Self responsibility is the cornerstone of the New Paradigm spiritual practices. Being absolutely responsible for your reality, emotions and manifestations. We often see other as conduit for deeper understanding and healing of Self. In this New Paradigm world we are creating or rather this state of Oneness/ 5D consciousness, a nagging question persists. Where does empathy and responsibility for other start? Where does it end?

To be very clear, I agree that we can only be truly responsible for ourselves and we can not give what do not yet have. However, if other is simply a projection of Self, does it not suggest we should assume a degree of responsibility for our Brothers and Sisters.

I believe the answer lies in the discernment of enabling and responsibility. Enabling is assuming complete responsibility for another. It is doing for them what they are capable doing for themselves. Often at both parties expense. It is energetically draining for the doer and deprives the recipient of the opportunity for further growth and learning. Enabling will inevitably poison and destroy a relationship despite the strength of love felt between both parties.


Responsibility for other is often neglected or overlooked. Denial of other is a form of self-denial. It is true that we do no owe anyone anything but we do owe it to ourselves to understand and empathize with other. We owe other the opportunity to communicate and express their emotions so we may better understand them. So we can have an opportunity to create harmony and balance through understanding. This is only possible if both parties are willing to be responsible for their emotions and not blame or judge one another.

Denial of other is a denial of self. It is no different than the isolated spiritual communities preaching love and light whist denying their shadow side. Denying the pain and suffering in the World with their heads in the sand. Spiritual bypassing to be more accurate. In either regard, we must respect the decisions and free will of others. Love demands such a practice. Sometimes people do not have the desire nor inclination to have potentially difficult conversations. This is perfectly acceptable despite our desire to communicate. Even if it hurts, we must accept that pain as our own. Sometimes all we can give others and ourselves is time and distance.

When I was new graduate Nurse. I made an effort to sit and listen to each of my patients with the intention of understanding and empathizing. I could never truly know what it was like to be an elderly woman with multiple medial comorbidities (disease processes) or the parent of a child who was dying of leukemia. However, it was my responsibility to try. I was responsible for caring for that patient at that time. I couldn’t be of the greatest service unless I, at the very least made earnest attempt to understand their perspective, their challenges, and their feelings.

The more I communicated with these intentions, the better I understand all my patients. The better I understood Humanity. The better I better understood myself.

We are one. Understanding other is understanding Self and understanding Self is understanding other.


Dan McGinley RN BSN

Holistic Health and Consciousness Coaching

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