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Why We Awaken

When we undergo a Spiritual Awakening it is easy to get lost in the terms, labels and definitions. There are endless perspectives and messages discussing empathic and psychic abilities. Channeled messages from Angels, Ascended Masters and even extraterrestrials. There are dark nights of the Soul and Ego Deaths. There are Twin Flames and Soulmates. There is synchronicity and repeating numbers. There is meditation, Kundalini and chakras opening. There is quantum physics, psychology and religion.

All have value and purpose. All are valuable in their own right. I too have researched and shared my experiences on most of the topics mentioned above. However I have come to an increasingly abundant conclusion. There exists one undeniable and absolute purpose to it all. To remind us of our innate Human capacity to love.

I am not speaking of the type of love romanticized in Hollywood movies. I am not speaking of the love that most of Humanity has grown accustomed to. Not the type of love that is self-serving and riddled with stipulation. Not the type of love that can be masked in codependency. Not the type of love that can be mimicked with drugs, sex, entertainment,  food or any of the pleasures we resort to for a cheap fix.

I am referring to the type of love that exists deep within every man, woman and child. The type of love that is existence itself. The type of love that purifies the heart. The love that gives us the courage to face the darkest realms of our souls. It gives us the confidence to face our greatest fears. To conquer our most vile demons. It nourishes our bodies and restores our health. It nurtures us in our darkest hour. It forgives us for all our inequity. It reminds us of who we truly are and why we are here.

It is this love that binds us. Not just to our close friends, family and romantic partners. It binds to all life, all existence and all creation. This love is the God within. It is heaven on Earth. It is the only force powerful enough to save us from our demise. It is the ultimate power. It is real, tangible and obtainable. It is the reason we awaken. We do not awaken to the darkness in this world. We awaken to the light within.

Dan McGinley RN BSN

Holistic Health and Consciousness Coaching

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