They say the Twin Flame connection is a sacred bond that can not be broken. As a former chaser, I can say I no longer believe in the title. I know there are higher perspectives. I realize there are other theories and labels i.e. false twins etc. In the end, it does not matter. All we have is the lessons and experience.

I do appreciate the lessons and experience. I can not explain the signs, the premonitions, dreams, kundalini awakening and strange energetic experiences I have had regarding her. I no longer hold the disillusion of Divine Union with her. Perhaps it was simply my higher-self guiding me to the lessons and healing I required. The most important lesson of Self-love.

Self-love in any relationship, real or illusion will often demand we let go and walk away. At some point, when the healing is complete and lessons have been learned, it demands it. There is still love in my heart for her. There is compassion. There is forgiveness. There is gratitude. There is just no longer space.

It is not a matter of jealousy, resentment, or bitterness. It is just a matter of facts. Actions, not words define our character. Honestly ask yourself. Why are you so devoted to someone who is not devoted to you? Why are you putting your body on reserve for someone unwilling to do the same? Why are you investing in someone who does not invest in you? Why are you speaking your truth with someone who lies to you? Why are you waiting for someone who does not wait for you? Why are you supporting someone who doesn’t support you? Why are you making an effort when they are not? Why are you giving gifts to someone who doesn’t give you the time of day?  Why are you giving your love to someone who doesn’t love you? That is not love my dear friends. That is not Divine Union. That is not self-love.

When the healing is complete and the lessons learned, it is time to let go. Release yourself from any further burden and pain. Embrace new love coming into your life. There are now women dropping into my reality who are willing to invest, willing to give me their devotion, willing to support me, willing to give me their time, willing to give me their love. Would I not be a fool to deny them as she denied me?

Love is about balance and harmony, giving and receiving. Regardless of how much we love our “Twin”, if you are the only one giving, it is necessary to recognize that pattern and let go. Relationships are built on reciprocity and should never be one-sided. It just is not healthy and it does not serve anyone.

Heartbreak teaches many things. It teaches us about ourselves. One lesson is that we deserve more than we were once willing to settle for. The one who loved you at your worst deserves your best. That one is YOU! Divine Union, balance and harmony occur within. Seek yourself and you are sought after, adore yourself and you are adored, support yourself and you are supported. Love yourself and you are loved. Others will do the same, it just may not be your “Twin” and that is perfectly acceptable. When you learn to no longer be disappointed in your Twin’s lack of reciprocity. You have learned what unconditional love and acceptance truly mean.


Dan McGinley RN BSN

Holistic Health and Consciousness Coaching

7 thoughts on “Breaking The Connection

  1. Wow. This really resonates with me. Very thoughtful and well-written. I like how you gave a raw, vulnerable touch to the concept most of them look at with hate, anger and ego. Great piece.

    Keep up the good work. 🙂

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  2. Writing about what’s piercing your chest is the best to liberate yourself from that pain. At least from for a writer, it is.

    Keep it real, keep it raw. You’re on the right path. Keep going, keep growing! 🙂

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