It is well known that we are never the same after an Awakening. We become entirely new people. Our bodies change. We feel lighter and look more youthful. We rarely get sick. We feel more vibrant and we naturally adopt healthier diets and lifestyle habits. Our minds change. We gain new insights, perspectives, and ideas. We feel inspired and driven to create and express. Our perception of humanity, society and reality drastically changes. We are better able to peer through the vails that we were once blinded by. Our imaginations return to that of our children. We can vividly envision our dreams. We can visualize a new world. One of peace, love, harmony, and abundance. Our hearts change. Where we once felt fear, lack, anger, jealousy, hatred and contempt. We now feel empathy, abundance, compassion, forgiveness, joy and love.

Sounds amazing right? Who wouldn’t desire such a transformation? Like all things worthy of fighting for there is a cost. One can argue that a Spiritual Awakening is the greatest gift bestowed upon us. Inversely there is an equally hefty price to pay.

You will, in a figurative and often literal sense loose everything. Everything you once clung to for a sense of comfort, support, validation, love, acceptance and identity. You may quite your job. You may experience financial ruin. You will isolate yourself. The people you love may distance themselves. I’m not going to sugar coat it. You will experience the worst emotional pain of your life, time and time again. You will feel rage. You will cry so hard that you struggle to catch your breath and your face becomes a mixture of tears and mucus. This will happen as often as it needs to. As often as you accept and allow it.

One day you will witness the personal hell you created for yourself. You will acknowledge the lack and discontent you have for yourself and your life. You will decide you have had enough. You will commit to your dreams. Your Soul’s purpose made manifest. Your highest bliss and happiness.

You will realize you created it all and no one is coming to rescue you. You have created a situation that you and you alone can overcome. You have stripped yourself of all the things you once coveted so you could see witness the truth of who you are. The power that resides inside of you.

I wish I could tell you I was there. I wish I could tell you it was easy. I wish I could tell you there was another way. I can only provide you with an undeniable fact. It is worth it! With every tear there is healing. With every tear there is insight. With every tear there is transformation. With every tear there is expansion. With every tear there is space in my heart filling with more love.

I am not there yet, but god damn it I will be. There simply is no desire or possibility of return. For that, I am truly grateful. My resolve is unwavering. My heart is pure.


Dan McGinley

Holistic Health and Consciousness Coaching



2 thoughts on “Spiritual Awakening: Why Everything Falls Apart

  1. I can resonate with your words because it happened to me. I thought I was crazy and everything was falling apart. Now I feel and incredible bliss and hapiness inside. Transformations are beautiful and leads us to something better. Have a nice day!


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