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Empath Survival Guide

Empaths are highly sensitive people with an acute awareness of their emotional bodies.  They are natural introverts and have the ability to detect and perceive the emotions of others. This ability allows the Empath to recognize, uproot and heal deep emotional wounds that others are often unaware of. The Empath can assist others in acknowledging emotional traumas and assist them in healing. Being an Empath is a phenomenal gift. However it comes at a cost. The Empath is often misunderstood and the absorption of others emotions can be uncomfortable and confusing.

Due to their heightened sensitivity, Empaths can be easily overstimulated in public places. Too much excitement or too much exposure to people or certain places will often lead to excessive fatigue and irritability. So How does an Empath cope?

Being an Empath is a an awesome gift but at times it can feel like a curse. The following are techniques I found to be helpful in preventing and treating my Empath fatigue. I decided to write this because I found that crystals only went so far.

1.) Respect and honor your introverted nature. I have yet to meet a truly extroverted Empath. Part of being an Empath is their ability and readiness to reflect on their thoughts and examine their emotions. This does not mean all Empaths are reclusive and void of companionship. Introverts and Empaths can often be the life of the party. They just don’t always feel the need to be. They are just as comfortable sitting quietly and observing others or daydreaming of something more exciting.

Too much exposure to others/ social events will leave an Empath feeling drained. Therefore it is important for the Empath to set boundaries and not hesitate to say no to others. Politely decline to attend an event, party or any social engagement if your energy is not there. Empaths are often people pleasers and this is the Bain of their existence. Just say NO! If others find you rude for declining remember they just don’t know what its like for you. Your true friends and family, those who truly love you will do so despite your differences.

It is not uncommon for Empaths to live alone. Empaths will realize sooner or later that they need a lot of “me time”. Do not feel guilty about putting yourself first ever. Be selective about room mates and partners. This sounds obvious but it really is not. Life can be extremely challenging when you are constantly absorbing the emotions of another. It is this ability that draws narcissists to empaths. Like a moth to light the Narcissist will seek you out and project on to you constantly. It is important to note that everyone enjoys projecting onto the Empath from time to time, the difference is the Narcissist will do everything possible to control and manipulate the Empath. They will do all they can to be with you as often as possible and prevent you from escaping.

The Empath will need time alone to balance their energy. It is important that your room mates or more importantly your partner understands this about you. I believe this is one reason why empaths struggle to find happiness in romantic relationships. They are rare and often misunderstood. Only other empaths can truly understand your needs.

2.)  Music and headphones. You will rarely find me without headphones in, rocking some fresh jams. The reasons for this is two fold. The first is it send a non-verbal message to others that you are not interested in making small talk. This may appear rude to others but honestly, do you care what others think. Rudeness is a matter of perspective. I can not speak for all empaths on this topic but I personally despise small talk. I avoid it at all costs. I simply see it as a waste of both parties breathe and energy to discuss things neither parties truly care about. “How are you?” is rarely a question one answers honestly, nor is asked with that expectation or any legitimate concern whatsoever. So why ask?  An Empath knows the difference and can has little tolerance for inauthentic people. If you ask a question than do it with genuine concern and expect an honest answer. That being said the Empath loves a deep meaningful conversation where authentic emotion is exchanged. Whether it be laughter or tears, as long as it has value and value is measured with emotions.

The second is the music itself. The Empath thrives on emotions. Music is one of the most readily available and expressive forms of emotion. All people are influenced by music on some level. The Empath simply has a heightened sense of how music influences their emotional body. They can feel the music sort of speak. Therefore if an Empath is holding a feeling of sadness then a melancholy song will pull it out of them. Contrarily an upbeat song can fire them up or a love song can open their heart up. The Empath is not a slave to the music but can consciously choose their preference of music depending on their underlying emotion. Movies and television have a similar effect and this is why Empaths learn to abstain from most media. They are or should be very selective about what they will watch. Don’t get upset if your empath friend refuses to watch something as artificial as realty television with you.

