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Gratitude: My Morning Prayer

Showing gratitude is great way to put things in perspective. We do not always feel great about our lives, situations and circumstances. Gratitude is a great way to change one’s mindset and therefore their mood. I choose the morning because our subconscious is primed as our brain has not full awakened. We are still in a delta wave pattern and converting to Theta. It takes about 28 days to reprogram a Human mind. Try reciting this prayer or a similar Mantra every morning for a month.  I recite the following

Dear God,

Thank you for Love

Thank you for Grace

Thank you for fortitude, perseverance and resolve

Thank you for strength

Thank you for my Heath and this Body

Thank you for kindness

Thank you for forgiveness

Thank you for compassion

Thank you for  guidance

Thank you for abundance

Thank you for my Son, My Parents, My Family

Thank you for the friends I have made. Please watch over and provide for them as you have me.

Thank you for Wisdom, the lessons you have taught me. I look forward to learning all the wisdom you deem appropriate to impart upon your child. Wisdom I will share with my Brothers and Sisters as your will permits.

Thank you for the opportunity to experience your miraculous creation that is life. Thank you for every breath, experience and emotion I have ever known.

I love you


Dan McGinley




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