When we first learn that our thoughts determine our reality we often attempt to control out thoughts. We struggle vigorously to think positive and attempt to ignore the polar negative thoughts. We try to focus on the things that we believe will make us happy. Rather the emotion of happiness itself.

Therein lies the problem. We deny that which has the greatest influence over our thoughts. We deny the emotions we are feeling and we rarely ask the question of why we seek to manifest that which we desire. In other words we do not examine the beliefs we carry about what makes us happy.

Most believe that more money and the perfect relationship with others will make them happy. In other words it is not money or harmonious relationships that we truly seek but it is the feeling of happiness and love. It is the emotions themselves and not the stuff or people we think will provide said feelings.

Why do you want more money? The paper or numbers in your bank account are not truly the key to your happiness but what it can provide. Financial freedom, the ability to travel, the luxury and comfort, the fun and adventure, the ability to quite your soul sucking job etc. These are a possible few reasons you desire more money. The problem is most of us falsely believe these things are required in order for us to be happy.

Ask yourself have you ever been happy without these things? If not then you must examine your beliefs. It is ok, we are all sold the idea that we need more things to be happy and money provides these things. It simply is not true. Happiness and love only comes from within. They are emotions, like all emotions independent of one’s circumstances.

The paradox is this. We can not simply pretend to be happy and positive if we are not. It is false and our emotions simply do not lie. We must acknowledge how we feel and realize that our feelings are stemming from our beliefs and that our beliefs are mostly bullshit. What you believe about yourself, others and reality determines what you continue to manifest. It is the art of ignoring the current reality with the understand it is a result of your past beliefs or projections, while simultaneously focusing on your desires.

To put it simply we are slaves to our beliefs. We become self fulfilling prophecies. Therefore, we must be self-aware of the thoughts we have. The beliefs that dictate your thoughts and the underlying emotions perpetuating those beliefs. Acknowledge the truth that you not only deserve happiness and love but you have the ability to generate these emotions within. Any belief and emotion that inhibits your inner happiness and self-love can be changed. The painful emotions can be released and your life can be whatever you truly believe it can be. What you feel truly worthy of determines your reality.

When you feel happy and in love despite your current circumstances you can manifest money and people into your reality. The paradox is that these things are now added perks and not pre-requisites to your joy.


Holistic Health and Consciousness Coaching

Dan McGinley RN BSN


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