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Physiology of an Empath

Those who have undergone a Spiritual Awakening or reach a certain point of consciousness can identify as an Empath. What is an Empath? I would define an Empath as one who is acutely aware of their emotional body and that of others. They have the ability to feel emotions, theirs and those of others, deeply. They have the ability to transmute these emotions. They can release them or rather turn them into emotions that are more desirable such as love, joy, bliss etc. In other words, we feel all emotions deeply. We are sensitive to the emotional residues of people, places and even objects. This gift can make us hermits. Preferring solitude more often than social events. We are like sponges for the projected emotions of others and therefore can be easily overstimulated. Inevitably leaving us drained. We can be the target of toxic people who seek us subconsciously. The Narcissist or energy vampires have been part of an Empaths life at one point or another. They feed on our ability to transmute their harsh emotions without either party realizing it at the time. Narcissist never figure it out.

We often require significant alone time or prefer spending time with the select few match our frequencies and rarely if ever project on us. Yes, there are rare people like this. We need time in Nature to heal and clear. We need water for the same reasons as we appreciates its receptive alchemical abilities. Therefore we enjoy a good soak in the Tub or dip in the Pool, better yet the Ocean or a Lake. Sage, candles, crystals are all things I have gravitated to since the expansion of my Empathic abilities as most of us are. The question I have pondered is are Empaths born or created? In other words, Are empathic abilities innate or developed and what I the mechanism?

Both, I believe Empathic abilities are similar to psychic abilities. They may be the result of the same underlying mechanism. Some are born with it, others develop them consciously and many are combination of both. I believe I am the later. I have always had a degree of Empathic abilities but it was not until I expanded my consciousness or my Awakening that I really noticed them. I had to learn how to protect myself and avoid situations or people that would drain me. A skill I am still cultivating daily. So how does it happen?

If you have been following my Blogs or watching my videos than you are aware that I like to merge Science/ Anatomy and Physiology with Spirituality/ the Metaphysical. I believe a lot of the answers lie in our neurochemical/ neurophysiological processes. I believe Spirituality is more about brain function and less about mysticism. However I do not deny the Spiritual essence or the Divine nature within each of us. I do not assert that it is all physical or can be explained with current science. If my expansion has taught me anything it is I don’t know shit and the collective is even more lost than I am. One thing I am certain of is that Science will explore this topic to it’s technological limits as the consciousness of Humanity expands, the second thing I am certain of and perhaps someday theories such as this will show merit.

It starts with the separation of the conscious and sub-conscious mind. The perceived separation that is. Our sub-conscious minds do not know the difference between violence on the television and “real” violence happening in front of us. Therefore our emotional body is effected or an emotional response is activated. The average Human Being consciously discerns the two and therefore moderates the emotional response. They tell themselves its not real and therefore it is harmless. Sadly, they are wrong. The constant fear based or rather fear inducing media is effecting the subconscious and subsequent emotional bodies of the collective. In other words, you physical and emotional bodies respond to images of Regan from The Exorcist as if she were sitting in the room with you. Your mind simply tells you another story. This story diminishes the fear but doesn’t eliminate it completely. Tell me honestly that The Exorcist didn’t scare the f@#k out of you? It is the classic acronym of F.E.A.R. false evidence appearing real summarized with an example. The news does this too. Only they take seemingly real events. Events with some degree of accuracy, fear based of course and then they sensationalize it and spend hours, days, weeks or years discussing it. The result is you begin believing that the World is dangerous and a scary place, much more so than it actually is. All esoteric teachings aside, statistically the World is the safest and most  opportune it has ever been in the history of Humanity. An hour of Fox news would convince you otherwise. The end result is a slow consistent programming of the Human Mind. From Womb to Tomb for most people, except the Empath.

If you feel like you may not be an Empath, fear not. It is a skill that can be developed. The difference between an Empath and the other is that the Empath has sensitized themselves to knowledge that the only real reality is emotion. The way we feel is more important than what we perceive in our external reality. It is no coincidence that Empaths can not tolerate most media. Like the people we spend time with we are very selective or we become very selective as we understand that our external reality effects our internal reality and our internal reality is the only thing that is truly real. Therefore sitting on the couch watching a Man being beaten to death feels very real to us. Only a sadist would enjoy watching something like that. So why do so many people seem to be unaffected by the amount of violence on television? They have been desensitized.

My theory is simple. It is known that meditation trains the Mind to be more aware. More aware of thoughts, emotions and sensations of the internal environment that is our Human Body. Awareness of Self. This has been proven via imaging studies as the part of the brain associated with self-awareness is larger in meditators. There is more to it than mediation but you get the idea. The nervous system undergoes an adaptation response that leading to increased awareness of emotions. Possibly to the point of the energetic frequency disturbances caused by emotions. The disruptions of ions caused by feelings. Not that far fetched when considering the electrical discharge resulting the firing or current of a nerve cell (neuron) is just that. An ion exchange of sodium and potassium respectively.

Are you ready to become an Empath?

Dan McGinley RN BSN


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