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Destabilizing “The System”: The Modern Enslavement Paradox

If you were anticipating an article about anarchy, economics, politics or any of the concepts most associate with “The System” then I’m afraid you will be disappointed. Hopefully you are curious. To be clear, this is not an article in which I promote chaos and anarchy. I am no attempting to encourage you to live off the grid in a compound, armed to teeth awaiting in preparation for some apocalyptic foot soldiers. On the contrary, what I am proposing may look very similar to a life you are living now. You can keep all your home, luxuries, your job and I suggest you continue to pay your taxes. You will simply feel much happier, free, and truly sovereign. You will no longer feel subservient to the government, your boss, your partner, substances or anything you choose to reclaim yourself from. You will feel free to choose, to follow your dreams unrestricted. Perhaps, someday, if enough of us choose to destabilize, we may rid ourselves of war, poverty, greed and all forms of corruption.

I realize this sounds like some hippie utopia that is too good to be true. It really is not, because it is not how things look in the external World that matter, not in the beginning anyhow. Humor me and allow me to compel you further.

To understand how and why we must destabilize “The System” we must first understand what the System actually is. In order to do this we must further understand the nature of reality and the nature of ourselves. You are the System and the System is you. The System is a complex multi-layered series of beliefs. Beliefs we have come to covet as truth. Truth that is rapidly being unveiled.

We are born into this World free of belief. We are pure, innocent and free of bias, judgement or Dogma. We grow, we learn and we are conditioned. Conditioned to believe. To believe things about ourselves, each other, and the World in which we reside. This is an undisputable fact. Where you are born into a world within a world, a reality within a reality. Your parents, your school, your culture, your religion, and even your gender will determine how you perceive yourself, others, and the very nature of existence.

The truth can not stand the test of time. The World was once flat, this was the belief of the time and therefore held as truth. It was not Science that disproved this belief. It was courage. The courage to question the mainstream beliefs and then seek evidence to prove the majority wrong. Even in the face of overwhelming scientific data there are some who continue to cling to their beliefs. This is not done from a preferred state of ignorance but fear. Take evolution as an example, the denial of evolution is not due to a lack of reason or evidence, but fear. A belief, so ingrained in the mind of many that they will spend an eternity suffering if they dare question their beliefs. The beliefs of their church. The coveter of truth, of knowledge, of God, of your Soul, of your power. Please do not misinterpret my message. I am not anti-religion, nor am I atheist. I believe their are universal teachings of love, compassion and kindness amongst all popular religion. What I oppose is any institution that uses fear as a means of control and domination.

It is not science that determine truth, Science simply confirms observations that are not restricted by fear, by bias or by agendas. The truth and true science is free of such things. What we choose to believe is ultimately that. A simple choice. Therefore we can choose to believe nothing at all. We can choose to question and dissolve any belief that is limiting. Any belief that is latent with fear, control and disempowerment.  Any belief that keeps you dependent on “The System”. The moment you adopt a System based belief, a definition of oneself and others then you have in fact placed limits on yourself. If you are this than you are limited to being this and therefore you can never be that or the other. The paradox is that we are everything an nothing simultaneously.

The System of beliefs has one objective. To divide us and conquer us. To make us think we are separate, to demonize our difference rather than honor and respect them. To make us feel inadequate, incapable, limited, fearful, weak and therefore depend on it. Beliefs that Men and Women are substantially different. When the truth is that our biology, our genitals and the beliefs we covet about ourselves, about each other are the only real differences. The belief that one race is superior or inferior to another. When the truth is that the only difference is the color of our skin and the beliefs we covet about one another. The belief that you need be rich and physically attractive by Societies’ standards to be happy, loved and accepted.  The truth is that these are simply feelings and emotions are independent and exclusive from financial prosperity and appearance.

If you feel the system is working well for then ask yourself honestly. If you were to loose it all tomorrow, how would you feel? or look around at your fellow Human Being. The ones you feel are so different. The homeless, the drug addict, the prostitute or perhaps the corpse of some middle eastern child who was killed with bomb, built with your hard earned tax dollars. Are these the stories we wish to continue to tell in the 21st century. That this is the best we can do. A highly intelligent and adaptable species, do you wish to cling to this truth.

