The thing that differentiates a dream from a nightmare is fear. The real question is what purpose does fear serve? Why do so many of us choose to live a nightmare opposed to living our dreams?

Every major life decision, every intuitive decision was often met with fear. Fear prior to the moment of realization. When I left my comfortable career. When I launched my business. When I came out about my Spiritual Awakening. When I began speaking my truth. All were precipitated by fear.

It seems illogical that we would fear that which we desire most in our life. That is the very nature of fear. It is illogical. It most often stems from an illusion. False Evidence Appearing Real.

If we dig a little deeper we can discover the truth hiding behind fear. Fear is based on a belief. A belief that is often an illusion but sometimes a reality. The difficulty is we do not have the luxury of knowing the difference unless we act.

If we choose to remain stagnant. If we choose to allow fear to  paralyze us then we never have to face the possibility of pain. The fear of failure. The fear of rejection. The fear of judgment. The fear of unworthiness.

The truth lies not in the outcome but rather our perspective. With each failure there is growth, there is knowledge, there is clarity. With rejection there is the understanding that we deserve better. With each heartbreak there is healing and rebirth. Therefore fear has value but only to those with the courage to face it and persevere. Those with the awareness that all experience is an opportunity to learn about oneself. Therefore, fear and pain are not negative. They are our greatest teachers. The master instructors.

I have been chasing a divinely guided union for several months. In other words my ultimate dream girl. It has been a challenging journey for both parties. It has been filled with confusion, heartache, spiritual growth and a profound lesson in true love. The lesson of unconditional love in Human form.

Like all big intuitive decisions prior to realization, I am suddenly fearful. Like all desired manifestations I have been asking, rather begging for this. Now that it is getting real I find myself hesitant.

I do not fear the unknown. So I ask myself what am I afraid of? Why do I not feel worthy of my dreams? Of Divine Love and Union? The answer lies within the question. I fear intimacy because I falsely believe I am not worthy. I fear further pain and heartache.

The understanding I now possess is this. I am worthy and if heartache results then there is great value in it. There is healing and lessons needed for further growth.

I have faced fear many times and despite the outcome, I will face it again. Time and time again I will face my fears until my dreams are realized. We can choose fear or love. We can choose mediocrity or greatness. We can choose to remain a fraction of our potential or we can choose to rise. We can experience all that this life has to offer or we can become subject to our limiting beliefs.

When we no longer fear heartache we discover true love.

Dan McGinley RN BSN

Holistic Health and Consciousness Coaching


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