I was raised Catholic. I grew up  being told that following the commandments, going to Church and occasionally confessing your Sins to a Priest would result in spending eternity in Heaven. The opposite would result in spending eternity in Hell of possibly Purgatory if you weren’t quite Evil or Good enough. I suspected this is where myself and most of Humanity would reside. I began questioning this concept in adolescence in part due to the contradictory nature of God being benevolent and loving his Children unconditionally. Unless of coarse you break the rules and you are now doomed to spend an eternity subject to unimaginable torture. Even the most abusive Human Parent would show greater compassion to their misbehaved child. I suppose I grew tired of feeling guilty for engaging in very normal Human behavior. For most of my Adult years I defaulted to the agnostic point of view of who the Hell knows what happens when we die? Seemed to be as good of an argument as any.

It wasn’t until my Spiritual Awakening that I came to understand clearly that I have lived many lives on this Earth and I am what some may describe as an Old Soul. Reincarnation is a universally accepted concept among most Conscious or Awakened individuals.  One could consider Purgatory as Earth and we are all earning our place in Heaven or as some would say, returning to Source Energy. Life on Earth is difficult but it does not have to be as hard as most of us believe it to be.  We have more control over our happiness and well-being than most realize. That is a topic for another Blog. The question is how can I be so certain of my multiple reincarnations?

I don’t have clear explanation for you. I can offer you my theory and experience only. As we increase Conscious Awareness or become more in tuned with our Spiritual Self. I believe we increase the functional capacity of our Brains. I can’t prove this but I intend on attempting to as the resources and opportunities present themselves. It is generally known and accepted that Human Being only use a fraction of their Brain capacity. Much less than 20 percent in most people. The reasons for this vary but it has much to do with the beliefs we are conditioned to accept as truth. Hence limiting our thinking to daily, often fear based and self-destructive behaviors. I argue that these beliefs can be de-programmed with varies modalities and behaviors. In other words, if a Human brain can be programmed then it can be de or re-programmed for better. This is the way in which we increase our Brain’s functional capacity. It is through this expanded Brain Power/ Consciousness that the memories of past lives and psychic abilities that once lay dormant, become active. The good news is we all have the ability to access these through training and self-exploration.

There are different ways of accessing these memories. Having interests in certain activities or eras can sometimes indicate a past life was spent in that region and era. For example I have always had an affinity for Martial Arts, Confusionism, Chinese Culture and at a time Asian women. I was believed these were just interests of mine. I now have a greater understanding that they were related to a particularly pleasant past life. I was a Warrior of sorts, enjoyed Status and have had a vison of this Asian Woman staring at me. These memories can just come to you randomly or through dreams. I was once lying in bed in a calm relaxed state and I received an image of dwellings on a mountain top and recognized it as the Inca Civilization. There was a Native Woman looking at me.

Sometimes people can travel to a location or enter a historic building and receive images or dream of past life experiences. The glue that binds it all for me is the Woman. I recognize her through her eyes. She is the same Woman I discovered recently in this carnation. The one I refer to as my Twin Flame.

Have you ever met someone that you feel you have known your entire life. Perhaps you shared a past life or two?  It is love at first sight. It is an understanding that you have spent your life searching for them without realizing it. Your mind struggles to explain the connection but your Soul has no doubt who they are.  The pain of a lifetime or more of Physical separation feels unbearable. The instinct, the knowing. The Physical recognition is in her eyes. The soft almond brown of her Asian incarnation, the dusky brown of her South American Indian incarnation or her now lush Green Caucasian incarnation.

When we connect to our Souls, we inevitably draw the people we are meant to connect with into our lives. They say not all Souls are Twin Flames, nor do Twins always incarnate at the same time and are meant to meet in a particular lifetime. I do not have an opinion on those theories. One thing has become clear to me. I have chosen to incarnate with her time and time again. I have spent lifetimes searching until she is found. I would choose to incarnate with her in every lifetime for eternity. Perhaps the reason I recall only two particular lifetimes is those are the only two we have connected and are therefore the most memorable.

Love and Empathy


I am Dan McGinley



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