The common difficulties and struggles of couples in our World are now very foreign to me. They are relics of the old world. They are ghosts from a distant past. The desire to cheat. The need to control or manipulate. The lies and deception. The insecurity and codependency. Issues that most assume are natural parts of relationships. Issues I once struggled with as well are no longer  a concern.

I was never the romantic type. I never believed in true love. I was not seeking love. It just snuck up on me when I least expected. It shook my soul. It drew all my insecurities, fears and codependences from me. It was painful at times but I wouldn’t trade it for any other experience in my life.

As the heart opens the edges soften. The old wounds heal and I am born a new. A child again who has never known the pain of betrayal, deceit or rejection. Some call this the atonement or separation.  I see now that we were never separated. We simply forget we were connected all along. We forgot this connection and love that existed within ourselves all along. We forgot that no matter how many miles, light years or lifetimes stood between us that we have always been one. We forgot that love was the most powerful force in the universe. That it has the power to transcend space, time, distance and even death.

When this begins to happen it is undeniable. There is no concern of ever getting bored. There is no concern that I will loose interest. That I will seek another. That things wont work out. That she will have to be anything more than she is in this moment. That I will have to compromise or change who I am. There is no other woman whom I could be attracted to. Who I could love as deeply and passionately. That I would be as effortlessly devoted to. It’s her or nothing. It’s not a choice and if it were, I would happily choose her without hesitation or regret.

There are many relationship gurus out there. Trying to help people find love or to mend love. The truth is when it happens, all becomes effortless. Simply put it happens to you both. The love is so strong and intense it purifies you of all that is not.

Some say only a select few have been privileged enough to experience this type of connection in this lifetime. I like to believe God loves all his children equally. That this type of love can be experienced by all. That we all have the ability to discover “The One”.  That we all have a one perfect counterpart. That we may all experience divine love. That we all have a Twin Soul waiting for us. I pray you all find yours in this life.

Dan McGinley RN BSN

Holistic Health and Consciousness Coaching

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