I suppose I should start by specifying what I mean by the Purge. I am not referring to the recent horror films where people try to murder  each other  for 24 hours. Purging is associated with Spiritual practices and is synonymous with other terms such as dark night of the soul, ego death, shadow work the work and transmutting emotional density to name a few.  Many distinguish and split hairs on the nomenclature but I argue the only real differences is  the individual’s subjective interpretations. The meaning we attribute to the experiences, the suffering. The suffering is not in vain. Like all events it has meaning, purpose, and value.

In essence the process is similar. It is the process of feeling. Learning your emotional body. Becoming more sensitive to your energy, your energetic body. Clearing the chakras from the various energetic blockages.  Your thoughts and the emotions that are entangled with them are energy. Everything is energy. Purging is the process of healing.  Releasing old emotional densities and allowing the embodiment of more love and light to replace them. This is followed by physical healing and ultimately greater physical health, psychological well-being and emotional stability.

The greater/  more frequent our meditative practices  become and the more we allow the uncomfortable, painful, dense emotions to flow through us. The more sensitive our nervous system becomes. Allowing greater self-awareness and enhanced empathic and psychic  abilities. Some believe these qualities are things only a select few are born with. I believe that argument is more about those individuals Ego’s needs to be unique and special. The nature vs nurture argument. Like all skills there is a level of natural abilities and then there is training. I personally didn’t believe psychics were legitimate until I began these practices and began perceiving the Spiritual realm. In other words I was no natural but consistent practice has developed my natural abilities. Abilities all Humans have to some degree or another. I do not believe God only created a small percentage of us to have unique access to his/ her Wisdom, Love and Guidance on Earth. To say otherwise is separatism and this is unfortunately where many Spiritual Communities fall short.

This process teaches one to differentiate the thoughts that represent one’s Truth. Thoughts that don’t feel good are directing you to a place you should avoid and vice versa. Often these thoughts defy logic, reason and the status quo.  This is ultimately the process in which we find our path, our purpose, our Spirit Mission.

It sounds simple right? So why do so very few do it? I suspect that the main reason is so few believe in it. We have been indoctrinated and conditioned  by centuries of systems. Beliefs and institutions created to enslave the Human mind. It is only through freeing the mind do we free the heart. We allow our hearts to guide us while our minds take a back seat. Once we have purged enough fear and the fear-based emotions from the mind do we allow our hearts to express themselves creatively. The mind that once spent most of its time trying to protect the heart from the illusion that is fear can now truly do what it is meant to. When we are no longer worried about everything. What others think, not having enough money, stuff, superficial relationships, seeking distractions from the pain that has become our reality etc. We are truly free to create and to live as intended. Free, in the flow, Divine, connected to Nature and to God.

It is really quite simple but it is not easy. How many people do you know embrace pain? We are taught to do everything we can to decrease pain and maximize pleasure. The only problem is we are going about this the wrong way. Purge the pain and allow the pleasure. Do not numb it, run from it or deny it. It is not a quick fix or a gimmick. It is literally facing your darkness and bringing to light. It requires courage, perseverance and commitment. However so does all life and I promise you friends. It is the greatest decision you can make for yourselves. I would never trade my life now for the one I was living and it gets better everyday.

The purging gets easier. The beginning was the worst. In time and with practice it got more efficient and tolerable. I now embrace the process without hesitation. When I feel a dense emotion I breathe through it and allow myself to feel it. I don’t bury, ignore or run from it. I do this because I now know on the other side is bliss and love. With each purge I become closer to God and my ideal life.

We are conditioned to believe our emotions require a reason. When you or someone is crying the question is always Why are you crying? What’s wrong? The same is true when we are happy or calm in a situation that others are not. Why are you so happy today?

If I have learned anything from the proverbial “Work” it is this. We need no reason to feel. Sometimes there is insight when expressing emotions. grief, loss, separation etc. These insights can teach us about ourselves and in doing so the emotional-thought-behavior patterns we recognize in ourselves can be recognized in others. Thus enhancing our ability to empathize with people. Enhancing qualities  such as compassion and understanding.

Sometimes I have no clue what I am purging. Where the emotions originated. I can be feeling intense love where my chest is warm and bursting with joy. Where I am in love with every thing and everyone in sight followed by tears of sadness. I have no idea why. My heart Chakra clearing? Is it childhood emotions? Past life Karma? The collective pain of others? Perhaps the Human emotional spectrum is just far more complicated than we are willing to consider. Perhaps we simply can’t feel such intense joy without the occasional pain. After all, how can one appreciate or recognize light without darkness?

Frankly, I don’t care where they come from. I am just happy to release them.  Knowing I am one more purge closer to my Divine life. Merging ever so closer to Source, God, the infinite intelligence.

Love and Empathy,


Dan McGinley RN BSN


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