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The Soul Contract

My Dearest Twin Flame,

I tried and I am so sorry. I never saw this coming. I can’t explain the connection nor can I break it. When I first saw you I knew who you were. Some call it love at first site. The truth is I have always  loved you. I had just forgotten you existed. When I saw you I remembered. The lifetimes spent searching for you, for my home, for my self. Never certain what I was seeking until you appeared. Your are the most beautiful thing God has ever created in my eyes. It’s as if he allowed me to assist in your creation. Sculpting you to my exact taste as assurance I would never see another as I do you. Assurance that I would fall for you instantly and know you were divinely designed with love and Divine Love is you.

Before I met you an Angel whispered in my ear. She told me what color hair, skin and eyes you would have. She told me how I would discover you. One gaze into your eyes and I knew. My Soul shuttered and my heart raced. I knew nothing would ever be the same and it never was.

The knowledge of you alone has opened every wound time and time again. Every piece of armor has been stripped from me. There is nowhere for me to hide. There is nothing I can do. There is no other I can open my heart or mind to. There is no magic I can perform or prayer I can say to release me.

The truth is, if there were a way out I would choose to stay. I would choose you time and time again. In this lifetime and for eternity. I do not blame you for the pain my Love. I thank you. I am grateful for the healing, for the lessons you impart. You are my teacher, my inspiration and my muse. You reminded me what unconditional love feels like. You taught me what it means. How to give and receive it.

I surrender not in defeat but in Faith in our divine connection. In the trust that our love can transcend any obstacle including death. I surrender in the knowledge that we have done this  before and we are destined to do this one last time.

Dan McGinley

3 thoughts on “The Soul Contract

  1. Hey bro, if you need to talk feel free to send me an email….. I hope all is well with you 😇

    1. Thanks buddy, I am great my friend. Sounds rather melancholy but its really not.

  2. Dan, when I experienced this I had no clue what was happening. The whole in my heart needed some special healing. This article will help others understand how intensive a Twin Flame relationship! Excellent article!

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