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If He Was With You Now

If he was with you now he would tell you he understands. He understands why you ran from love. He understands that you were afraid. That your mind wasn’t ready to accept it was real. He understands that you needed that time in separation to process it all. To experience heartbreak. To heal all the old wounds preventing true love to flourish. He needed it too and he is proud of you. He needed to plunge to the depths of his soul. To emerge from his plight your worthy reflection.  He does not judge you and his forgiveness comes without request.

If he was with you now he would embrace you with open arms and heart. He would tell you that he is now and always has been unequivocally and undeniably in love with you. That he accepts you past, present and future. He would explain that you have always been in his heart and never far from his thoughts. That he awakens multiple times every night with thoughts of you and you haunt his dreams.

He would tell you that at your request and without hesitation he would walk away from his life now to create a new one with you. He would tell you that being everything you ever dreamed of is what he promised you long ago. It is his primary objective for this lifetime. He does this not out of obligation but an undeniable desire for you and the understanding any other simply will not do.

If he were with you now he would tell you his soul yearns to be reunited with yours.

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