Dearest Earth Angel, Light Worker, Starseed, Indigo, Rainbow Child, Twin Flame and all the others I missed. The time has come to be selective about how we identify ourselves. I can identify with many of these labels and some are very accurate descriptors of my traits and experiences. It is often uncanny how accurately definitive they can. There are many useful benefits to these labels. They help us understand who we are and why we are here. They bring us strength during our dark nights of the Soul. They provide us a sense of belonging, solidarity and community. These are all important facets but I am not alone in my recognition of an important fact. These labels or rather Titles are causing more harm than good. More Dark than Light.

I am guilty as anyone of throwing these Labels around, often carelessly. I write about my Twin Flame journey, Light Workers, Earth Angels and Empaths. In my writing I assume the Titles. I have since adopted an opposing opinion on this matter. It’s not that I have had a change of heart, no longer believe or identify with it. I have simply recognized the imitating, divisiveness and egoic nature of using them loosely.

Whenever we label something we limit it. A definition by definition has boundaries. If you are a light worker than you are assuming the light worker archetype and therefore you naturally, subconsciously begin to assume patterns, characteristics and beliefs. These beliefs as all beliefs limit our infinitely expansive consciousness. One limits their uniqueness and authenticity. Conforming to an Ideal, concept or notion completely results in rigidity. Decreases the flow, the energetic stream and ultimately dims your light. Your unique creative power is your Life Force. Therefore the greatest light work one can perform is to be the rare, unique, light-filled Being that they are. Without restriction, conformity, apology or regret. A real Human Being is the best any one of us can aspire to in this form.

All Titles result in division. I speak on behalf of the collective on this issue. The non-spiritual community. The Majority of Human Beings on this planet. When we begin to identify as something rare, unique and Divine we deny our Humanity. We further isolate ourselves from those we claim to be here to serve. When others can not identify with us they are highly unlikely to listen yet alone join us on this mass Awakening. I understand there are greater forces at work but the mission remains. If you are identifying as any of the previously mentioned labels than you are aware of the greater Mission. To assist Humanity and Mother Earth in the expansion of Consciousness and healing. How you go about this is your unique job for you to discover and perform. Ostracizing oneself is counterproductive despite your unique purpose. Separation is the opposite of oneness, of love, forgiveness, acceptance and non-judgment. Besides, How many of you had even heard these labels prior to your Awakening? Would you not have turned your back to those who claim to be such?

When one buys into the story of being an incredibly rare Divinely guided Being than it becomes easy to fall into the pitfall of Ego. Remember all life is of equal value in the eyes of God. Human life is especially beautiful. Remember the same infinite light of source exists in all living things. God exists in all our Brothers and Sisters and to accept them all as equal, beautiful and unique in their own right. Does Love have  hierarchy? Is an older Soul more valuable than a younger one? Is an infant more valuable than the elderly? More Wise? How can we assume age of souls is even real in a timeless multiverse? None of us can fully understand in its entirety as Human Beings. Ego limits perspective and lack of perspective is the anti-theism of Wisdom.

I do not speak to you as an Authority on this matter and do not mean to lecture you my dearest friends. I speak as a Man who once made all the mistakes I illuminate to you now. I fell into the trap of thinking I was special and somehow superior to my fellow Man. I limited my understanding and expansiveness when I bought into the stories. The Stories I discovered in the most confusing and terrifying time of my life. A time I didn’t want to be told I was rare, unique or special. A time I just wanted to be reassured that I was normal. A Human Being and that was the most rare, magnificent and important  thing to be.



Thoughts on Empaths and Psychics:

While I identify with being an Empath and can relate completely, I am more cognizant of labels and their innate ability to cultivate separatism. I respect the reality, uniqueness, awesomeness and challenges of Empaths.  I also believe all Human Beings have the ability to develop Empathic abilities while acknowledging some people are born with innate empathic abilities. The classical nurture versus nature dilemma. I can only basis this from my personal experience, intuition and in my observation of others. In hindsight I have always had some of these abilities but nothing like I now poses. Therefore my natural conclusion is I have cultivated this ability through meditation, mindfulness and sensitizing my nervous system to the various forms of energy. Energy in the form of emotions and thoughts among others. If I can do it than so can every other Human Being who has the ability to focus and breathe. My deduction is that  all Human Beings can be Empaths and Psychics. Like all skills their abilities are dependent partially on genetics and the rest is training.


Love and Empathy,

Dan McGinley



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