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The Dream That Changed Everything

“The Universe reveals its secrets to those that dare to follow their hearts.”

Ralph Smart

The date was August 7th 2017. It was my first day on the job and the day of the Lion’s Gate Solar Eclipse. I was a Registered Nurse and had began my first day of orientation at a clinic on a US Air Force Base. It seemed like a good gig. Clinic hours were conducive for a single Dad. The pay was descent and it was a needed respite from several years in acute (hospital) specialties. Despite all this it was not my dream job. I had decided months prior I was going to change my life drastically.

The truth is I was not happy. The years of struggle began to take their toll. I was unsatisfied as a Nurse. I was struggling to pay bills. Overworked at home and on the job. I was depressed. I was abusing substances. I had hit a threshold of tolerance. I had to choose life or death.

I began investing in myself everyday. Everything had to be addressed. My values, my beliefs, my dreams, my desires, my finances, my occupation, my mind, everything. I began reading, studying, meditating, eating well and exercising. I had do address Mind, Body and Soul. I knew there was more I had to offer the world but I wasn’t sure what it was. I began working towards working for myself. On a deep level I knew I could truly help people obtain optimal health in ways our healthcare system was not. I wanted to create something that was truly of value to Humanity. Something honest, effective and true. Not another Band-Aid, gimmick or quick fix.

The first day on the job my intuition hit me like a kick in the nuts. There were signs and this undeniable feeling that I shouldn’t be at this job. I had spent my life ignoring my intuition and frankly couldn’t figure out why I couldn’t shake this feeling.

This went on for about a week. Rational thoughts descended about my income and my ability to be successful as anything other than a Nurse. It was crazy and there was intense fear. After much internal strife, in the end my heart won that battle. I could not deny it not for another day. I didn’t have any of the answers but I knew one thing for certain. I had to do this and nothing would ever be the same again. I quite that night and never returned to Nursing.

I fell asleep easy enough that evening. I awoke naked in a white void. In front of me was Polar Bear.  He was calm and motionless. Overcome with fear and anger I manifested a sword and attacked, intent on slaying him. He stood on his hind legs and I felt a hand push my right arm. Simultaneously found myself at the foot of my bed watching me sleep while remaining in my dream.  A second attack on the Bear and I felt the push again on my left shoulder. A third attack and the hand firmly gripped my left forearm and began pulling sideways.

I awoke myself in a panic. Profusely sweating and breathing rapidly. I remember this dream as if just occurred and will never forget it. Nothing from this moment would ever be the same.

The following day things simply did not feel right. I became aware of multiple presences surrounding me. I began perceiving Beings beyond the physical realm. I could see them at times, feel them at others, hear them and occasionally smell them. There were dark times to follow but he dark days are over. My Soul is free and my heart is pure. I discovered what I was truly seeking and I now have something of true value to offer Humanity.

Taking risks entails being vulnerable. It is only through vulnerability that the heart is open to receive peace, love, joy and happiness.

Let your heart guide you and go forth now. Do what you came here to do.


Dan McGinley

Holistic Health and Spiritual Coaching






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