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The Dark Sexy

We all have a unique type of sexiness or allure. Some of us have a dark type of sexy. The kind you want to lock away in your room. The type you don’t want to tell your friends about. The type you definitely won’t tell your significant other about. The type you feel fearfully comfortable with. The type that won’t judge you for your desires. The type that understands them, understands you. The type that will take your secrets to the grave. The type that can be more present with you than themselves. The type that is just us bored with vanilla sex as you are. This is exactly why you let this type do things to you that you won’t let others do. It’s only dark if you keep it there. Some of us don’t, that’s our appeal. What we all really want sometimes, is someone we can really turn the fuck up with and won’t make us feel weird about later.

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