I have recently come to a place in my journey where doubt and validation seeking is no longer warranted or necessary. I understand why so many are fascinated by the Twin Flame concept and seek clarity in regards to their personal circumstance. It is an experience like nothing else and a connection that can’t be explained by any previous relationship models or definitions of love in which we are accustomed. I can not give anyone validation and neither will your Twin, in the beginning anyway. This is the template for relationships in the new paradigm. A love that is truly unconditional and purifies all doubt and stipulations we once placed on romantic love. It burns the old ideas and concepts through its intensity and supernatural occurrences. We do not get the validation of Society, old beliefs, or even our Twins. The Divine wants us to trust our instincts, our inner knowing. God requires us to show Faith and Trust that this Union is beyond our logic, beyond our rational Minds. We must trust our hearts. Our Souls to lead us where we belong. To our higher calling, our Spirit Mission, our Homes, our Twins.

They say that true Twin Flames are reincarnated Ascended Masters. I am not sure that I am such but I am beginning to see the higher purpose in my journey. I am beginning to connect the dots from the onset of my Awakening to the point in which I sit here sharing with you. I will not recap all the details but briefly summarize my insights. I was in the beginning of my Awakening. I was not seeking a relationship of any sort, especially not a twin Flame. I’m fact, I was quite skeptical about the whole Twin Flame/ Twin Soul notion at that time. I still feel there is much confusion and unnecessary controversy regarding the whole thing. It does not matter what we label it as. What matters is how far we are willing to go for true love and why.

I came across the term when guided to a story about a woman sharing her Twin Flame story as I am doing now. Her Twin gave her details of his physical appearance prior to there meeting so she would have little to no doubt who he was. I sarcastically thought to myself If I had a Twin I wonder what she would look like? I had a premonition of her. Her physical details such as eye color, hair and skin came to me. Her spirit mission would be similar to mine and it is. I discovered her via her YouTube channel a few weeks later. I knew in my heart who she was. My Soul recognized her instantly. My mind was fascinated and confused. From simply watching a video of her I knew two things for certain. I was undeniably and unequivocally in love with her and we were destined to cross paths.

It did not take me long to find a means of communication with her and in less than 48 hours I was confessing my love to her. I have been in love prior to this and dated many women. I never felt compelled to be so honest and open. To be so vulnerable. We all know the routine. We date, we establish a relationship. We check all the boxes and then one of us reluctantly says the L word and hopes the other responds in kind. This was my first cue that nothing in my life would ever be the same. Somehow I knew she would understand. I knew she wouldn’t shut me out completely. She never gave me the validation I was seeking at the time but she also never slammed the door in my face. Like all Women worth perusing to the ends of the Earth and beyond, she knew better. Consciously or not she knew I would learn nothing and not do the work required if she just gave in. She had to figure things out for herself and do the work too. I would later ask her why she never blocked me? considering I was this apparent stranger and projecting my insecurities/ fears on her multiple times. She told me it was her intuition prevented her from doing so.

The next few months were marked by difficult and just plain weird things. I had to do what we all know as “the inner work, soul work or dark night of the soul”.  Basically, the shear knowledge of her and every interaction forced me to look inward and face my darkness. There was a lot of fear and doubt. There were late nights, tears, loneliness and depression. My psychic abilities had expanded during this time and I beginning feeling as if we had spent other lives together. With this came the memory of all the time we hadn’t and the memory of separation. The centuries spent searching for her and often not knowing what I was seeking. In my current lifetime I have been seeking for a sense of home. I have changed jobs, locations and relationships frequently. Never quite nowing why I was never satisfied. Something always seemed amiss. Coincidently she had been running from a home her entire life. The chaser runner dynamic is a common dynamic experienced among Twins. The sacred mirror at work. I found it helpful to ask myself in a non-judgmental way Why do I chase? Why do they run? and who is actually chasing and running? I discovered my need for validation from her was my own fear of abandonment and hence I chased while she ran. Twins are ideal reflections of each others light and darkness. One only needs to look in the mirror to see it.

Quite literally I would find myself staring into the mirror and sensing her. My Kundalini sexual energy fired up. It worked its way up opening, clearing and healing each chakra. This is not fast pleasant process or at least it was not with me. I embraced and allowed it to the best of my ability but nonetheless is physically uncomfortable and emotionally painful to say the least. The concept is you are transmuting and healing old energies based on past even past life and collective experiences that are not welcome in a harmonious relationship based on unconditional love. Makes sense when you consider that fear based emotions have no place or room with unconditional love. Jealously, control, manipulation and lies to name a few have no place in Divine Union ordained by the Universal Source, God.

