I am accepted. Do you not want the same?  Where the authentic and the artificial are duly noted, heard, and valued.

This is what I believe is meant by the saying “A wolf need not concern itself with the opinions of sheep“. People who are not afraid the express themselves honestly should not concern themselves with the thoughts and feelings of those who are not.


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