Letting go is the equivalent to surrender. Surrender is effortless. Control is effort. Holding on requires effort. Therefore, letting go is effortless. Letting go is surrender. Surrender is the opposite of control and Control is an illusion. An illusion that stems from greater illusion. The fear of loss.

Loss or losing something implies that we possess something to begin with. That we possess someone or thing outside of ourselves is the greatest lie Humanity has ever told itself. A lie built on the illusion of loss, for loss implies separation. Separation shrouds us from the truth. The truth that we are all one. That we always have been. That we have never been nor will ever be alone or separate. We exist only in Union. How can one loose what only exists within ones self.

To love unconditionally requires us to let go. When we place the happiness of another above our own desires. When we release others from the impossible responsibility of our happiness we learn a valuable lesson. We realize that happiness only comes from within. It can not be bought, borrowed or leased. It exist within you now. It always has and it always will. Only you can obtain it within self and self implies other.

When we learn to truly love another without condition or stipulation, we learn to love ourselves the same way. This is harmony. This is balance. This is inner peace. This is Divine Love and Divine Union.

Dan McGinley RN BSN

Holistic Health and Consciousness Coach



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