Following the onset of our Awakenings, It does not take us long to find the various labels that others like us identify as. Lightworker, Empath, Earth Angel, Starseed, Indigo. Like many of you I can relate to the majority of the characteristics with varying accuracy of all these titles. I once came across a description of Indigo Adults that accurately described my life, previous roles and professions to a Tee. Claiming an Indigo adult is a Martial Artists, then a Healer, a Teacher and eventually a Spiritualist. These are roles I have served or am serving presently.  It was somewhat eerie in retrospect and blew my Mind at the time.

I find it Ironic that the deeper I traverse along my Spiritual path the less I identify with any particular title. I often do not put my credentials behind my name when authoring my work. Our titles and even our names are not who we are in essence to say the least. We are all Spirit, energy, oneness and nothingness simultaneously. We are alpha and omega. Duality and singularity. In the grand scheme of things titles, labels and stereotypes are moot. They are equally harmful in their own respect. If one believes they are an Expert while another an Idiot both become self-fulfilling prophecies and deprive themselves of deeper understanding. The Expert knows all there is to know about their respective subject and likely doesn’t question. An Idiot assumes they are not smart or capable enough to learn more than they presently know. When we look at each other we must adopt a perspective of not seeing one as they are but as they could be. Wisdom I adopted from Les Brown.

Despite the inherent problems with Labeling, quantifying and categorizing infinite beings that are in Human bodies, I concede to the necessity of such to facilitate understanding in some cases. It can be quite empowering. It reminds us we are not alone despite how lonely, isolated, ostracized and different we may feel. As we release the old titles we once prided ourselves on. The process many call Ego Death or Dark Night of the Soul. Terms that I personally find misleading and fear promoting. As if suddenly being contacted by the Spiritual realm isn’t scary enough you get online and read a bunch of shit about how all you are is going to die. For the first month or so following my Awakening I would dread the proverbial Dark Night as if it was an actual single event in which I would face metaphorical death. I get it now but feel Ego integration is much more accurate and pleasing but I digress.

Whether or not you subscribe or identify with the Spiritual Titles matters not. There are undeniable facts we all share. We are rare. Another label, rather prophecy of the 144,000. The children Israel’s 12 Tribes described in the book of Revelations among other religious texts. The one’s who, according to the Bible are supposed to build the “New Church” or “Save the World”.  Seeing 12:12 on the clock lately? 12 time 12 equals 144 and is possibly, according to some your synchronistic code confirming your anointment. If this notion resonates with you I wouldn’t recommend sharing it with any highly Religious friends or Family. Christians once tortured and burned people for such perceived blasphemy. Considering people with such rigid beliefs and standards for Truth are the least likely to build the “New Church” aka the New Earth/ New Paradigm they may feel a little betrayed by whichever organization they placed their Faith in. Ultimately, this is how we increase the Consciousness of the Planet. It will not be a Religious Organization / Church, It will not be a Government or revolutionary faction. It will not be single spiritual leader or so called elite few. It will not be the Yogic or Zen Masters. It will be the meek that inherit the Earth. Metaphorically of course as the fate of Humanity will determine the fate of the planet. The seemingly once average. The School Teacher, the Housewife, the Nurse, The Scientist, The Ex-Con, the College Student, the Mechanic, the Artist, the Addict, the Homeless Man, The High School dropout. The one they called Faggot, Slut, Dumbass, Bitch, Whore, Useless, Weak, Ugly and every hateful foul label imaginable.  The New “Church” will be built in the hearts and minds of every man, woman and child on Earth. It will not be through violence or force. It will not be the epic battle of Good versus Evil.  It will be the people that the Old World never expected. The unseen Souls whose worth is far beyond their physical bodies and societal labels. The Souls who will teach this to Humanity.  The people who saw through and decided to reject the old systems of control, manipulation and fear. Those who embrace a life of higher consciousness, of unconditional Love, of Compassion and Forgiveness. Those who are fearlessly  authentic, speak their Truth and shine their light for others. Others who will have two choices. Embrace the light or dig deeper into their darkness. Easy choice in my opinion.

Lightworker! Remember who you are. A capable Soul who came here to light the path for others. Assuming it is as they say and there are 144,000 of us on the Planet and most of you are waking up now or will be soon. Statistically we are one of the rarest groups of individuals on the planet. We are making history. Your children, their children and beyond will speak proudly of your part you played in the Great Expansion or as I also call the Second Renaissance. The objective is simple but very difficult. Find the light inside you and share with the world. When things get hard as they are sure to. Remember this, God did not task the wrong person with the Job. Rejoice in your birth right.

I am Dan McGinley




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