We have all had those gut feelings and ignored them. We later tell ourselves “I shouldn’t have ignored those Red Flags”. We tell ourselves “never again” yet most of us rarely listen. This is because our intuition rarely guides us to do what is considered safe, logical, rational, and acceptable. Often it tells us the opposite of what we think is best based on outdated, control based beliefs. Another reason is because for most of us, our intuition is weak. It has atrophied from years of neglect. Your Mind convinces you what the “best” decision is for you and your inner voice takes a back seat. Our Minds are designed to keep us safe. In a hostile World filled with real danger then this is a good thing. The problem is fear is an illusion. It is “False Evidence Appearing Real” according to Les Brown. The reason the Media only over reports the same fear based situation or distorts the truth to appear scary is because they want you to believe the world is a scary place. They don’t want you to realize the truth. We have never lived in a safer more opportune World than we currently do. Obviously, there are many issues to attend to and things aren’t perfect, but what does worrying about it do for you? The sad irony is that the issues in the World are self-propagating. The fear that leads to separatism, judgment and blame only promotes the cycles of suffering. The system is essentially designed on every level to suppress your intuition through fear. They, those who designed it, know this on some level. Fear surrenders control to the Mind and the Mind wants to maintain the illusion of Safety. It is really that simple and if you disagree then you are not likely ready to muster your inner power. To argue this point in detail would take an entire book. Consider the fact that your subconscious does not know the difference between someone holding a gun to your head and financial worry. The emotional and physical responses to your body are similar. Consider also that both situations are only anxiety producing because of your current belief system. You fear death because you fear the unknown. The reason death remains a mystery to you is because you have yet to discover your Spirit and the truth about death and dying. You fear financial ruin because you fear losing all your fancy shit and the stability in your life. In other words, you fear the loss of control, control you don’t actually have and therefore stability is a myth. As Tyler Durgen says “The things you own, end up owning you”. Now am not saying you need to renounce all your possessions and be homeless but I am saying that change is a precursor to manifesting true abundance and your intuition may lead you down a path where you must let go of everything, as it did me. This requires facing substantial fears more than once and complete Faith and Trust in God and yourself, not the system that has been oppressing you your entire life. So how do we change this?
First, we must describe what exactly is Intuition and why is it so important? There are many words to describe it such as gut feeling, heart’s desire, instinct, inner knowing etc. For clarity, I will refer to all these terms collectively as intuition. Your intuition is the voice of your Soul or Spirit. The voice of God within you. The reason you should strengthen and follow it is simple. It is the best decision you can ever make. The hardest decision but the greatest as it will lead you to the best life, greatest good, true love, happiness, health, prosperity, peace and essentially the closest to heaven on Earth one can hope for.

It is important to note that your intuition strengthens with each decision or each time it is followed and the fear reduces as you learn to trust. It also strengthens your connection to the Divine or Spiritual Realm. It is essentially an expedient path to God, the God within. It becomes so powerful that it is impossible to ignore or disregard. This is the point everyone feels you are crazy but you undoubtedly understand this is your highest path and will pay off beyond any other decision you could make. It becomes uncomfortable to do anything else. For example, the thought of me ceasing my writing and returning to my old career and life is equivalent to suicide, Spiritual Suicide. You may as well blow my fucking brains out right now as I would prefer such a fate. That’s how strong your inner knowing becomes and nothing other than your Soul Mission or highest manifestations are acceptable.

In my opinion, the most effective way to open you third eye is to follow your intuition. It is simple but very difficult at times. Many people believe meditation is all that is needed to fire up their intuitive senses and life will become effortless. It is true meditation is very important in this process and will become essential in dealing with the aftermath of following your intuition, but it is ultimately a modality. You will still need to have the courage to follow it.

Love and Empathy,


I am Dan McGinley

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