There are many facets to transitioning to the Fifth Dimension. Despite the cool, crazy and sometimes weird metaphysical experiences, I believe there is one primary and very Human objective for Fifth Dimensional awareness.

When we Awaken spiritually. We do not just awaken to the lies, disparity and divisiveness of the system, society, and culture. What is often referred to as the Third Dimension or the Matrix. We Awaken to ourselves. We awaken to the our Spirits. We begin to connect to our Souls, our true desires, our power, our hearts.

We begin to recognize the beliefs, patterns, and behaviors we have adopted born of the Matrix. Bread within us through years of conditioning and systemization. At some point, usually early childhood we sacrificed our dreams, desires, creativity and uniqueness for the illusion that Society sold us. We just wanted to fit in, be accepted, be loved, be recognized, and be part of the group. This is part of our innate Human nature and paradoxically this is what separates us from ourselves and therefore meaningful relationships with others. To have a deep and meaningful relationship with others we must first must first establish a deep and meaningful relationship with ourselves. To be accepted, to be loved and to be recognized by others we must first love, accept and recognize ourselves.

Following a Spiritual Awakening we often go into seclusion. We withdraw and we isolate ourselves. Some refer to this as the Hermit Stage. We are wounded animals who have just become aware of the depth and severity of the wounds we carry. Like all wounded animals we prefer solitude over judgment and ridicule. We realize how different we are and we paradoxically no longer feel comfortable in the collective energy of separatism.

This is the time of healing. We examine the ways and beliefs we once adopted. The ways in which we disconnected from ourselves, our Spirit and that of others. This is the phase of self discovery and atonement. The process of feeling all the pain we accumulated when we denied our Divine essence, our desires and our dreams. This phase can vary among individuals. It may last months for some and years for others. It comes in cycles and waves. The duration of this phase is irrelevant. The destination is all that truly matters. It is where we are all striving to arrive whether we are conscious of this fact or not. This is the road for Humanity.

Once we are fully healed we transition into the perception of Oneness. What is oneness? It is the absolute and undeniable perception that I am you and you are me. It is the knowledge that what you read now, my thoughts and feelings are an aspect of your consciousness. On some level you would not be reading this if this knowledge did not already exists deep within you. Perhaps you feel the love and truth in my words. Realize that love and truth exists within you and I am simply a reflection of such. Oneness is the innate but forgotten knowledge that the Earth, the animals, the plants, the stars, the Universe exists, like all things within us. That an unseen force we term unconditional love binds it all together. That we are all individual and equally important aspects of one whole.

As I come into oneness I begin to realize an important fact. I am still Human. The innate Human desire to connect with others is as relevant as it has always been. I realize that sharing love, support and kindness with others is sharing it with myself. By nature we are social animals. We thrive in community, groups, and relationships.

The difference now is clear to me. I am not seeking connection because I feel disconnected within myself. I am not seeking happiness and fulfillment from others because it is void within me. I seek connection and experience because I want to share it with others. I seek it because I honor my human nature. In that nature is the understanding that true bliss exists in the giving and receiving with our most adored human reflections of ourselves.


Dan McGinley RN BSN


Holistic Health and Spiritual Coaching





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