As Humanity shifts into 5th dimensional consciousness or “Oneness”, an important concept becomes apparent. Every relationship with other is a reflection of oneself. However this is not as obvious as one may think. The reflections differ and have a greater purpose. Some in our lives will reflect the “positive” or lighter aspects of Self while others will mirror the areas in ourselves we are otherwise blind to. The dark areas we are unconsciously aware of. The parts of ourselves that must change in order to unconditionally love and accept ourselves and others.

In my opinion it is often the people we love profoundly and desire intensely that mirror this the most accurately. The spiritual Community often refers to these relationships as Twin Flames, Twin Souls, Soulmates, Divine Partners, etc. Despite the label, these relationships are often romanticized. Perhaps that is a potential reality but it is not the ultimate purpose, not at first anyway.


It is important to see these Soul attractions for what they are. A tool for growth and expansion. An instrument to integrate love and devotion to oneself. A reflection to show you all the areas in which we are not fully loving and accepting ourselves. Hence the intensity of the love and attraction. After all, if you were just infatuated or kind of interested in this person you would not stick around long enough to learn these painful but extremely important lessons.

We tend to blame others for our feelings. This is just what we were taught as a species. Blame will get you nowhere on this journey. This is why love is so transformative. It is the only emotion strong enough to cause us to honestly look in the mirror and ask. What is my loving reflection trying to teach me? In other words, love will cause you to shatter the image or Ego projection of oneself rather that of whom you love most. It is truly the greatest act of love. Helping another Soul, Human Being become a better version of themselves.

If you are in one of these relationships or find yourself in one then there are some important ideas to consider. Objectively note the behaviors of your reflection with out blame or judgement. Then ask what they are trying to teach you or more accurately, what am I teaching myself via my reflection? Keep in mind they will continue to reflect what you need to see until you understand and transform.


For example, if your reflection is ghosting you, ignoring you, denying you, emotionally neglecting you or lying to you. They (or you) are trying to teach you something. It is not important what their reasons are for their behaviors. The only thing that matters is the painful truth. You are ghosting, ignoring, denying, emotionally neglecting and lying to yourself. If you are giving your love, time, devotion and honesty to another and it is not being directly reflected. Then it simply means you must give those things to yourself.

Ask yourself honestly, why would you ever want to be with someone who takes you for granted? Who doesn’t value and appreciate you? Who doesn’t love you as you do them? Self-love demands that you not. It is painful to accept the truth of our situation sometimes. To acknowledge that we have been living a one-sided fantasy. However the simplest fact remains. We can only be responsible for ourselves. Others can change but we can not change them for our own selfish needs and desires.

In the end, true love is never co-dependency. It is a greater act of love to transform oneself via our loving reflection than demand the other change to meet our inadequacies. If you desire one to love and accept you unconditionally then first you must love and accept yourself. Completely, as you are in this moment, you are worthy of yours love, time, devotion, honesty and attention.

A final note, the love, acceptance and devotion you gave to your reflection was ultimately intended for you. You wanted them to reciprocate but instead they helped you realize a very important truth. You were ultimately not seeking them. You were seeking yourself.  So be grateful to them and yourself for taking this beautiful journey to Fifth Dimensional Consciousness with you. For teaching you the most profound and beautiful lessons that few have the privilege of learning.

Thank you,

Love and Empathy

Dan McGinley RN BSN

Consciousness and Holistic Health Mentor


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