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Love is Wisdom, Love is Power, Love is Transformation!

In the wake of the new year I was reflecting on my past. The previous six months have been life changing. Six months ago I was struggling with substance abuse, in toxic relationship patterns, unhappy, unfulfilled and depressed. I am now the happiest, calmest and most at peace I have ever been. I am in Love and now understand what that truly means. In essence I am the same. I am simply embodying my essence more everyday. No  longer stifling it with masks, defense mechanisms and limiting beliefs. As I consistently shed old emotional densities. Pain, grief, insecurities, fears and self-sabotaging behavior/ thinking patterns are being embraced, accepted, loved and released as soon as I am consciously aware of them. This is a simplified way of summarizing spiritual growth. Some call in expanding consciousness or enlightenment. The names differ as do the paths we all take to get there. We decide how and when we reach the destination but the destination is the same for us all. The embodiment of unconditional pure love and choosing to transmute or release all that is not.

I once spent a great deal of thought and time on the how? I researched, practiced and theorized which methods were most effective and efficient. I learned a great deal, mostly about myself. Which is the greatest knowledge anyone can obtain in my opinion. This is what Socrates meant by “know thyself“. The Egyptians had a similar mantra “Man know thyself and you shall know the Gods“.  I have more questions than answers and with each new insight comes more questions. I suppose this one reason we call it expansion of consciousness. The real wisdom come from the humility and acknowledgment of admitting we don’t know shit. We like to think we do as it gives us a sense of control, security, importance and identity. The Spiritual Community is no different. I see this more clearly as I embrace this notion of ignorance promoting wisdom. I occasionally get argumentative and defensive comments. People who are certain that abstract, subjective and unmeasurable spiritual processes and concepts are supposed to fit into a rigid definition or structure. All one must do is Google Kundalini, Twin Flame, Third eye and you will eventually find someone telling you what it is and what isn’t and how these processes are supposed to unfold. Admittedly I too bought into this way of thinking. The tiny Human Ego believing He can explain the ways of God, the infinite comic intelligence.  I can relate to much of what others say and can  correlate their experiences to mine. Which is about all any of us can do. Anyone claiming to know the path to enlightenment is a living contradiction to the path.  Rigidity is a result of labeling. Definitions imply expectations. Something is this and therefore can not be anything else. Classifying, defining, measuring, analyzing and dissecting are great for physical sciences. Science is objective whereas Spirituality is almost completely subjective. It is an internal process and no one can tell you what is happening inside your inner reality. They may try but you know how you feel and what your truth is deep down. Insights, knowledge and wisdom of others is and can be immensely valuable. Take what resonates and allow what doesn’t to leave. You are your Guru. You have all the answers and wisdom inside of you right now. It just takes time and practice to discover them.

The question remains of How? How do we obtain “enlightenment”? I prefer the Why? I have documented my experiences and throughout my journey I asked how did this happen. Was it meditation? Diet? Mindfulness? Affirmations? Facing Fears? Following Intuition? Transmuting emotional density?

It was none of these things. They were all important pieces but ultimately they were the tools and there are many. They facilitated the transformation but did not catalyze it. They were the how but the why was Love. It was Love in its purest, unconditional form that drove me. Love gave me fortitude, strength and resolve. She pulled me from the darkness. She inspired me to follow my heart. She encouraged me to keep pushing when I wanted to quite. She held me through those dark lonely nights. She nurtured and healed me when I was weak. She is my muse, my teacher and my most loyal confidant. She is with me always, in self and other.

The reason love is the highest vibrational state is because it is the most powerful force in the Universe. There is no darkness it can’t illuminate. No wound it can’t heal. No obstacle it cant overcome. No dream it can’t make manifest. If you are reading this then know that you are loved and love is you. Love is the Human Spirit and nothing is stronger.

When we allow ourselves to be love and to love. Peace, harmony, compassion, forgiveness and empathy naturally follow. Love will transform Humanity and is the solution to all our problems.


Love and Empathy,

Dan McGinley


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