The Ego is part of our mind derived from a brain designed to protect us. In a dangerous primitive world this was a very useful mechanism. Anything resulting in fear was avoided unless absolutely necessary for survival. This allowed people to minimize unnecessary risks and therefore increased their chances of survival.

The world has changed and is no longer the fearful place it once was. Despite what the Media and powers that oversee it would have you believe. We live in the safest most opportune era in Human history. This is a statistical fact. True we do not yet live in a Utopia, but it is certainly possible. We currently have the technology and resources to house and feed every Human being on Earth while cleaning up the waste laid to Mother Earth. The only question is why we do not? Ego and it’s need to make us feel safe. The irony is that when we maintain the illusion of fear we only further endanger ourselves and others. The more we scramble to have more than others we feed the illusion that more possessions, money and relationships will somehow give us what we seek. Make us happy and allow us the much-needed rest we crave. It will not. However, releasing the desire will. The Buddhist say desire is the cause of all suffering. I say all desire has purpose. A lesson intended to teach us who we are and what truly matters.

The problem with the Ego is that it does not differentiate a legitimate risk from an illusionary one. The sub-conscious mind does not know the difference from bullets whizzing by your head and rejection, disappointment, financial distress or heart break. Therefore, all risk is mitigated and any action that deviates from the norm is considered too risky. The result is a civilization of apathetic cowards. Too afraid to speak their mind or acquire their dreams. All based on false beliefs. Illusions we hold as truth because the truth is often too painful to look at. The truth being that we allowed this, we chose it, we built it and we maintain it. This is the primary function of Ego. Reinforce the falsehoods that prevent us from feeling pain. Sadly, as we run from pain we run love, peace, joy and harmony. It is in healing our pain and the abolishment of fear do allow the full spectrum of emotion and understanding to enter our hearts and minds.

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