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Let’s Get Weird: How Authenticity Expands Human Consciousness

I was a child when Prince changed his name to a symbol. I was so confused at the time. There were so many questions. Why would someone do such a thing? What is the purpose? Is that even possible? How will others address him verbally? I am still not clear on what his intentions were but I can comprehend the importance of his act of weirdness and all seemingly strange behaviors or people.

The deeper I traverse along this Spiritual journey or rather as my consciousness expands I become stranger. Furthermore I am much more tolerant and appreciative of others. I see the beauty in art, music and people who are simply themselves. There is nothing more alluring than someone who is comfortable in their own skin. In other words my tastes have changed substantially. You could say I love me some strange.

Strange being defined but the collective agreement of what normal is. An impossible standard that has little tolerances for deviations. A system of false beliefs and rules that stifle creativity through oppression of the collective authenticity. This is all changing of course. The weirder people get the more expansive the collective consciousness becomes.

Consider the social norms allotted in 1950’s America. The rigid social norms of  the quintessential American Society. The good old days where people lied to themselves and each other about who they were. The denial of Humanity and Human rights to those considered different. If it wasn’t for the freaks of the day, particularly the social revolutions of the 60’s we would likely still be stuck in an episode of Leave it to Beaver. The sacrifices made those who dared to be strange were not in Vain. We just no longer call them weirdos. We call them pioneers, heroes and legend.

What does being different have to do with expansion of consciousness? It causes people to ask questions. Should Black and White children be able to attend the same schools? Should women be able to do the same jobs as men? Why can’t a man dress as a woman? Why shouldn’t two men or two women be able to marry? These questions lead to bigger questions such as are all men and women created equal? Who decides what is equality? Who is in power and what are their Agenda’s? What is appropriate or not in terms of Human sexuality?  Relationships?  or what’s in a name anyway? Does one’s birth name have anything to do with who they truly are? or is it just another identifier? A label? a means of classification attempting to understand something so beautiful, so complex, so unique and so infinite that a name can’t possibly accomplish this. Perhaps an infinity sign is more appropriate.

Each act of weirdness sets a precedent. Anyone changing their name to a symbol would hardly bat anyone’s eye. When a black person sits in the front of the bus no one causes a stink.  Each act of weirdness is a testament to the Divine Creator inside of us. Stop conforming, stop trying to be normal and stop trying to fit in. Let’s get weird. Show the normal people of the World what they are denying in themselves. Their light is their authenticity. Their truth is their uniqueness.

auxano is Greek and means to augment change or facilitate growth. Aletheia means truthfulness or unconcealed, authentic.

Dan McGinley RN BSN


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