I knew the truth from the moment I saw you. I could see it in your eyes and feel it in my Soul. You were the one. The one I never knew I was looking for. The home I never knew existed until that moment.

What I wasn’t aware of was the challenges that awaited us both. The healing that needed to occur. The lessons you would teach me. Lessons about myself, lessons about love. I assumed you would share the same awareness. I didn’t realize you had your own path and learning. A path I could not walk for you despite my willingness to do so. Lessons I could not teach you, not directly.

When all others, including you denied the connection. I had to keep the Faith. When all others thought I was simply obsessed, infatuated, or desperate. I held the truth. When all felt hopeless, I clung to trust. I was never alone in this awareness. I was given signs, visions, and knowledge throughout this journey. This restored my confidence and kept me resolute in my darkest hours.

You have never been alone on this journey my love. I have sent you love, support and kindness as often as I could. Even when you felt you did not want or need it, I sent it anyway.

So when you speak of Self, I silently snicker and insist on Other. When you speak of fantasy, I insist on destiny. When you tell me “maybe we are Soulmates?”, I silently giggle because I know we are much more. When you tell me that “maybe I am preparing you for someone else?”. I kindly correct you, because I know it was your ex who was preparing you for me. When you ponder the time frame of when I came into you life and everything began falling apart with him. I silently smirk because I know it was divine love that drove him away.When you say “I feel like I have known you my entire life“. I quietly laugh because I know our knowledge of each other extends lifetimes and beyond. When you ask me questions about my interests, hobbies and past. I happily  oblige, but see through all the superficial aspects of you. I see into your depths. I always have.

This is why my love for you is so deep and profound. This is why I love the totality of who you are. This is why nothing about your past would ever dissuade me. This is why nothing about you presently is undesirable to me. This is why nothing about our future is frightening to me. I love your Soul. I always have and always will.

This is why I will never stop showing up for you. Loving you has never been the burdensome part. Keeping the Faith  until you gain the same awareness has.


Dan McGinley

Holistic Health and Consciousness Coaching




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