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Ending Separation: I Want You to Know

I want you to understand a few things, I want to put your mind at ease. I know you have been confused, anxious, angry and sad. I want you to know that I never wanted that for you. I just assumed you didn’t care and preferred it this way. I want you to know that detaching from you hasn’t been easy for me. I now understand what hopelessness feels like. It is the light at the end of the tunnel being snuffed out. Left alone in the darkness and the unknown.

I know now that this was the only way you would understand. I always assumed you just knew as I did. I can see now how hard I was on you, for this I apologize. It’s ironic to me, you were always the more “spiritual” and intuitive one.  I suppose we both have our roles and burdens to bare.

I want you know how proud I am of you. How much I admire your strength and soverighnty. I want you to know that through your soverighnty I have realized my own. I can now see the imporatance of our free-will. Our choices have consequences and this is where our power lies. We are not subservient to our destinies but the creators of them. I was arrogant in assuming that union was predestined, this assumption made me reckless and inconsiderate. For this too, I apologize.

I want you to be calm my Love. Put your logical mind at ease and trust. I am not running from you, I am facing myself. There are things about me that require all my energy and attention.  I want you to know that regardless of all that has happened and all that was said, I still choose you. I sovereignly and freely choose you. That is what separates me from all others, I love you unconditionally. For me, you are the One.

I want you to understand that you have never been alone on this journey. I want you to know that our paths have been entangled from day one. I want you to remember that I meant it when I told you that there is nothing you could do or have done that I would not learn to accept. If I judged you harshly, know it was my pain and insecurity talking, not my heart.

I want you know, I can not end separation without you. I can not create Union without you. I suspect you are learning as I did, our decisions have consequences for both parties. This is the nature of oneness that we are so resistant to accept. We are not simply responsible for ourselves as individuals but that responsibility extends to others. I want you to know that what I do for myself, I do for you, for us. I want you to know that, whatever you decide to do from this moment forward, you are loved and accepted.

One final thing I want you to know, I would love nothing more than to look into your eyes and tell you these things in person. To hold you as I wept, to allow my eyes to convince you of this truth. Know that I am just not ready to face you again, not yet. However, I have no doubt that these words will find you when you need them most.



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