Come Out Inner Child: It is Time to Play in the Light

Don’t be afraid child.

It is safe to come out.

It is safe to be free.

It is safe be yourself.

For too long you have been in hiding.

There are no more masks to wear.

No more shadows to dim you light.

You are safe child.

You are supported.

You are capable.

It is time Child.

It is time be your true self.

It is time to share your light with the World.

It is time play with the others.

It is time to free the other children so they may play too.

It is time to make all your dreams come true.

Step into the light my child.

You are loved and love is you.

Author: Dan McGinley RN BSN

Authentic Holistic Health Coach, Registered Nurse. Serving Humanity through the dissemination of Truth and Knowledge. Offering Nutritional support, Mental/ Emotional Control/ Healing and Spiritual Awareness. Developer of The Holistic Self-Health Detox. An Unorthodox, Practical and Effective Self-mastery Program. Personal intensive Coaching available.

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