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Phases of Divine Union

Recognition: The journey towards Divine Union begins with Soul recognition. There is a magnetic attraction to another like nothing you have experienced in your life. There is a sexual, intuitive, true love connection and recognition that is undeniable. A magnetism that can not be explained or released, at least not at first. This is essential for it keeps you devoted and committed through the next phase. This does not guarantee that this individual is your Divine Counterpart. In some cases, this individual may be a catalyst of sorts for your true counterpart. You will discover this answer yourself in due time. In truth, it matters not. This is the most difficult truth for others to understand in the early phases. I promise you, in time you will agree with me, it will not matter to you.
Understand this, you are not crazy and you are not alone. The inspiration for this piece was the understanding that many of us “Twin” Souls are coming into Union in the coming months, year. There is a new wave following suit. This realization motivated me to share what I have learned on my journey thus far. It is not just about me. It is about me, it is about her and it is about the collective. I am here to help because it is more important than my individual Union, your romantic preconceptions, or society masquerading co-dependency and misery as love and acceptance. When physical Union occurs, there is exponential shift within the surrounding Soul group. The love extends beyond the relationship to others. Furthermore, we all have important Soul missions to assist the collective consciousness to the state of oneness. In truth, this is the end game for the journey, not your romantic fantasy, but you can have that
too as a bonus.

This will become increasingly clear along your journey. Your true Divine Counterpart will align with your mission as you do theirs, in time. This is the very nature of alignment and vibrational matching. This in part is what will bring you closer to each other.
Understand this is as well, this is nothing like you knew from your past relationships. There is no ideal template. Forget everything you think you know about love and relationships. This is not some Hollywood romantic comedy, Stephanie Meyers novel, or some Disney cartoon where the Knight in shining armor saves the Princess. Another lesson is that we can not “save” them, we can only do the work on ourselves and allow them to do the same. If you think you need to save of fix another then you need to reconsider what unconditional love and acceptance means. In fact, this journey will destroy that notion as it does your Ego. This occurs in the next, immediate phase flowing recognition.
Tough Love: You may be familiar with the “runner chaser” dynamic often described by others. If you are reading this then you are most likely a “chaser”. The runners are masters at denying the connection and they take longer to gain the same awareness. The level of denial is uncanny and necessary. One day they may tell that they feel like they have known you their entire life and then treat like a stranger the following day. In part, this is a test of Faith. It is also a lesson. You do not need them to validate you, your truth and your knowing.
These roles can be reversed or experienced with you Divine Counterpart and possibly a third party. I know it’s painful to even consider a third party, but it is often true. Don’t worry, they are necessary too and you will not be the only left without a seat when the music stops. You will know when you are the one and in truth it does not matter. It is ultimately about you. You will be with your Counterpart and it will be awesome, so I am told. If you are the true counterpart then I promise this. Your mere presence will eventually destroy any relationship that your Counterpart is in. This is not done intentionally of course, that is not love. They will likely not mention this relationship to you at first, they will dissolve of their own natural causes. You yourself will find it impossible to get into a new relationship and your desire for sex will become very fixated on your counterpart. Another clue is that you will both have a “Kundalini” awakening. They may not admit this to you or they may call it by another name but regardless, it is an essential part of your and their spiritual evolution and preparation.
The runner chaser phase is arguably the worst experience of your life. It must happen. it is imperative.

