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Scorpio Moons: An Uncomfortable Paradox

I want start by expressing that I am not an astrologist. I further admit that I only discovered my moon sign recently. Furthermore, I do not believe people are restricted to the personality determined by birth. Who we are and why we are, are questions only we can answer as individuals.

That being said, our signs have a unique ability to facilitate our self understanding. Most of us identify as our Earth Sign. That is the sign we are familiar with and base most of our horoscopes, compatibility, and is the way we typically view ourselves. In my case that is Capricorn. I am reasonable, stubborn, motivated, and love to achieve.

However, we are much more complicated. There are several aspects of ourselves we are either aware of or are not. Our rising sign, in my case Virgo, is how the world sees us. We often assume this aspect of our personality to a Tee. Like a good Virgo, I am a Healthcare professional. I am fit and concerned with my physical health. I try to keep a tidy home and I project a clean and wholesome way of living.

So what does our moon sign have to with us? Our moon sign is who we are at our core. It represents who we are emotionally. The person beneath the surface. The parts of ourselves many people are not aware of. The parts we rarely share. The parts we ourselves struggle to know. Our moon signs are particularly important when it comes to love and relationships. If the Earth is the mind, The moon is the heart. In my case, that is Scorpio. So, although I am not an Astrologist. I am a Scorpio Moon. My intention for writing is to share my experiences as one. So you may better understand yourself. Perhaps, so you may better understand me on a level I rarely share.

Scorpio Moons are misunderstood. I suspect because emotions are misunderstood. We have the unfortunate burden of feeling everything intensely. We don’t just love, we love with all our of selves. We also hurt in the same way. We understand emotions like few others because we simply feel everything to its depth. It is our true nature to do so. However, this isn’t to suggest we are in a constant state of emotional distress. We just feel emotions to their extremes. Extreme bliss and sometimes extreme pain. The difficulty for Scorpio Moon is finding healthy outlets to express emotions. To not bottle them up. Unlike Scorpio Earth Signs, we have nowhere to hide our feelings, our darkness. There is no internal place to seek comfort. Our inner place is the darkness, the discomfort. It is the exterior we use to fool others. To the outside world, we are holding it together well. Yet they never really know what is going inside of us. We like it that way. We fear they wouldn’t understand. We are accurate in this assumptions. If only you could feel what I have felt. If only you could see what I seen. Then you would understand me.

We are empathic. I have always known I was different. I have always known I feel things more than others do. We are emotional beings at our core. We thrive on emotions. We are people of passion. If it doesn’t move us, we have little interest. If it is superficial, artificial, or is not genuine, it bores us. Feeling is living.

We are deep people. We think deeply. We feel deeply. We have a natural gravitation towards things people don’t talk about. The things they prefer not to acknowledge. We understand life more deeply just as we understand death. The vail between our world and the non-physical world is thinner for us. We have the capacity to see things many do not desire to. We have night terrors, intense dreams, and premonitions. In other words, we have psychic abilities. I think most people have these abilities but they build a wall of fear to hind behind. For us, there is no wall. It is who we are at our core.

We see through people. More accurately we see into people. We are emotionally intelligent. We know when people lie to us and we usually know why. The difficulty for us is we cant stand being manipulated. We are seekers of truth and when someone withholds it, we get a little crazy. We are trustworthy. People often tell me things they don’t tell others and I never disclose their secrets. However, we never forget anything we are told and if we are feeling salty. You may be eating your own words. If we love you, we will give you our hearts on a platter. We will be loyal only to you. If you needed us to burry someone, we would and you will know we were capable of it. The paradox is, we rarely trust others. We fear vulnerability for obvious reasons. We feel pain more intensely than others. We don’t handle betrayal well. It is my understanding of the of emotions and their influence on behavior that allows me to understand you so well. It also this very thing that makes you misunderstand me. Most people will let me get close to them, but I rarely let them get close to me.

We are in general, sexual people. We don’t usually have the same repressions surrounding sex as most people. We are often consider “sexy” by most standards. Scorpio Moons are known to have an intense magnetism. I think it’s the way we look at the people we want. As if they are the only person in the room and all we see is them. Which, at that moment is true. We can be highly manipulative. We can actually change the way people think on a deep level and often we aren’t even aware we are doing it. Why do we do this?

I believe it is the intensity of our nature. We thrive on the intensity of feeling. So it was never enough for me to just have her body. I needed her heart. I needed her soul. There is no other love, lust, or desire like a Scorpio Moons, and we hate being told we can’t have something we want. I know how this must sound to you. I want you to understand that we can never control how we feel. We can only control what we do with it. In a Scorpio Moons case, it takes tremendous strength not to act or react on our feelings. Few people have this strength. We only have it because we have needed to develop it. The average person may have the occasional emotional outburst. We battle emotional turmoil daily. So do not be so quick to see us as “imbalanced, angsty, salty, or reactive”. We know its not easy being us, unfortunately we have the added pressure of being ostracized by others. People who are so void of feelings that they see us as the unstable ones. Not feeling is the equivalent to death for us. We have no other way of experiencing what we consider life.

The paradox, while you may feel an attraction, a magnetism, a pull towards people like us. Know that it is mostly for your benefit and it will be temporary. While we can attract easily, no one stays. I don’t really know why some women are drawn to me beyond my physical appearance. Perhaps they sense something within me. Something deep and intense. Something they have never felt before. Something they believe they want to feel. I do not know what it is, but I do know that there are always one of two potential outcomes. The intensity of how I can feel frightens them away, or they simply lack the emotional intensity to satisfy me.

The challenge or path of Scorpio Moon is to learn to use our intense emotions to our benefit, rather than ensuring our demise. You can imagine how easily a person like this can spiral into deep mental and emotional breakdowns. How they can be the cause of serious mental and emotional distress to others. Like all people, all moon signs, we can either use our qualities for the benefit of others or be the source of their dismay.

Our emotions are the very source of our strength. While I have felt some intense sadness, heartache, loathing, jealousy, shame, guilt, etc. I have also felt the most intense love, happiness, bliss, euphoria, and peace. The trick for a Scorpio Moon is constant emotional honesty or awareness. If you try to bottle it, it will eventually erupt and destroy everything in its path. I suggest finding a safe comfortable place to feel, to heal, to release your feelings. This will be especially healing and transformative for a Scorpio Moon. It is the process of owning our emotions, experiencing their intensity, that heals us and brings us peace. The alchemy of Scorpio. No longer feeling a need to be jealous, manipulative, controlling, vengeful, domineering or possessive. Just allowing feeling and being.

Find creative and expressive, not destructive ways to channel some of your emotions. Emotional content is the fuel for creativity. All forms of art are only as meaningful as the emotion behind it. Whether it’s music, painting, writing, dance, or whatever. Just find something to channel it.  Scorpio Moons are some of the most creative, powerful, and influential  people on Earth. If you don’t have an outlet, you will drown in depths of your feelings.

When it comes to relationships, find someone who can match your emotional intensity.  This person may be rare, but so are you. Use your intuition to ensure they are the right person for you. Learn to trust them and be vulnerable. Love makes us vulnerable, so don’t be afraid to love. As if you can help yourself. Like all extremes,  Scorpio Moons can be the greatest catalyst for transformation. You are intuitive, empathic, and psychic. You are a seer, you know the heights of love and depths of darkness like few others. Use it to help. Your path is a tragically beautiful transformative one. They may never understand your depth, your complexity, your strength, your beauty, but they do see it and they know you are force to be respected.


I never meant to start a war. I just wanted you to let me in. I guess I should have let you in”     Mylie Cyrus (Scorpio Moon)






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