If you surrender to God/ the Universe, you subject yourself to the transformational energies of the Cosmos. If you are in the process of doing this then I do not need to tell you how challenging the last couple of weeks have been. There is always choice to embrace this power or to continue to run from it. When others hear the term transformation, they often think of the end result they consider only the person they wish to become, the life they wish to have. They rarely embrace the process, the person they must leave behind, the life they must walk away from.

The reason for this is obvious, it is painful. It requires looking at all the archetypes and stereotypes you once embodied to shield yourself from being seen as different. The walls we have spent a lifetime building. The Walls that dampen our light from shining its brightest. The prison of doubt and fear that eventually snuffs it out quietly. Often to  avoid the harsh judgement, criticism and ridicule of others. Judgements you can now feel without the exchange of words. Perhaps I have always felt it and am just finally unwilling to assume it as my own. The more one practices this the more clearly they perceive the judgments of others and their own. The beliefs that most still hold about how you and everyone else should be living their lives. The beliefs that yield such criticisms. It is easy to want to lie down and go back to pleasing others. To be the guy they all know you as and want you to return to. Exchanging your Dreams and Soul for their approval. This is why so few in our world live their dreams and even less make a difference. The best way to change beliefs is to prove the old ones wrong.

You must be willing to walk away from you former self, belief systems and even relationships to do this work. What many call Shadow work. To put it plainly, You must let go of all things, people and obstructions who prevent your Spirit from soaring. To be truly authentic in a sea artificiality.

Love and Empathy,


I am Dan McGinley


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