3.)  Sensory deprivation and rest. The Empath is sensitive to more than just emotions. They are typically more sensitive to substances and stimulation as well. The Empath is often very perceptive. They will notice subtle incongruent behaviors of others. They will notice the subtle stimuli that most human brains do not register. In other words, we are generally great at those magazine games where you are asked to point out the difference in two seemingly identical objects. I would bet on an Empath finding Waldo first. This combined with an introspective nature can lead to spending way too much time and brain power analyzing themselves and others.

All human brains need the occasional break from stimulation. The Empath needs a little or rather a lot more. Allow yourself to rest when needed. Meditate, lye down in a quiet  dark room, nap, sleep in, etc. Avoid others, media and noise when needed. Do not place burdens on yourself and people please. Instead of going drinking in the club to make your friend happy stay home, do some light reading and go to bed at 9 pm or earlier. Better yet, treat yourself to some herbal tea and a salt bath.

4.) Water Exposure. I have always been a “Bath Man”. Prior to ever hearing the term Empath I always enjoyed a good soak after a long day of absorbing the toxic emotions of others. Water is the most receptive of the elements. Soaking in water is alchemy in action. One can amplify this process with a mantra or ritual. Whisper some loving words to the water and change its very nature (this has been proven scientifically). Add some Epsom Salt  for maximum results. Epsom salt/ magnesium sulfate salts cause vasodilation and enhance the osmotic process. It is great for soar tired muscles and utilized by many athletes to ease the rigors of strenuous training. Many Epsom Salt products contain lavender or mint among others to enhance the effects and provide aromatherapy. If one really wants to spice things up then I suggest lighting a candle and tossing a few sage leaves in the water.

5.) Feng Shui and sage. Most people enjoy the energy of a clean, clutter free environment. The Empath is a natural clean freak, when they aren’t too  tired to clean that is. There is mountains of information on the art of Feng Shi if you are so inclined. To simplify, keep it clean. Clutter, dust and dirt must go. Open windows when possible. Buy some plants and place them strategically around your home. Organize your furniture to allow smooth flow of the natural current or energy in the area. Let you intuition guide you in this process. The best placement of furniture will feel right for you.

The occasional Sage smudging can clear the home and provide a fresh feel. I personally find that once every few weeks is ideal for me. However, depending on your location, occupants and the building itself you may require more or less Sage smudging. Allow your senses to determine the frequency. When your home begins to feel heavy or dense despite cleaning then it may be a good indicator to Sage.

6.) Etheric retraction. I once had one of those awesome spiritual dreams we all love so much. In this dream, I could see my etheric body all around me. It was transparent and I realized I could expand and retract it at will with my mind/ intention. My son was sleeping next to me, in reality and in the dream and I could see his as well. Most importantly I could see our etheric bodies or auras interacting with one another. This dream, other than just being a cool experience made me realize something. Our etheric bodies interact with others. Furthermore we can control them with our concentration, our gaze and our proximity to others.

So on the rare occasion you are required to leave the house, wait in a line, stand in a crowd or interact with another Human Being directly then try the following. Visualize your etheric body/ aura and bring it in close to you. Imagine it hugging your skin. This is difficult when having a direct conversation with someone. Remember energy flows where concentration goes, therefore maintaining eye contact with someone while simultaneously  focusing on your etheric body takes practice. One way to avoid etheric contamination is to avoid eye contact with certain people. Either way the individual will likely consider you aloof, indifferent or detached. If they feel that way then congratulations. You are doing it right. You have a right to protect your energy. More importantly, you can choose who you want to share your etheric body with just as you do your physical body.

I hope you enjoyed the Empath survival guide. These techniques and behaviors have allowed me to be a relatively functional Empath. I hope they do the same for you.

Dan McGinley RN BSN

Holistic Health and Consciousness Coach


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