The more I follow my Inner and Divine Guidance the more I elicit the confusion of others. I can’t say I blame them as the old me and occasionally my rational Ego mind questions my decisions at times still. It rarely lasts longer than a few minutes these days as drop back into my inner knowing. Lately, when asked why I do what I am doing? I don’t say shit. They simply can’t understand it and the only explanations I can offer don’t suit them. However, most of us with exception of perhaps Jesus, Lau Tzu or any of the iconic Spiritual Leaders/ Ascended Masters have some deep rooted doubts and unworthiness.

I realized mine hide very well. I can try to raise them in meditation and they remain elusive. We all discover them in our own way. For me, it is what I call the Hangover Effect. Similar to the walk of shame, it is that felling you have when you are on this Spiritual Journey and begin expressing your Authentic Self. You may find yourself awaking with a sense of shame or embarrassment, it can subtle and manifest as Anger with oneself. Similar to, prior to your Awakening, when you wake up after a long night of binge drinking and debauchery. Perhaps you awake next to someone you normally wouldn’t or notice the dried emesis on your shoes and your buddy has to remind you how you vomited on the bar patio and groped a waitress as you are being escorted out. One of the worst for me was following my Hospital Gala and recalling the inappropriate dancing with some female coworkers. Needless to say Monday morning was a bit awkward. Sadly, I could go on with similar stories. The point is that Alcohol loosens our inhibitions and influences our decisions. The Awakening process does the same in a much healthier positive manner. However, when we are waking up in the morning our higher cognitive (Ego) functions have yet to fire up. Our subconscious thoughts, fears and concerns can express themselves without our pre-fontal cortex molding, burying or projecting them. Therefore, instead of lamenting about slapping your coworkers ass on the dance floor. You feel bad about expressing yourself authentically via a Blog or YouTube video you made the day before. This is because we live in a World where being real is not generally acceptable. At least not at first. This is also more likely your own insecurity surfacing. Whether or not others feel the same doesn’t matter. All that matters is how you feel about yourself. Your opinion is the only one you should truly care about. After all, if you don’t believe your work or self is valuable and of quality then neither will anyone else. Besides, your coworker actually appreciated the ass slap, it was her husband who did not.

Some of you may be able to relate this morning feeling of shame in the morning. Especially when you start sharing your Spiritual Journey/ Light with the World. This is common and can block you from manifesting abundance/ achieving success in your endeavors. More importantly, it will stall your Spiritual Growth. Luckily there are ways to deal with this.

When you wake up and notice these feeling, anger, sadness, frustration etc. Acknowledge them and allow them to surface. Remain in bed and breath. Observe the emotion and forgive yourself for feeling inadequate in anyway. Sometimes these subtle feeling of unworthiness stem from our inner wounded child, perhaps a past life. The point is the are deeply ingrained in us. Likely from all the old dreams and desires you let die once Society or Others told you couldn’t do something for one reason or another.  Maybe  as a child you wanted be a Ninja when you grew up or a Navy Seal. You settled for less for one reason or another and that regret and doubt still reside beyond the excuses you told yourself. Accept things for the way they are. Breath light and love into the emotion. Repeat until it feels lighter/ no longer remains. Once you feel better, go into your bathroom and stare into the mirror. Repeat three times. I love and accept you. I then like to listen to some upbeat jams or motivational videos/ speeches (Affirmation Immersion) as I set my intention for the day. I then meditate and get to work on my Soul Mission. If these methods are helpful for you awesome.

The important thing is do not let those emotions overwhelm and control you. If I do anything on a bad day it is my Lightwork. I just keep pushing forward despite feeling doubt or unworthiness. I write a Blog, make a video or work on my book. I tell myself how everyone loves auxano-aletheia. Visualize you success and ideal future and imagine the feelings you desire to experience. In time, these doubts will lessen and resolve or rarely surface. Your reality will improve as a result too. Your Light work will flourish. I can’t say I have no doubts ever but I have less and less of them. This makes me confident in my future. Furthermore, the surfacing of doubt is a positive sign. They arrive so you can overcome them and shift into higher consciousness. My greatest life decisions were met with intense fear and doubt. When I quit my new Job to develop my website/ business full-time. The night prior to launching my site and publishing my Awakening Blog. When I started making YouTube VLOGs. Our Ego Minds know that they are losing control every time we consider an intuitive decision. It attempts to stop us through fear. The illusion of loosing control we never actually had. I personally feel the greatest way to deal with fear and doubt is to keep listening to and following your intuition. As you do, the fear lessons and the inner guidance strengthens. I assure you, life becomes so easy as your Mind yields to the Spirit and does what it is designed to do. Learn and create what the Spirit desires. It is not always the easiest path but it leads to the best locations and teaches you through adversity. This process strengthens your connection to your Spirit guides (Angels/ Ascended Masters) in many ways. Your Empathic, Psychic and ESP abilities develop as well. Giving you even a greater sense of knowing and multiple ways of confirming your decisions. Eventually you feel completely safe and secure with all you are doing, minute to minute. If you need clarification or answers, you simply ask/ pray and they are provided in one form another. This is a great time to develop systems of communication with your Spirit Guides. For example, If I am online and searching a topic or even just going about my day. I know when I feel my left ear being tugged it means that’s the source with the information I seek or I need to reflect on a thought I am having. In summary, the greatest way to overcome doubt and fear is following your intuition/ inner guidance regardless of the external circumstance. This is imperative to strengthening the Spiritual influence in your life while weakening the Ego control of your mind and subsequent life.

A final suggestion, do not be overly critical of yourself. Just start putting it out there and stay consistent. Any successful entrepreneur, highly skilled Artists or Surgeon will tell you this same thing. You have to take consistent action and develop your skills while being open to criticism and instruction. At one point in your life you couldn’t read and hear you are. When I was working as a RN, I used to love putting IV in people. Most Nurses love this aspect of our jobs as it speaks to our Ego and competitive nature. When I was working in the Pediatric ER, I had to learn how to out tiny IVs into little new Born babies and children of all ages. Not only is this a challenging psychomotor skill as the veins and anatomy of an infant are much different than an adult, it requires learning strong communication skills to calm the highly anxious parents (anxiety is contagious especially around children), learning developmentally appropriate communication skills to educate the patient and prepare them, assessment skills to anticipate and plan for any possible complications. To most it appears to waking into a room and poking someone. The point is, it took practice. It took failing and dealing with Angry Parents/ screaming children. It took a desire to get really good at it, it took consistent effort despite vulnerability. Not just to serve my Ego but to ensure that my Kiddos had a high probability of getting only one poke and being as comfortable as possible throughout. Eventually I was training other Nurses the process. I noticed some students were unable or unwilling to take suggestions. Their Egos would not allow them to be vulnerable and needless to say they were rarely successful. Not because they weren’t capable but because they could not be vulnerable enough to fail. They could not surrender to the process and continue practicing despite the difficulty. Now, when I embark on a new skill to learn I try to remember my work is not for everyone but it is for those who seek it. It is not perfect but it improves daily. It is not the best I can do but I am learning what my best is. Finally, I have God on my side, so what is there to worry about. Get to Work Light Workers. All will be provided when needed and the World urgently needs your Sparkle.

Love and Empathy,

I am Dan McGinley

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