I will not speak for the runner for I was a former chaser. It doesn’t really matter why they run. Perhaps they do not believe in true love, the connection, whatever. Perhaps it is a fear of abandonment, they worry they will lose their freedom, etc. They will never tell you. They simply cannot. It is part of their Soul contract with you, they often will not understand it themselves until they do and it is not your job to inform them. During this time, they will never validate you. They will never tell you what you so desperately want to hear. Believe me, I tried hard and more than once. They cannot tell you even if they desire to. The harder you pull the harder they push. It’s rude, I get it, but it is necessary. This is part of the contract they agreed to with you and it is in your best interest. It is teaching you self-love, self-validation, self-awareness, etc.
All they can do is mirror, reflect what you need and not what you want. If they are ignoring you are ignoring yourself. If they are neglecting you then it means you are neglecting yourself. If they are denying you then you know what it means. They will break your heart multiple times. This too is necessary and leads us to the next phase.
Ascension: They say emotions are multiplied between Twin Souls. I believe this. When that girl is angry with me I can feel it across the World, literally. Furthermore, it kills me to see her hurt. This is important for multiple reasons. It teaches you how to communicate with each other. There is no lying between you two for you will feel the difference. Most importantly, it teaches you emotional responsibility. If you project your pain onto them they will temporarily block you from communication. I should know, it has happened to me six, maybe seven times? I honestly lost count. It is the love and empathy I feel for her that has made me accountable for my pain and coming back for more. It is also the fact that I hated when she would cut off communication.
When you own your emotions and feel your pain that they activate within you then you begin to ascend. You heal, you grow, you learn, and you raise your vibration. You will feel everything, sadness, anger, rage, bitterness, jealousy, unworthiness. You will understand the true meaning of “Karma is Bitch”. I see every girl I ever hurt as her and in an indirect way it was reflected back to me. Your true counterpart never wants to hurt you intentionally, they just activate those painful emotions, vibrations within you. A side benefit of this process is you begin to master your ability to manifest. You are raising your vibration, your worthiness, etc. You are trying so hard to manifest Union that manifesting money, etc., becomes easier. Your connection with Self, with Source/ God becomes stronger.
You will learn forgiveness for them and yourself. You will learn empathy for them and yourself. You will learn compassion for them yourself. You will learn unconditional love for them and yourself. These are invaluable lessons that you will extend to others. Love is not selfish and it is not about control or possession. This is the greatest gift one Human Being can give to another. Paradoxically, it is the greatest act of love. Therefore, I will always be grateful to her regardless of the outcome. This stage takes a keen self-awareness and emotional grit. You have these gifts within you my beloveds.
This phase is not all pain, there will be times that you feel your heart open and fill with Divine Love. It is pure ecstasy when it happens. Greater than sex or any drug. It is pure bliss and ecstasy. A feeling I equate with heaven.
Empowerment: Throughout this process, you and they will witness every relationship dynamic in which you disempowered yourself and others. With sex, power, money, gender roles, etc. You will learn what harmony and balance is within a relationship. You will know what it feels like within yourself and you will accept nothing less. Not even from your counterpart. You will learn responsibility for your energy and walk away from any relationship that is not balanced and is not harmonized. It when others are seeking drain your love vibes. You will not be lured or seduced by physical attractiveness. I once was unable to say no to an attractive woman, now it is easy.
Letting go: This is so important and the time to do this, to end the chaser runner cycle will become clear to you. You will know the healing is done when their rejection of you no longer hurts. You become indifferent in a sense. You still have your desires but there is a simple choice you will make. You or them? Your happiness and bliss or unnecessary suffering. The ultimate lesson is this, put yourself first before any other. Self-love will demand that you let go of any relationship that is not making you happy, that is not reciprocated love. This is not done from a place of resentment or bitterness but of love and empathy for Self and your Counterpart.
Attachment is a form of control and selfishness. Love is about freedom and choice. In the end, you choose yourself and they are free to choose you as well, or not. Either way, you are the chosen one. Regardless of their choice, it won’t bother you. You will now understand what true love is. It is about all parties being happy. You will now realize that you value your happiness and theirs. There is no true happiness in codependency. It is not best for you to be with someone who doesn’t love you as you do them and who wants to be with someone they do not love. True love wants to see you happy, free and thriving. Not stuck in box for its own selfish benefit. The paradox is this. As You grow in self-love, your true Counterpart falls deeper in love with you.
“Part of Self-love is allowing those who love you to come out of hiding”. Rumi
Physical Union: I have yet to reach this stage. Honestly, I am not certain it will be with her. I am indifferent at this point. I no longer seek or chase. I no longer reach out to her or creep her Facebook page. I am simply committed to myself, loving myself deeply and profoundly. I am being guided to relocate and this will bring in closer physical proximity. I simply keep the Faith and Trust that my self-love will be reflected to me in another, my Divine Counterpart.
We do not require another to make us happy. We should never change who we are or make excuses for ourselves to satisfy another. We should never make excuses for others who do not treat us as we deserve to be treated. We are complete sovereign Beings and so are they. We are Divine Love and Divine Union occurs within.
Divine Union is a beautifully destructive process. It is a burdensome Honor. I am so very proud of myself and so very proud of her. I am proud of each one of you on this path to Divine Union.

Love and Empathy

Dan McGinley RN BSN
Holistic Health Coach

6 thoughts on “Phases of Divine Union

  1. I know now then when time will come i will respect
    Miself and listen to my inner little voice.😉☺

  2. I know of the connection, intimately. This was like reading something I have written. Really. It was the most amazing thing I have ever been through, yet the most devastating. Deep deep love and tragedy. Grew tremendously. I am forever grateful. So thank you for sharing, you have inspired me to share in a post… 👍😘

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words and support

  3. I was a chaser. Never got physically intimate as I was married to another. Talk about searing emotional pain! Life changing. So painful to let go of him but he cannot be “owned”. Thanks again for reminding me of one of the magical periods of my life. Very well written.

    1. Thank you so much!

  4. I wish i end up with my twinflame only
    it is an amazing connection of life

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