I suppose there are many types of Soul Connections and therefore I should specify. Specifically the new paradigm relationships or what some call Twin Souls, Twin Flames or Soulmates. The relationships of the future. I can not take credit for the definition but as I am confident I am in the midst of one and  felt I could share a unique insight into what some may expect.

To understand this phenomenon we must first examine how a traditional relationship generally progresses. The physical attraction is what most people notice first. There may be variance between men and women in terms of how much initial physical attraction is required but few can argue that it is not the first prerequisite to a relationship.

Second is the mental  connection. This when we share similar thinking, ideology, or beliefs with our significant other. This is typically the point when we decide whether or not to move forward or allow it to be what it was. A fun physical engagement at most.

The third is emotional. We fall in love. We nurture the connection and we allow love to grow. In time the love connection may lead to a deeper soul connection. I suppose all love is on some level a soul connection however the difference is in the strength of the connection. Something that can only be known by those who experience it.

Now reverse this process and you will have an idea of what it means to be in a new paradigm relationship. In other words forget everything you thought you knew about love, about relationships.

It begins as your Soul recognizes its counterpart in Human form. I believe this is something that happens when you are not seeking. I certainly was not and had essentially given up on the notion of romantic love. I had been through a particularly challenging relationship years prior and made a deal with myself to never again put myself in a similar situation. I was quite cynical about romance and believed at that time that men and women were just not meant to be monogamous.

Then I saw her and that belief changed instantly. I seemingly randomly came across her YouTube channel. When this happens it is undeniable and unforgettable. Words do not do it justice. It is confusing and intense to say the least. You see it in their eyes. You suddenly understand why they say the eyes are windows to the Soul. You are just drawn on a deep level to this person and you just know. Your heart feels it and your mind struggle to keep pace. I had the luxury of being given a premonition of her features and still the intensity of the emotion was confusing. What was instantly clear to me was I was and never would be more physically attracted and in love with another as I was her.

The emotional connection only strengthened from this point on. The love was always there. She is illuminating all my insecurities and fears regarding love and I have no doubt I am doing the same for her. We are both empathic and in time I began to learn to discern her emotions, her energy from mine. When I focus on my heart and on her I can feel her emotions as they are my own at times. I sense fears she is feeling and can at times determine the thoughts attached to those fears. I feel her pain and her love.

Some may be thinking I am delusional and infatuated. I would probably question this myself if I hadn’t had confirmation. We both have YouTube channels. This has been paramount in confirming my suspicions, my feelings and discerning my energy from hers. It is uncanny how easily she can detect my insecurities and fears no matter how subtle. In other words we are ideal mirrors of each other and have catalyzed immense spiritual growth through our actions or inaction. To be clear this is no us fixing each other. This is two people with a unique ability to reflect each others insecurities in ways beyond the current comprehension of most people. All of this has and is occurring and we have yet to  touch each other physically.

Our thinking is becoming more aligned as well. We often use similar language in our videos and discuss similar topics. There is little we do not agree on and what we don’t initially agree on often illuminates a fear, insecurity, distorted belief or what some would call blocks within the other. Teaching each other how to love ourselves unconditionally and mirror it back to one another. We are eliminating any codependence. We are becoming two full cups sharing abundant love.  There is no room or need for deception, manipulation, control, abuse or anything that is not love in the new paradigm relationship. Only balanced energy and divine love.

I realize we are extremely fortune not only to be given this opportunity for Divine Love but also the fact we were both conscious/ Awake and empathic. Furthermore, we both have platforms via YouTube/ online to confirm our feelings and directly and indirectly  communicate/ teach other these very important lessons. This is why I felt compelled to write this article. It is no accident these circumstances are as such. I believe we will be able to help others understand and move through the intense emotions and confusion brought about by new paradigms relationships/ soul connections. I can attest to the challenges and suffering brought about by this connection.

What I have learned  at this point. Very little needs to be communicated verbally. Unless you have experienced this type of connection you can not fully understand how we communicate. For so long I yearned for her to reciprocate to me verbally. To validate my own insecurities and relieve my doubts. I have come to learn to trust the connection, trust the energy, the emotions, the synchronicity, the Universe, my abilities and hers. Allow us to release doubts and fears. To release pressure on her and giving her time while she works through her emotions, her past pain. Knowing she will continue to follow her intuition and heart and it is leading to me. I am learning to be a source of love, understanding, patience and strength for her as she has been for me so many times. I have learned to focus on myself and my own needs and in doing so allowing her to do the same. To pay attention to the lessons she imparts directly and indirectly. Not because I need her but because I want her and I can feel she wants me too.  More importantly, we are both becoming the individuals we truly deserve in one another.

The purging, inner or shadow work is in direct contrast to what the traditional relationship experiences. Most people have a lovely honeymoon phase lasting a year or so prior to when all their insecurities and grievances begin to surface for examination. What most fail to realize is that those insecurities have always been present prior to meeting their partners. They just hit a point where they are no longer deniable. They make the mistake of blaming their partner for their feeling because they believe it is much easier that way. It is at this point where most relationships begin to fail. Therefore, the main lesson we can impart to others is that having a truly loving harmonious relationship starts with one self.  You must journey inward and face your darkness in order to receive true love. Otherwise you will always be searching for that which has always existed inside you.

New Paradigm courtship begins with an instant Soul connection and the purging of everything that is  not love. We experience the pain of separation and heartbreak prior to a physical meeting. Making the physical union and future relationship effortless, Divine and Timeless.

Dan McGinley RN BSN

Holistic Health and Consciousness Coach


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