These emotions do not leave you without a fight. Your Twin helps you through the process. There were many things she taught me directly. She gave me permission to feel. The express my emotions with hiding from them. She allowed, often quite literally to be vulnerable and without judging me. I showed her my darkness. I told her things about myself I never felt comfortable telling anyone else. She accepted me without judgment and love. Teaching me to do the same for myself. I told her things about herself that others probably never have. I wasn’t going to be someone who told her what she wanted to hear just to keep the peace. I was going to tell her the truth regardless. The thought of causing her pain is hard, but if it gives her the opportunity to heal and receive unconditional love then it is ultimately the greatest gift we can give to one another. This is the balancing of the masculine and feminine energies.

Your twin helps you heal in other ways too. Beyond the third dimension and recognition of most Men. As I grew closer to her Spiritually I began having what I call sexual encounters of the fourth kind. I believe this is where the Incubus/ Succubus concept originates from. I could feel her with me physically in sexual way yet I was alone. It wasn’t frightening for me. I knew it was her. Thinking of anything other than her would stop the process. It is a form of sexual healing. Sex is an energetic exchange and this is a way to do that in the fourth dimension. Furthermore, sexual energy is a healing energy and can be harnessed for physical, mental and spiritual work/ expansion through various methods such as tantric and abstinence. I have naturally been abstinent following my Spiritual Awakening and after discovering her. I have no desire to have sex with another. I do not say this to project superiority or judgment. I once had casual sex with multiple partners and I do not judge others for doing so. I simply have a different perspective and it feels intuitive to do so at this time in my life, my journey.

She recently acknowledged at least ambiguously the sexual attraction she felt for me. She alluded to recently getting over a heart break. She hadn’t mentioned a boyfriend or ever even referred to one prior. It made sense and I suspected. She didn’t want to elaborate and frankly I didn’t care. I am not certain of the time frame and how much influence I had on the break up but I suspect I was a major catalyst whether she realizes it or not. It may sound arrogant or cold to say but all is fair in Love. When I first discovered her I was fearful she may have had a boyfriend or possibly a husband. I knew then as I do now that it would only delay the inevitable sort of speak. The truth is that Dude never stood a chance. I would have waited for that karmic relationship to run its course without interfering directly. As I told her. No Man will out work me when it comes to her. There are only two possible outcomes. Either I die or He gives up. It is not arrogance that leads me say this. It is a deeper understanding of a connection beyond the perception of the ordinary Man. It is Destiny. It is written in the stars. She is my divine right and I am hers.  She is my Spirit Mission. A Mission I, rather we incarnated to complete.

I was recently guided to pursue employment with an inter-national Nursing agency. I am currently in the application process. This will bring me across the World, to a foreign country in which I have no family or friends. I may not be able bring my son for the first few months. I am now seeing the dots connect. I was guided to quit my job, pull my child from kindergarten, donate my belongings, break my lease and move in with my Parents with only a car full of things. It didn’t make much sense at the time. I now see, sooner or later that I was meant to go the U.K. The land She resides in. I have not gotten any type of assurance from her that we will meet up and live happily ever after. My Mind seeks it but my heart loves the uncertainty, the vulnerability, the adventure. I hold no resentment or regrets. I would happily trade my old stuff, job and beliefs for the opportunity to be nearer to her. I have no idea what will happen yet I know I am on the right path and whatever transpires is meant to be.

Why must we sacrifice so much, take so much risk? The obvious answers is She is worth it. You will know her when this question is moot. The other is to inspire others to do the same. The story of we met on a dating site and were married three months later is not nearly as compelling as the one I am in the midst of telling. I believe I am paving a way others. I am documenting my journey as a testament of Faith and an affirmation of true Love. The reason Twin Flames exist is to show others the path to Love. To reaffirm their belief of unconditional love among Human Beings. In this sense it is beyond my desire to be with her. It is beyond the love I feel for a woman I have never met in person. Beyond the magnetic sexual attraction and beyond my selfish aspiration. It is my Destiny. She is my Destiny. I happily move forward upon my Path. Guided by my instincts, my intuition, my Angels, my God.

The relationships of the future will be lead by the Masculine’s, whichever form they may take. We will be called to sacrifice the old, to walk through the fire to our Feminine counterparts. To bring them the love, honor and appreciation that they have been denied for far too long.


Dan McGinley

aka the DM





2 thoughts on “Twin Flame Journey: The Divine Masculine’s Spirit Mission!

  1. Thank you for sharing the DM perspective. I am following your posts for a few weeks and honestly i feel grateful (and relief) for seeing a TF talk and experience closer to how i feel and experienced as such. Blessings to you and wishing all the best for your journey. (Maybe i’ll read here about your re-union in 3D) 🙂 thank you

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