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Twin Flames, Soul Mates or Karmic/ False Twin? How Labels are Distorting the Lessons and Spiritual Growth.

I felt this was a very necessary Blog as many on the Spiritual Journey are being guided to one of these relationships for one reason or another. No one can tell you which is which. They certainly try to as many of you have discovered. Otherwise you wouldn’t be hearing or reading this if you weren’t seeking clarification or validation. I can only share my experiences and insights based on my subjective interpretation, inner guidance and research.

The problem with labelling one’s partner or potential partner as a Twin, Soul mate or whatever is it causes one’s perception and interpretation of events to be distorted and possibly misinterpreted. It influences you to see a connection that may not be shared and blind you to objectivity. It may even cause you to disregard your own needs and other relationships with someone who is the right one. You must at least be willing to consider the fact that you are infatuated and the lesson being to develop self-love. I am not here to tell anyone whether there feelings are legit or not. I will share a test I have applied to my personal situation. Love is not selfish. Therefore, are you willing to let him or her go if that is what they want or need? Are you willing to go through the grief and pain of losing him or her because you would put there needs before your desires? Rhetorical question.

Each relationship in our lives, past, present, intimate or not carries a lesson and opportunity for personal/ Spiritual Growth. I personally believe a lot of “Twins” are coming together presently as the Planetary Consciousness expands. The purpose is to co-create a better World and show Humanity that true love still exists and is capable of overcoming incredible odds. In fact, I believe I will write a book on my Twin experience and possibly co-author it with my Twin. Like Fifty Shades of Grey without all distorted sexuality and co-dependence. So, nothing like 50 Shades but it will be a great read with lots of passion and will promote healthy relationships for a change. The implication being that these relationships aren’t going to easy and will require work on both ends in multiple facets. If anything is worth working for, it’s True Love.

This is always a great mindset to adopt. The knowledge that, with each lesson you move closer to your True Love, Twin Flame/ Soulmate. It is all good as long as you are Happy and being treated right.  Which leads me to my second point. How does he or she treat you and why? At some point you must realize you are deserving of love, self love and external. If that means walking away permanently then that’s what one should consider. Many people say they believe this, yet most of us sabotage ourselves at every turn. I speak from experience. For example, if your Partner is ghosting you then why is he or she doing it? Not what is wrong with them or what am I doing wrong? Rather, what is the Mirror telling me about myself? For example, I was making multiple attempts to engage the Woman I believe is my Twin. She occasionally replies but does not seem interested in progressing beyond casual correspondence. Initially, I questioned the relationship/ connection as I have done more than once. Perhaps she is a “False” Twin? I share some unique reasons I believe she is a legit Twin later but it is good to consider all possibilities and not try and force something that may not be. I suspect the lesson is I am too focused on progressing this relationship and molding it. I need to trust the Divine will lead me where I need to go regardless of the outcome. I need to focus on myself, Soul Mission and Spiritual Growth. Perhaps the lesson for her is to be willing to accept love and know she is deserving of it. Interestingly enough, she has admitted to running from a Home and Love from others her entire life as I have been seeking it my entire life. Regardless if we end up in Union, these are important lessons/ insights we are teaching each other.

Regarding the Twin Flame relationship, I came across some “rare” information and as I am able to correlate them with my personal experience, I felt it was important to share. Again, I am not telling anyone who has found their Twin or who hasn’t. There are plenty of videos and Articles listing the signs of Twin Flame relationships. I went so far as to make one myself months ago, prior to recent events.

A common experience among what would appear to be legitimate Twin Flame couples is they have a Kundalini type experience or exacerbation either upon meeting their Twin or at some point during the earlier evolution of their relationship. It is highly sexual in nature and some may call it a Sexual Awakening. The root chakra fires up and it is not as pleasant as it sounds. I share many of my former Kundalini symptoms via my website and channel. The onset and duration will vary among individuals. The timing may vary among Twins. Kundalini is preparing you for this potential Union which is apparently like nothing you have yet to experience and hence preparation on multiple levels is necessary. This may not mean the person you believe is your Twin is in fact your Twin but I believe it is a good sign He or She is coming. I discovered mine online (not a dating site nor was I seeking her) and we have yet to meet. My Kundalini exacerbation occurred as the relationship dynamic changed/ I cleared some emotional baggage, she of course assisted me with this in one way or another.

A rarely discussed or experienced event is what I call sexual encounters of the fourth kind. There is no simpler way to explain this then having sex with a Spirit. The Spirits of him or her in another dimension. To be clear, you are completely alert and aware when this happens. At least I was. To clarify, this is more intense and specific than some of the Kundalini type feelings of arousal. You feel things physically, externally and unmistakably. Perhaps the experience is different for other, lucid dreams maybe. I lasted a couple of weeks and always when I would lay down for bed. You can say I was eager for bedtime. The theory or thought is that you clearing yourself sexually.  The people you have had sex with or shared a sexual connection with leaves a residue or connection to one degree or another. Therefore, I suspect that your sexual history may determine the duration of said experience. For some it may be one night or gradual and more subtle. I required a lot of clearing.

A personal insight is the desire to be celibate. In fairness, I have naturally been Celibate since my Spiritual Awakening. This has been effortless for me and a major difference from my previous beliefs and activities. I do not choose this from some sense of misaligned guilt or superiority. I do not believe there is anything wrong or bad with sex and even casual sex. I do not judge others in this regard and do not believe sex is something we, Human Beings should feel shame about. It is not a matter of low T or a physiological problem. Everything works as it should and in term of Orgasm it is heightened/ improved. I simply do not desire to have sex with anyone other than her at this time. I have felt this way since I saw her for the first time. I may notice the physical attributes of other women and gaze with admiration but the thought of going through the process and having sex without a connection feels pointless. This may sound strange to most men as it would have to me prior to my Awakening. I suppose I finally understand the power and deeper meaning of sex. In other words, I finally understand how most women view sex. I suspect this a balancing of the Masculine and Feminine Energies. A requirement for any harmonious union/ relationship.

Final thoughts, there are obviously many other signs of Twin Flames, Soulmates etc. I elaborate on other signs I have experience from the moment I saw her, premonitions, synchronicity and our Soul Missions being very similar in many ways. Even then I have my occasional doubts. The Mind should never be underestimated and it is great at convincing us of something we want to be true or instilling doubt when we know our inner truth. The best relationship I can give applies to everything in life. Look inside and follow your Heart always. Be grateful for the lessons and never forget that your DM / DF is out there. Its up to you to prepare for them through self-discovery.


Love and Empathy.


I am Dan McGinley


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