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Into the Unknown: Out with the Old in with the New

Some of you may know I have been alluding to big life changes in my near future. An eventual highly positive change. A necessary change. Tomorrow my Brother is picking my Son and I up and taking us to my Parents for Thanksgiving. They had me to stay there for a couple of weeks and house sit for them following the Holiday. I was pondering this decision last night for various reasons. I came to the understanding via internal and external guidance that this was a necessary step. In other words, I sense I may not return to this location, perhaps to oversee the donation of my furniture. I am being asked to pack just my essentials. Only what I truly wish not to part with and can fit into a small SUV. Which, is essentially clothes, a few electronics and my Son’s Art work. Forcing me to let go of most material possessions. That part is not as difficult as the symbolic meaning this process.

I am being required to walk away from my old life completely and embrace a new beginning. In hindsight, I saw this coming for some time. I was being asked to donate and shed myself of old material things I no longer needed. I let go of my car, my previous career, old friends, behaviors, beliefs and now my home and material possessions. I wish I could tell you it is easy. As a whole, this process is the hardest fucking thing I have ever done. It has quite literally taught me what truly matters in this World. It has taught me the meaning of true Trust and Faith in God and myself. It has taught me how to exist in the flow, the present moment, the true meaning of Gratitude despite how chaotic the circumstances are around me.

So many in this World spend their entire lives in the pursuit of obtaining material wealth, positions, Titles, money, people who do not truly love them. They worry about their finances, credit scores and how others view them on Social Media. They believe this is the purpose for existence and ironically this pursuit eludes them from any true meaning. Despite my present circumstances, I am calm and filled with appreciation. In fact I am shedding tears of Joy as I share this with you. For the first time in my life I can truly see what matters clearly. My Family, my Friends, My Child, My life and my Purpose for existing. I do not worry for I know God has yet to forsake me. I know, as I lay on my Death Bed, I can look back with a smile on my face. I can say I have lived without regret. I have loved deeply. I have helped countless others.  I finished the race. I kept the Faith.

Wherever you find yourself tomorrow, Thanksgiving day remember to be truly Grateful for what you have and where you are going.

Love and Empathy,

I am Dan McGinley


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