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Mindful Quotes

Often we get caught up reflecting on our past. We ask ourselves if we had done things different, what would our lives be like now? The answer is, You did everything you knew how to do with the tools, knowledge and resources you had in that moment. Therefore, we are always exactly where we are meant to be. Lessons, never regret.


Some people never take risks. They are so focused on what they may loose that they fail to see what they will gain.


The difference between wants and needs is simple. All you need is yourself, everything else is a desire, not a requirement.


I don’t want to write about heartbreak. I want to write about joy, happiness and dreams coming true. Unfortunately, you can’t have one without the other.


Love is about adoring and appreciating someone in their natural free state. Not about control or possession through expectation or lack. Seek yourself and you are being sought after. Love yourself and you are loved. Adore yourself and you are adored. Free yourself and you are free. Love is bittersweet, it transforms us from the inside out. This makes it the most powerful force in the Universe.


There is a deeper truth to every experience. Is it right or wrong? There is no right or wrong. Only learning and understanding.


The moment you no longer concern yourself with the opinions that others place on you, is the moment you become free and unstoppable. A wolf need not concern itself with the opinions of sheep.


Self-love isn’t a matter of just eating well, exercising and positive affirmations. It is taking the time to mourn the illusion of loss and death of your former Self. Loss of other leads to discovery of Self.


Sometimes Self-Love demands that we walk away from those we love dearest.


Every opportunity entails risk. When we focus on what we may loose we negate what we may gain. In truth, there is only ever gain. Lessons, growth, knowledge, experience are all invaluable. Gifts only awarded to the courageous.


When others treat you poorly it is a reflection to to treat yourself better. Forgive others and forgive yourself for allowing it. Know your value and never settle for others who do not.


We reflect each other back to ourselves. When we project our lack onto others, it is never a question of them. The only question is which mirror am I afraid to look into? Choose the mirror that reflects your love, kindness, compassion and honesty. Don’t be afraid of your light.


There is a difference between perspective and excuses. The difference lies in self-responsibility.


Don’t ever regret loving someone but know when it’s time to walk away.


Our beliefs determine our perception of reality. As long as people continue to tell the story of the vileness of human nature and the cruelty of Mother Nature then that is sadly the world they will live in. I choose to see the good in others and the beauty of Nature. I much prefer my reality. How’s yours?


Self-love is easy, it’s very nature implies selfishness. Unconditional love is the hardest lesson a Human Being can learn. It is respecting the free will of others despite the pain it may cause you. It is choosing to love and support without expectation and regardless of gain or reciprocity. It is true selflessness.


Be a people person not a people pleaser. Know the difference.


Why honesty is the best policy! If you are not being honest with yourself you can not be truly honest with others. The lies we tell with good intentions will perpetuate the pain we sought to avoid. It will compromise our integrity, destroying the most important relationships of all. The relationship with self. You can not have a meaningful relationship with another if you do not have a meaningful relationship with your self.


Dreams do come true. Once you become aware of your Soul’s deepest desires they will manifest into your reality. Your friends, family and the World may think you are crazy, ideological or delusional. Often all we have is the trust in our intuition and faith in the guidance. Never stop believing you are worthy of receiving your fairytale life. If you dare to dream, dream big and let nothing stand in your way!


Surrender is letting go of the illusion of control. It is alleviating yourself of the burden to control that which is uncontrollable. It is prioritizing yourself and being receptive to that which you desire.


All change is positive with right perspective. View grief not as punishment but as an opportunity to receive more love and appreciate what is.


Vulnerability is a potent concoction of love, bliss, excitement and nervousness. The fear does not stem from unworthiness but rather the knowledge that she has your heart at her disposal. You have no armor or masks with her. With a word or action she can make you the happiest or saddest man on Earth. As a grown Man I once thought I knew how to talk to women. She is simply like no other woman. She makes me feel like fifteen year old girl falling in love for the first time.


Infatuation demands the other to conform to expectation. True Love has no expectation.


Never put your life on hold for another. Another’s choice is theirs to make. It is far better to be someone’s choice than their obligation.


When we enable others we deprive them the opportunity for growth.


There is a difference in seeing the good in others and making excuses for them. Know that difference.


True Love cares not for your past lovers and relationships. It does not care about your first. It desires only to be your last.


There is a force inside of me. It is greater than ambition, more powerful than desire and stronger than discipline. It is my Soul’s yearning to manifest its destiny.


There is a force inside of me. It is greater than ambition, more powerful than desire and stronger than discipline. It is my Soul’s yearning to manifest its destiny.


There is a force inside of me. It is greater than ambition, more powerful than desire and stronger than discipline. It is my Soul’s yearning to manifest its destiny.


What makes love so powerful is not its ability to transcend time, distance or even death. It is its ability to cultivate real change in us and our World.


Don’t be afraid to take the first step! Trust wherever your path leads is where you are meant to be.


Denial of others is a denial of oneself. We can run from others but we can not run from ourselves.


If God created us in his imagine then the only true knowledge of God exists in the knowledge of Self. There is no Guru, Priest, Religion or Book who can lead you to God as efficiently and accurately as you can.


A relationship without reciprocity is a reflection of a lack of self-love. One party believes they need the others love to be happy while the other believes they are not worthy of happiness.


Free will is following your mind’s perception. Destiny is following your heart’s. Free yourself from the constraints of your beliefs and allow your path to unfold.


In the pursuit of knowledge, no answer is preferable to a false one.


Free will is following your mind’s perception. Destiny is following your heart’s. Free yourself from the constraints of your beliefs and allow your path to unfold.


Your words have power! The power to uplift, encourage, support, inspire, guide, teach and love. The power to destroy, hurt, manipulate, deceive, shame and scare. Your words will activate either positive or negative emotions in others. Emotions that will eventually be reflected back to you. Call it Karma or Justice but the classic rule remains. If you have nothing nice to say then shut the fuck up please.


If we make the mistake of seeking solace among like minds we do ourselves a disservice. I prefer the company of people who trigger me in the most expansive ways.


The essence of Martial Arts. It is not hard or soft styles but the marriage of both. It is penetrative and receptive. It is Ying and Yang. It is balance and harmony. It is the dance of masculine and feminine coming into union through the creative expression in a human vessel.


The “Ego” is us. A projection of our Mind similar to an overprotective Mother. She guards us against heartbreak. She tells us lies about the World, others and ourselves. She tells us what we can and cant do. Who we can and can’t be with. Where we can and can’t go. It is only when face the heartbreak do we begin to discover the truth. It is when we become truly lost and broken that we discover who are, what we are capable of and why we are here.


The emotion-mind-body unity. As we heal our pain, our thoughts begin to change, as do our bodies. Therefore physical training is no longer a matter of trying to be anything. It becomes an authentic form of self-expression.


Confusing Spirituality with Religion is equivalent to confusing Knowledge with Wisdom. The two are not mutually exclusive but mutually interdependent.


Money is like Holy Water. It’s only power resides in the belief of those who covet it.


Do not inhibit your creativity with the burden of concern for the opinions of others.



Dan McGinley RN BSN

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