We all have a story of when we first realized we were one with all. What is commonly referred to as Awakening. What the Japanese Buddhist refer to as Satori and the Chinese call Tun-wu. For many this occurs during the quiet observation of nature. Something as simple as observing a sunset or a gentle rain fall. For example Bruce Lee experienced Satori when boating in Hong Kong. He was contemplating the essence of Yin and Yang when he noticed the true nature of water. Despite how hard he smashed against a wave with his boat the water was unaltered in its fluidity. It would yield (yin) to the force of the boat and reform as the mighty sea (yang). As Lee put it ” This water, the softest substance in the world, could fit itself into any container. Although it seemed weak, it could penetrate the hardest substance in the world. That was it!”

To the external observer the experience may seem insignificant. The nature of Satori or Awakening is not about the external. It is completely subjective as is all experience. This is the very nature of Awakening. The realization that you are the Water, the Sea, the Sun. You are the experience and all of experience occurs within.

My Satori occurred not from the observation of the “Natural” world but of another. Although there is no difference between Humanity and Nature, it was my soul’s recognition of its counterpart that awoken the light within. It was the awakening of deep love that most of us have long forgotten about. The love that exists in all people, all life, the sea, the sun, the stars and all that is. The love that binds and connects us all. The love that we collectively refer to as God. This is what I believe is meant by Joseph Campbell’s quote: “All the gods, all the heavens, all the hells, are within you speaks this wisdom; we are connected in a grand symphony – the tapestry of humanity woven into the colorful Cosmos. It is within that the beauty lies… the wisdom and energy and it is this notion that never dies….”.

I would like to tell you that was the end of it. It was simply the beginning. What ensued was the arduous road to Oneness. The love within can not flourish in the same space as fear, jealousy, anger, Judgement, unworthiness and so on. In other words, Oneness can not exists without healing the pain of separation.

The illusion of separation is simply that. It is self created through false belief. We created it when we thought we were better or less than another living being in our existence. When we chose to hate and disown our brothers and sister rather than embrace them as our own. When we claimed dominion over our Mother Earth and animal brethren. We did this because we foolishly thought we were separate from the Universe that birthed us. Different from the Humans we live amongst. Different from the woman and man.

The illusion of separation is made manifest in all suffering. War, poverty, greed, pollution, cruelty, oppression, nationalism, borders. All physical examples of the separation from within. Therefore, when we travel this road, we are not only healing ourselves. We are healing Humanity and we are healing the Earth.

The road of separation has been arduous. When we believe we are separate we build walls to protect ourselves. Walls around our hearts preventing us from experience true love. Shrouds blinding us from the truth. Walls and shrouds that must be painfully broken and torn down. Armor that must be pealed back and stripped layer by layer. This is the atonement, the purging, the healing.

The road of separation is arduous but it is not traveled alone. Love will carry you. Love will support you. Love will nourish you. It will restore and heal your mind, body and spirit. Love is the sacred fire purifying us in its flames.

The road of separation is arduous but it is one worth travelling. It is the road that leads us Home. To Heaven. To Unity. To Oneness. To Peace. To Harmony. To Forgiveness. To Love.

Dan McGinley RN BSN


Holistic Health and Consciousness Coaching





2 thoughts on “Separation: The Road to Oneness

  1. “The road of separation is arduous but it is not traveled alone. Love will carry you. Love will support you. Love will nourish you. It will restore and heal your mind, body and spirit. Love is the sacred fire purifying us in its flames.”
    — how I wish I can attain this…


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