We are all acutely familiar with the concept of positive thinking and how maintaining such a state can drastically improve our health and life circumstances. I agree completely and am not here to argue this point. The difficulty is in the act itself. One can not simply be positive by forcing it. In other words, being artificially positive is just ignoring your true feelings. Denying one’s emotions only leads to further distress, reinforcing the patterns of suffering only perpetuating more negativity. In summary, being positive when it is unatrural is suppressing one’s emotions. Denying themselves of needed processing and subsequent healing. Thus feeding their emotional density perpetuating chronic negativity aka suffering and promoting chronic disease via stress.

Many of us feel we do not carry emotional density. I once felt the same way. Pretending something is not there doesn’t make it so. We have been taught, Men and Women to ignore their emotions. We suppress, project and deny them. They stay with us, they stagnate and accumulate creating density. Hence the term. Many people, specifically Men, feel they do not have emotional density. If they aren’t feeling particularly emotional at that time then they assume they are fine. The classic “I’m fine”, “I’m OK” responses we tell people to avoid being honest with anyone, most importantly ourselves. You are not fine and you are not OK and despite what society tells us. It is normal and acceptable to be such. Simply look around at the world we live in and the system of control and manipulation we have constructed. Do you really think you or the majority of people are really ok? No, most of us are loosing the internal battle everyday. To quote Tyler Durden from Fight Club, “Our great war is a spiritual one. Our great depression is our lives”.  The first step to change is admitting you have a problem. Spiritual growth and self-mastery is no different.

Women a generally better and expressing emotions and I suspect this is why they live longer than Men. They are not naturally better at it in my opinion. Men simply haven’t been given permission by others, specifically Society to “be emotional”.  Carrying emotional density will weaken the immune system, as all stress does. It predisposes us to comfort eating, addiction, substance abuse and any behavior pattern that releases feel good neurotransmitters such as Dopamine and Serotonin. These are temporary fixes to numb the underlying pain ie emotional density you carry.

Density is not simply a clever term. We feel physically lighter as we process out emotions. Most can recall a time when they had a good cry and felt temporarily better afterwards. Now imagine how you would feel if you dropped most, perhaps all the emotional baggage. I can tell you from experience, you feel physically lighter. You allow yourself to heal on multiple levels. The healing process can be difficult. It can drain you physically and emotionally. This is why so many people avoid facing their density. We trade off long-term happiness for quick fixes. We are programmed to do so. One simply has to examine the Healthcare and health/ wellness industry to understand this. We demand results now and we want instant gratification. These industries are not the cause but a result of our collective fear. The fear of ourselves, our inner pain and darkness.

The good news is it is not as difficult as most would think. It takes learning some new skills, a change of perspective and some courage. Why do it? Because it is the most rewarding thing one can do. I can honestly say the last six months or so of my life were the most drastic but not the most difficult. The difficulty was maintaining years of suffering and misery with no clue how to really “fix” myself. I am the happiest I have ever been. I discovered self-love and acceptance. Found true Love. My baseline mood is one of inner peace and calm with frequent surges of bliss, joy and appreciation. God damn it’s good to be Human, to be free, to be alive and in love. Positive thinking is easy when you are Happy.


Dan McGinley

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