If you are asking yourself what can you do? I have my own problems to deal with. You are correct. The system perpetuates a state of lack and suffering in your life so you are often too consumed to concern yourself with anything beyond your day, your week, your month. Always fixated on diverting possible catastrophe that we fail to recognize what is happening now. You are too busy trying to fit in to an impossible standard. A standard you ultimately placed on yourself. You are too busy trying race the rats. To get ahead. To find a mate. To survive in a terrifying world. Any extra income is likely going to be spent on a means of self-sedation. A night out drinking, drug use, an attempt at intercourse, a vacation, some shopping perhaps. Anything to be considered “normal”, to be loved and accepted by the group. The truth is you are nothing but normal. You are beautifully unique. You have gifts, meant to be used for YOUR greatest good, which is the greatest good for all. You are loved and accepted as you are. The System or rather you have convinced yourself otherwise.

This is not about attacking the “The System”. This is not about blaming the elites, the government, the institutions, the corporation or any external entity that we perceive to be the cause of our disempowerment. Modern day enslavement is a voluntary enslavement. All based on beliefs YOU have adopted, ingrained in fear and illusion. The enslavers themselves have similar beliefs and are no different. The difficult truth is there is no one to blame but yourself. The good news is, you can volunteer to be free. You can reclaim the power you gave away unconsciously. You can rewrite your story for you hold the pen. They have no leverage over you if you give them none.

I realize this may sound harsh and judgmental. I assure you it is not, because it is not your fault. You were simply born into this and there is nothing different about you and the dead middle eastern child. However, there is something you can do. As I mentioned, the system is you. Therefore, if want to destabilize the system then must destabilize yourself. It is in this process that you free yourself from the system or more accurately, free yourself from yourself. Your present and former Self, and become your new Self. The true Self.

You can start by being brutally honest with yourself. Are you Happy? like really happy and not just relatively happy? If you are not then why? What do you desire and why? Who are you and why are you here? Who do you want to be? Not who your friends, family, spouse, government, or culture wants you to be but YOU? Be unapologetically selfish with this.

Start meditating and gain some self-awareness. Start questioning all the beliefs you hold, especially the ones you are afraid to question. Most importantly, start loving yourself. Make unconditional love and acceptance for yourself your primary life goal. Then witness as love transforms you, your life and your reality from the inside out. Love will destroy all that it is not you, for you are love. You create your reality from the inside out. Therefore, the more love and acceptance you feel for yourself, the more sovereign you become. The more you empathize with others and the more you inspire.

It is really that simple but extremely difficult. Arguably the most challenging experience of your life. It requires an acute self-awareness and emotional grit. You will face fears, you may loose friends, you will shed many tears, you will feel lost and confused at times.

If needed, quite your Soul-sucking job, leave a toxic relationship, stop paying your debts, destroy your credit, give away your possessions. Literally, de-stabilize yourself as much as you deem necessary to break free. It is when you are free of obligations to others that you discover yourself and what is truly important in life. I have done all these things without regret. What I learned was money, women, sex, institutions, and possessions had no real power over me. It was all an illusion, a false belief. I’m not suggesting you must do the same as I. What I am reiterating is that who are and how you feel has little to do with your external circumstances. Consider money and holy water, both have power but their power resides only in the minds of those who covet them. Holy water is just water and money is just paper or digital numbers. The only power they truly contain is based on a belief. There is nothing wrong with either, they are only problematic when we allow them to define us and  control us, to enslave us. When we tell children their Souls are doomed because they haven’t been anointed with the sacred water. When we sacrifice that which is most valuable to us for the obtainment of paper and numbers. Our authenticity, our dignity, our time, our identity, our health, our relationships to name a few.

So why endeavor this? Because the greater the challenge the greater the reward. Because nothing is more worthy of your efforts. Because the experience of being free, fearless, loved, happy and sovereign is worth your best efforts. Because a better world, reality and existence depends on it. Because the fate of humanity and the planet depends on it. That is the truth.


Love and Empathy,

Dan McGinley RN BSN






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