Not all tears come from pain. Some come from joy and appreciation. Often people attribute tears of joy with accomplishment. We cry at the birth of our children, our weddings, our promotions or our big breaks. These are all beautiful moments but often they negate the beauty and joy in the journey.

We live in a world that is goal orientated. We are success driven and achievement focused. When we lease our joy to the obtainment of goals we miss the wonder and amazement of the adventure. The process of growth and development that molds us into our greatest version of ourselves.

Honor does not lie within what we obtain or accomplish in this world. It lies within the struggle. It is what we fight for that matters. It is what we stand for and how far we are willing to go for what truly matters to our Souls. It is what we do and not what have that defines us. For it is not the destination that determines one’s character but the road they take to get there.

If the Angel of Death came for me this eve I would embrace her with a full heart. I have never been perfect and I have made many mistakes. In the end I can rest in peace. Not because of some great achievement that the world of men admire but because I fought the good fight. I followed my heart. I ran the race. I stood up for what I believe in. I spoke my truth. I loved unreservedly. In someway, I left this world a better place than when I arrived.

This is why I do not fear death. It is not my knowledge of life being eternal or a lack of appreciation for my current existence. It is not the knowledge that I have obtained, accomplished or experienced all that I have hoped for in this life. It is simply the solace that I have lived without regret.


Dan McGinley RN BSN

Holistic Health and Consciousness Coaching


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